Stanozolol Dosage

Stanozolol is one very famous anabolic and androgenic steroid that can be administered both orally and as injections and is mostly known by its brand name Winstrol. Most bodybuilders used to call it shortly Winny, but any other anabolic steroid brand containing Stanozolol is the exact same Winstrol. We used to call it like this because is the first and most famous brand for Stanozolol.

Winny is an extremely popular steroid for those who want to go through an amazing cutting steroid cycle in order to be ripped and shredded after they have put on good amount of muscle mass during the bulking cycle. Winstrol is sometimes added to bulking stacks too, but its properties make it be an amazing steroid specifically for cutting cycles.


  • That’s because Stanozolol is the compound that makes you lose body fat and it has amazing properties for that, plus is the anabolic steroid great for offering muscle hardening effects, vascularity, maintaining lean muscles during low calorie diets, helping increasing strength and performance without increasing too much of overall weight.

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Stanozolol is one powerful and great steroid very widely used in the world of bodybuilding for physique and performance enhancement.

Nonetheless, you’ve got to keep in mind that this is a steroid and pretty much as any other – it can be dangerous. Winstrol is considered one of the best and most effective cutting steroids that you can find on the market, but in the same time, it may offer some negative side effects. It all depends on various factors but mostly on Stanozolol dosage.

How to Make Stanozolol More Effective?

In order to go through the best Winstrol cycle and receive maximum benefits and least possible side effects you need to get a feeling of the compound first.

For example, there are people who have allergies or naturally low tolerance to the compound. They may not be able to use it at all. Other than that, there may be people with various health conditions which are not recommended Winny either. For example, people with liver issue, cardiovascular problems etc. are not recommended Winstrol.

That’s why, you can make Stanozolol be more effective after you already have some experience with it. For everyone it works differently so what may be good for some, may not be good for others. With this being said, you have to use it, start with a low dosage and then gradually increase if you feel that you can tolerate more and need more.


Also, it depends why exactly you need it. Some people add it to cutting cycles, but then again, there are those who go for bulking. Others are more aimed at losing fat and weight, but some want to preserve muscles more during the cutting cycles. Therefore, it all depends.

In the end, we recommend to have a very good diet – healthy and clean, alongside with good working out regimen that’s at least 3 times per week with lots of cardio exercises.

Stanozolol Dosages

Stanozolol that is most commonly sold as Winstrol is a compound that comes both in form of injection as well as in form of oral tablets. Which form of administration you choose to go for depends on you. People generally prefer tablets since injections have almost no benefits over tablets at all.

Regardless of the form of administration, you’ve got to use Stanozolol in dosages around 50 mg a day. This is the best dosage for most people. However, beginners should start at lower doses of 20-30 mg a day to get a feeling of what is like using Winny. Professionals may increase the dosage up to about 80 mg a day or even 100 mg a day. But we never recommend to go to higher doses than 100 mg daily – that’s pure abuse.

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A man using a Stanozolol dosage higher than 100 mg a day is considered abusing the steroid.


In fact, rarely anyone requires higher doses than 50 mg a day. That’s why we recommend that Stanozolol dosage to be gradually increased and started with a low dosage. This way you would make sure that you stay away from unwanted side effects.

Also, Stanozolol cycle length should not go over 8 weeks, but most people stop at 6 weeks and beginners at 4 weeks. Women go for 4-6 weeks of Winstrol in doses never going over 20 mg a day. But most of them stop at 10-15 mg daily and female beginners start at 5 mg daily.

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