Steroids Usage Stacking Pyramiding II

Let me explain in the way, about these receptor sites, as I am sick
to death of reading a load of chemical and anatomical bollocks that totally
confuses the best of us and no one really gives a shit after reading such things
simply because most of the books written on the subject, is written by people
who do not know what it does and so what, a good kick in the nuts to those
who think better, often offends-hee hee!

  • Receptor Sites

We will talk silly figures for a little bit, the numbers do not matter in this case as
I am just explaining the way it works, so sod off for a minute and let me get on
with it will ya. Think of a blood stream, a vein then, and in this vein there are a
hundred little hands waving about, like sea anemones, okay. Well these
anemones are the receptor sites
and their job is to actually catch all the
protein and amino acids that pass through the blood stream
on their way
around the body. As the goodies pass through, each hand or anemone grabs
what it can and transports it to the muscle area that is being stimulated. No,
you cannot use them for that you pervies.
When steroids are introduced into the body or bloodstream, then all hell breaks
loose and you end up with these little buggers multiplying by the hundreds of
thousands, literally. Each one is one hard and fast little mother. They miss
absolutely nothing and when it grabs hold of the protein/amino samples, they
do not get away, no way! No sooner has it transported it’s catch to the muscle,
it is back on the job and away again.
Much the same as me really! This is one
of the reasons as to why the steroids work so well. The recovery rate is
increased in a massive way because the body can utilise the protein so well
and quickly, that no energy is wasted. Good eh! The problem with over load on
steroid receptor sites is when the body is in a constant anabolic state. You are
on the gear all the time, if you like, without a break and the sea anemones
have their hands full.

Having steroid free periods
is really a good idea

because it not only gives the “hands” a rest but also reduces the chances of any real side
effects that LONG term usage can bring. I emphasis the word LONG because there is
use and there is abuse. If you do not respect the gear that you are on, then you are asking for
trouble. However, with the intervention of such things as genuine Clenbuterol and Drive,
cycles can be lengthened with little difficulty. In some cases, with inaccurate
cycles, losses of up to 30% can be experienced if one is not careful, undoing
much of the hard work, and money that has been laid out. I thoroughly recommend
the use of these things IF you wish to carry on during a stack. If you do,
NOLVADEX/TAMOXIFEN is a must. I will explain in the individual steroid section
regarding this little wonder.

  • Staggering methods

This method is also very popular. It is done simply by using the Dianabol stack
as an example. It means that you can induce other steroids at certain times in
order to enhance the properties of the one that you are already on and
increase it’s effectiveness. You could add say, Testosterone Cypionate or
better still Sustanon 250mg after the second week,
adding one shot in the
week and there after, tapering it down to the last week which would be the
You could even add a shot or two of Deca on weeks 4,5,6 & 7. This would help
to ease any joint pain and help develop a little more condition to the body,
which is what Deca is famous for AND with little water retention.
I would like to make an important point at this stage. I know that the many
books that have been written on this subject have also given example stacks of
allsorts of weird and wonderful names. Bullshit again. SOME of the people who
have written about this stacks have all on spelling the bloody things, ne’er mind
use them. I can assure the reader of one thing WITHOUT doubt, all of the
stacks mentioned in this book have been used by myself and that of my students,
friends, and championship winners, with I might add, 100% spot on
gains AND trophies!! We are all still damn ugly, but we are in shape. Yep, and
Tom Platz was once asked by a friend of mine, whilst we were all having
dinner one night, (damn, name dropping again, tut, silly me, ah well) about the
much publicised injection procedure that he had apparently used which was
called the “Diamond method”. He was to have jabbed himself in the leg in a
diamond pattern, and said that it worked for him. When asked about it, he
laughed and said that he had been at a seminar and was asked the proverbial
about steroids. He knew he was going to get one and so told the guy about this
or something to the effect. Of course it got around and after a few weeks,
literally everyone was trying the same method. The thing was Tom was just kidding,
and it just shows up some of the bullshit methods that come up and GET
Let me start a rumour here. I have heard that if you shove a long handled
brush up your arse, put one foot on a stool, lift your right “gonad” and inject into
your left elbow, I am sure that it will have some real effect, honest. It will, it
should get you around three months in the local nick for being a perverted
swine. Can you see my point?
Look, the stacks that are in use today are not that complicated at all. You can
add steroids of different types in at all stages of therapy with no problem. The
trick is to know what each steroid actually does. I will explain a perfect way of
setting up your own stack with little problem. First of all, I need to explain,
basically mind, the main types of steroid and how they will effect the outcome
of the body.

  • High & Low Androgens

There are two main types of steroid and they are highly androgenic gears and
of course the low. Androgens are basically responsible for the deep voice, hairy
chest, horny type of person. In short, the higher the androgens the more male
characteristics they are. When a woman wishes to become a man, via a sex
change etc, then they are saturated internally, with highly androgenic gear,
testosterones in the main. The problem with inducing highly androgenic gear is
that it can force the body to retain water, it AROMATIZES, okay. When there is
an excess of androgens or testosterone in the body, this is classed as a side
effect of steroid therapy. The other problem with the high stuff is that it will also
induce a state of Gynecomastia otherwise known as “bitch tits” This happens
when the body has an over abundance of the female hormone known as
estrogen. To much of this pal, and I am afraid that you are going to be pissing
on your hands, let me tell you, or should I call you madam?
When the female starts to experience the same type of effects, this is known as
virilization, in short (or long if you like), she will soon be “hanging out” with the
big boys. I think that you get my meaning without going on to much, okay?
Now then, there is no need to panic if you find that you are on high androgenic
gear, most of us are. The problems arise when the safety factors are ignored
and ESPECIALLY when over-abuse and ignorance is the culprit. They won’t be
after reading this I can assure you. The most popular steroids, the mass
builders if you like, are in the main, highly androgenic, but boy do they build
muscle. Perfect examples would be; Testosterone Cypionate, Testoviron,
Dianabol, Anabol, Propionate and especially, Anapolon otherwise
known as “Oxy 50’s” The latter would put muscle on a tomato, but it is quite
strong and plenty of Nolvadex and several H.C.G. jabs during the cycle, are
recommended highly.
There are just a few of the very many different types available today. This type
of steroid would be the basis of the stack, and for this one I will choose
Sustanon 250, Organon. This steroid is actually not as androgenic as the others
as it is a mixture of four different “tests” therefore reducing it’s aromatisation
a great deal. I choose it because it is that good AND it is highly anabolic.
We will put that into the table later. At the other end of the spectrum, would be
the intervention of low androgenic steroid. The most popular, and my personal
favourite is Deca-Durabolin, preferably the 100mg variety, Organon. Rare, but
good. Very much a target for the bloody counterfeiters, unfortunately. This is a
steroid which is perfection to say the least. Highly anabolic yet low in
androgenic qualities. It will build, yet not make you feel like the Lady Bower

  • Dam! luv it, luv it, luv it!

Okay we have two fine choices here for the combination stack here and we can
actually add one more, an oral. For this I would use Anabol as a back up,
an excellent one at that. Right, now we have a stack that will build plenty of
mass, both with the Sustanon and the Anabol. The Deca will also build, but
mainly condition and also, as said previously, assist in the recovery and
prevention of the joints, which take a tremendous amount of hammer anyway.
I will also be including the Nolvadex into the stack because it is so important
and the guys (or should I say girls to be) Who ignore this would do well to
listen. Oh, excuse me for a minute, my bra has slipped, damn thing, these
panties do no good for me as well, back to work.
The following stack is designed from personal use and NOT taken from any
other publication WHATSOEVER. I have, as already stated, used this (and
many others) to full effect with excellent results. The stack WILL build a lot of
muscle if it is followed to the letter and of course all safety factors are inbuilt.
REMEMBER that all steroid therapy MUST be fed well. The diet MUST be full
of plenty of calories built up from good wholesome food. This we will cover later
in the book.

Mass Building Cycle – 10 Weeks:
Sustanon/Deca/Anabol/Nolvadex – Stack Summary
There you have it, in full. I would recommend that 10mg of Nolvadex every day
from day three of the first week. This will ensure that the estrogen levels do not
get out of control and of course keep you away from wearing a skirt. The water
retention will also be held back to a minimum with it’s induction. You can assist
the Nolvadex (or Tamoxifen) by keeping a check on your salt (sodium) intake,
to much and you will find that this will also affect your bodies fluid level. The
end result of too much, would be a bloated physique.
In order that you can keep a record of your own intake, I have produced your
own personal chart, nice guy me! It is important that you record the date of the
injections and especially the amounts of orals that you take. Orals can be a
problem when trying to remember the amounts that you have taken or the
worst one is when you are not sure if you actually took them at all. However, do
not worry too much if you miss for some reason and take a couple too many, it
will not affect the outcome to much and you will certainly not overdose as the
amounts have been worked out spot on.

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