Rob Riches: on Steroids or Natural?

Rob Riches is an English bodybuilder and fitness model that is very well known since he has a huge amount of fans – people who are following him on social media. He got such a huge amount of fans thanks to his physique. And it is not only the fact that he has one of the greatest looking body in the world, he is also claiming to be a lifetime natural guy. Nonetheless, since there are so many people who are following him and since this guy is really big and looking much better than most guys on this planet, it is obvious he got a lot of accusations online that he is not natural with a lot of speculation that he uses steroids. Even with so many accusations and speculations online, Rob is still considered to be the number one inspiration to the natural guys all over the world which proves that with a really good discipline, a lot of work and clean eating (and I must say – with good genetics) you can achieve your dream body.

As much as we can see by checking his photos, this guy is very muscular while weighing 180 lbs (which is 82 kg) while standing at 5 ft 10. I do understand that this data may not sound too impressive (especially comparing to mass monster out there), however if you are going to take into account his height and his body fat which is approximately 5 % only, then that’s heavy. Rob is very well known to stay at his body fat of 5% all the year round, something that’s really hard to do and that’s why this gives him a lot of respect in the bodybuilding world for his dedication.

And trust me, when I say that he has a huge dedication then I mean it because to my opinion this guy is one of the most disciplined guys out there, so much that for him, a cheat meal is not a McDonalds go as for most other guys but…

*intrigued music*

A slice of fruit with a nut bread with a bit of jam on top of it. Well, I have to agree that this seems to be way too much, nonetheless, I give him all my respect for it. To be honest, I couldn’t resist it. and I’m quite sure many couldn’t.

This guy got a huge amount of fans not only because he looks amazingly well all the year round thanks to big dedication, he has made a lot of fans by uploading many YouTube videos where he tries to help other people in achieving their dream bodies by giving free (I mention free because we all know that nowadays you have to pay literally for everything except air which it seems like it will soon be payable) valuable tips on how you are able to build muscle and to burn fat. He got a lot of loyal fans by doing it. Let’s check evidences that he is on steroids.


Rob Riches and Steroids

Those who already know Rob Riches most likely already know that Rob has Failed Drug Test. With this being said you may wonder – what’s the point of continuing in reading this article? Well, keep on reading and you will see. For those who are unaware – Rob’s reputation as a “natty bodybuilder” has been really badly tarnished in 2013 when he has failed a drugs test. After that “surely unpleasant for him” event, he got such a bad reputation that he got a new nickname “Roid Riches” and failing a drug test resulted in the UKBFF suspending him for 24 weeks and they also issued a fine. After such news, it is obvious he become “internet sensation” especially for trolls where a lot of people started to talk on social media and forums such things as

*start quote*

100% growth hormone; Roid Riches; it was surely Anavar; I knew he was on something; it was clear he’s on steroids; you can’t have such a body without using anything etc.

*end quote*

Obviously, Rob addressed this (it would have been strange if he didn’t) where he has posted an article on his official website where he was giving some more details about his failed drug test and has made it public the official letter that has been sent to him by the UKBFF were you can see that it stated he failed the drug test because they found N,alpha-diethyl-benzeneethanamine in his system. (will share the source at the end of my article).

Many of you might not know what this substance is – this is a stimulant. This substance is made to stimulate the central nervous system of the user and to give the user a boost in the energy. Such stimulants are used to give you more energy in the gym so you could keep on pushing to achieve more results. That’s why, such stimulants have very little to absolutely no effect on the body composition and that’s why such stuff is considered almost pointless at all to use such a drug before a competition.

So why did Rob used it then? Well, Rob said he had no idea he actually used it. He has blamed his pre workout supplement (it is not forbidden to take supplements) named Craze. He stated that Craze supplement has added N,alpha-diethyl-benzeneethanamine to their formula and they didn’t not listed it in the ingredients. With this being said, it is obvious that many might he simply tried to escape the accusations that why, the next important question comes out:

Does Rob blaming Craze is having any credibility or he only tries to escape the accusations by blaming them?

By trying to find a proper answer to this question I have done a lot of research and investigation and in the end, I can say that I do think Rob blaming Craze has credibility. By analyzing facts, you can understand why Rob is pointing his finger at Craze. Here are some of them.

The guy behind this company Craze is named Matt Cahill and you can find information online suggesting that he has faced criminal charges for trying to distribute dangerous supplements with hidden ingredients. Will share the source proving this at the end of this article. But there’s a U.S. anti doping agency which did proved that Craze company indeed has used forbidden substances. For example, their supplements were containing amphetamines, and this was not disclosed on the ingredients of the supposed “natural” supplements. Cahill has also been found to be selling an illegal designer steroid and this has given one guy liver damage which resulted in ruining his baseball career. Plus, this guy is known to have added chemicals to his weight loss pills that were deemed to be unfit for the human use a long time ago (those chemicals were banned for humans use in 1930!) and that’s because those chemicals were making people go blind. To my opinion there’s no excuse for this guy. And it does seems like Rob is pretty lucky that he didn’t end up in the hospital after using Craze supplements. (maybe if he didn’t failed the drug test – he did ended up in the hospital).

Rob has been interviewed about this event and in the video that I am going to share below he is directly asked about failed test.

Is there anything proving he didn’t use steroids?

He has great genetics. The interviewer in the video above has been pretty naïve for saying that Rob has failed a drug test for taking “steroids” and this is factually incorrect, but Rob has made a really good point up there. you can hear him saying:

“There are loads of your fans who religiously follow all your workout and diet dips, but don’t look anything like you.”

The reason behind this is very simple (except for taking steroids) – Rob Riches is having first class genetics for building muscles, which most of his fans do not have.

Rob do not seem to keep on growing and he didn’t seem to have any muscle growth spike at any point of his life. It seems that he hasn’t actually put on a lot of mass over the years. Rob has only added a little bit of size compared to how he used to be in his LA Muscle days when he has been only 21 years old as you can see in the photo I shared above. Staying in the same size is a sign of natural.

Rob had very little changed from that point but he did had some huge and amazing gains when he used to be a newbie and that’s what defining first class genetics – you grow a lot when you’re a newbie in gym. So after the newbie gains – he got big and used it as a platform to become a fitness model which really played him handy.

Nonetheless, since not everyone is having such genetics as Rob (or other examples can be Chris Hemsworth who is known to have first class genetics), most of the guys are only going to have some pretty small gains when they start out. But I know there are other people who might say the following: “fine, Rob has not packed on too much size over the years, but he has kept his body fat extremely low and that’s something that is not possible to keep it as low all year round and especially as you are getting older without using anything at all.”

Well, that’s just wrong. Indeed, to keep your body fat so low is very hard, and it gets even more difficult as you are getting older however it is possible. I do agree that it is impossible if you don’t know what you are doing. Nonetheless, if you’re enough educated and experienced then that’s not so hard to achieve. This is happening as you are aging because of your metabolism is slowing down and your testosterone levels are going down very slowly and slightly after the age of 30. The testosterone level that you lose is around 1% every year after you reach 30. With this being said, your testosterone is at its peak at 30, then you lose around 1 % at 31, 2% at 32 and so on. Nonetheless, we’re currently talking about an average person.

Someone like Rob with his knowledge will definitely have some different tricks that are going to help him increase his metabolic rate (with good training and diet of course) and in this way he might manage to keep his shredded look into his late 30s or maybe even 40s.

In addition to that, Rob is currently only 32 years old which means that his testosterone might have decreased by maximum of 2% which is not as much, but with his knowledge, training and dieting I doubt that it decreased by 2%.

Plus, Rob has no Signs of Steroid Use

Nearly every single guy out there that is taking steroids is known to have at least some physical signs that he is taking steroids which everyone can see by carefully looking at his body. Some of those signs include: bloating, water retention; balding; gyno; flushed skin; acne; excessive vascularity and others. Rob Riches has absolutely none of those side effects. That’s something extremely uncommon for a guy that is juicing because it is near to impossible to avoid getting any of the side effects while taking steroids. And it is obvious – a natural won’t get such side effects. plus…

Rob has passed lots of Drug Tests

I think it is very important to mention the fact that Rob has competed in many natural drug tested events and he has never tested positive for steroids. What I’m trying to say is if he would use steroids and passed so many tests, then he already had the knowledge how to pass that test he got “caught”. It just doesn’t make sense he passed all the tests and then out of a sudden he got caught. The federations that Rob Riches competed are: NPA; Musclemania; BNBF and UKBFF (the one he got caught in). Some of those federations are also keen to expose those people who are competing in their competitions and are using drugs. They are having “shame pages” where they are listing the names of those athletes.


Even though Rob Riches has failed a drug test after which he got nicknamed: Roid Riches he still remains the number one inspiration for all natural guys around the world and that’s for a number of reasons that I mentioned above. That’s why he HAS to be natural. Seriously speaking, there is absolutely no (other) evidence that can prove that Rob Riches can actually be named “Roid Riches”. This is the reason why I think that without any other evidence that can prove he is any different, it is a reasonable assume that Rob is all natural.

After all, he has promised his mother he would never take steroids. You can see the source of this shared below. Those people who can’t believe that Rob is actually natural because of the drug test he failed (which I think is given enough evidence to believe that Rob didn’t know Craze supplements put forbidden chemicals in them) and because he “looks too good to be natural” then I seriously think they should try combining 15 years old intense training along with extremely clean eating and huge dedication. After this, I think those people would change their minds and understand that his body is something very attainable for any natural bodybuilder.

Tell us in the comments below what do you think about Rob Riches? Does he deserve to be called the “number one inspiration for natural bodybuilders” or rather deserve to be called “Roid Riches”? Thanks to the following sources that helped me in writing of this article (and sources that were promised):

Rob Riches Talks With

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