Some Advices to Lose Fat Faster.

In dependence of individual metabolism human body are losing fat faster or slower. But there are some factors that may influence on this. In order if you are looking to lose some kg in short period of time you should take into account some advices.

Train on an empty stomach.

Many specialists consider that it is not a bad idea. Several studies show that as long as the human body does not receive calories during workout the probability to burn fat is higher. Muscles usually take their energy from carbohydrates, that is the reason why athletes like Lance Armstrong or Michael Phelps eat before workout. Without carbohydrates muscles will burn fat reserves. So you lose weight faster.
Note however that if you want to obtain performance you must eat before sport, as shows study released by the University of Birmingham.


Running helps a lot to keep body’s mobility. Aerobic exercises do more than any other exercise, if your goal is to lose weight. You can lose about 800 calories in an hour of running. But you should remember that after each workout you need to consume a low amount of carbohydrates to help muscles to recover. Just eat an apple or a small piece of chocolate after running, but not more.


It is the most pleasant and relaxing way to burn fat. It helps you to revive after the cold and gloomy period of time. Do not forget to have at hand a bottle of water. In an hour of cycling you can burn 1,000 calories.

Climb the stairs.

Try to give up at least once a day from the elevator. Climbing stairs is a great cardio activity for the body. In an hour you can burn 700 calories.

Varied exercise.

Muscles are able to get used with the exercises performed frequently, so the result after a certain period may be far from the expected one. If first day you are riding bicycle than the other day it will be better to run or go swimming.


Experts recommend during the workout to maintain an optimal level of hydration. Human body works harder because of dehydration. Water consummations help to achieve good results in the gym, because water is the necessary fuel for the body.

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