Hidetada Yamagishi Wins Europa Show of Champions/Orlando Pro

Right after the pre-judging was completed at the 2010 Arnold Classic, Hidetada Yamagishi was not satisfied. “I tried my best but I want to win this show so I [hoped] to be in the first call-out,” he said backstage. The six-year pro made the second call-out and eventually placed eighth in a very deep line-up.

But that all changed six weeks later when Yamagishi stood in the winner’s circle at the second annual Europa Show of Champions in Orlando, Florida. The native of Japan was looking much sharper than he did in Ohio and was rewarded by the judges. Marcus Haley and Evgeny “Eugene” Mishin – two bodybuilders that needed a strong show at this point in their careers – finished second and third, respectively.

Eduardo Correa Da Silva won the 202 class and was followed by Roc Shabazz and Jose Raymond. Erin Stern prevailed in the figure category, with Marcy Porter and Cheryl Brown next. In fitness, a few surprises occurred with Erin Riley and Nicole Duncan not even placing, while Camala Rodriguez was named the winner. Regiane Da Silva was the runner-up while Myriam Capes finished third. Nathalia Melo Moreira won the bikini division and Jamie Baird (second) and Missy Coles (third) right behind her.

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Bench Like The BIG BOYS

Marty Gallagher offers tips to build a massive chest

Strength coach Marty Gallagher, author of The Purposeful Primitive, serves up some extra big bench tips.

WARNING: This info is only for those who wish to build a massive chest.

It’s important to keep in mind that Gallagher’s main goal is to build strength. The goals of a bodybuilder may differ, but it’s important to remember that more strength can correlate into greater muscular size.


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How To Estimate Your 1RM

Estimate your one-rep max and utilize this chest program for serious results

If you don’t have a spotter you can trust, do not attempt a true one-rep max. Your best bet is to estimate your max bench press weight by doing a 10-rep max test.

HOW TO ESTIMATE A 1RM: Find a weight that you can do for 10 reps. The tenth rep is the absolute last rep you can perform with that weight. If you think you can get 11 reps, then you need to rest a good 5 minutes and add another 5-10 pounds to the bar and try again.

Yes, you will still need a spotter to do this properly, but at least the spotter will not have to lift a ton of weight off of your chest. Once you have the weight that limits you to 10 reps on the bench press, multiply that by 1.33. That will give you your estimated 1 rep max.

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Dwayne Johnson’s Workout and Diet Routine

Untitled Former pro wrestler Dwayne Johnson currently stars in the movie The Tooth Fairy. Yes, he plays a Tooth Fairy in the movie. Prior to the Tooth Fairy role, he starred in the movie Return to Witch Mountain.

I thought he was great in Witch Mountain as a taxi cab driver who helps two teenage aliens save the world. Tooth Fairy seems a little hard for me to swallow. I haven’t seen it yet and the reviews are moderate.

Check out this video of Dwayne Johnson becoming an honorary player for the L.A. Kings hockey team. You will also see some footage from his movie The Tooth Fairy.

Before Johnson was a movie star he was known as The Rock in Wrestling World Entertainment. He holds second place for the most reigns as WWF/E Champion. He held the title seven times before he left the business in 2004.

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Bodybuilding with Raw Power!

raw_food_diet_for_children My chiropractor swears by eating raw food. He says it keeps him happy and healthy. He does look healthy and seems happy.

I personally like to eat cooked food every now and then. I can’t image eating only raw food. I’d miss out on holiday meals and trips to the frozen yogurt shop.

Raw Foodie

I came across an interview with raw food bodybuilder Stephen Arlin at Living and Raw Food. Arlin’s perspective on natural bodybuilding is worth considering.

He also wrote a book entitled Raw Power! It is the only book about building strength and muscles naturally the raw way. I like that idea.

Raw Power! is about bodybuilding naturally with a 100% natural diet. The idea in the book is that your body can stay fit, strong, healthy and energetic the raw way.

Arlin argues that gorillas have the strength equivalent to bench pressing 4,000 pounds — that’s 40 times stronger than the average man.

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Hair Loss and Bodybuilding

lukas-osladil Everybody loses some hairs daily, for example, when combing or washing their hair, and this is a norm. But losing too much hair is a pathology and should be treated. Some start to lose hair in their twenties. The hair of others start to thin and fall out after a stress, while some people are just predisposed to hair loss and become bald gradually, as they age. Statistically men are affected by baldness much more often, than women. But what causes hair fall in men and how can it be treated?

Hair Fall Causes

About one of three men suffers from hair loss. Men are more predisposed to hair fall due to testosterone, the principal male sex hormone, which is normally present in a male’s body in larger amounts, than in a female’s one. In general hair fall can be caused by the following factors:

Anabolic steroid’s effect on hairloss

When it comes to hairloss not everybody is effected by it. Steroids will only speed up the process if you are genetically predispositiond to male pattern baldness. So if any family members are bald you have a good chance of loosing your hair to. You could always shave your head or buy a wig but we have some good information for you to try and help prevent hairloss, slow it down and in some cases even reverse it.

Hairloss is NOT a side effect that will effect everybody, it is said that if you are genetically prone to male pattern baldness (mpb) then steroids can speed up this process.

How do steroids effect the hair line?

A substance called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) binds to the receptors in the scalps hair follicles causing thinning of the hairline.

What makes this DHT?

The simple answer Testosterone gets converted into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) by an enzyme called 5 Alpha reductase (5AR).


What steroids effect the hairline then via this conversion?

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Monster’s Insulin Primer!

insulin This is one of my Favorites!!

Ok, lets have a look at insulin.
Its highly anabolic and non-androgenic, and in case some of you are in the dark (I’d like to think we’re all clear on anabolic versus androgenic, but ya never know) I’ll briefly touch on the subject before diving in… if youre ok on anabolic/androgenic concepts, skip to the INSULIN part…


ANABOLIC is defined as “The process of constructive metabolism” or of building complex substances out of simple substances.
The way your body processes protien, carbohydrates, and fat (all simple substances) and makes muscle (a complex substance) is ANABOLISM.

ANDROGENIC is basically defined as pertaining to male sex characteristics.


“Steroids” are actually called “Anabolic Androgenic Steroids.” They accomplish “anabolism” through “anabolic” pathways, some being more androgenic (testosterone esters) and some less (winstrol, anavar, primobolan, ect…).

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Mass Construction

6968 Youll often hear bodybuilding compared to building a house. To craft your physique, first you need to focus on the foundation, increasing your strength by concentrating on compound core lifts, such as squats, benches and deadlifts.

From there, you assemble the structure, expanding your workouts and watching your body take shape, much like a home with the walls going up. Adding the finishing touches the paint, the trim can be compared to an advanced athlete honing different muscles to bring his entire physique into balance.

The same analogy can be extended to your supplement plan. You begin with the foundation the basics and over time add new formulas and products as your body transforms. Here, well help you nail down a blueprint for growth in a three-step massgain stack thatll help you as a beginner or anyone who hasnt tried supplements before get started and gain the greatest benefits from each and every supplement you take.

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heathsigns_lg Phil Heath signs a contract extension with Weider Publications

Phil Heath, one of bodybuilding’s youngest and brightest stars, signed a multi-year contract extension with Weider Publications today. Heath, who turned 30 years old last December, has been a Weider athlete since 2005.

“It’s always been a great experience to be a part of the Weider/AMI organization,” Heath said. “Just like last time I signed, and the first time, I just get excited knowing I get to continue my career with this company. FLEX is the number-one-selling bodybuilding magazine in the world, and all over the world people get to see articles with me in them, and get to know a little bit about me as an athlete and a person. Traveling and meeting those fans has been a great experience.”

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Not a Runner? 6 Reasons You Should Be

athlete-runner1 Kids run all the time but once we get to adulthood we can be divided into two groups: those that run and those that don’t. If you’re not in the ‘those that run’ group here are 6 reasons you should be.

  1. It’s free and easy The human body was made to run, there’s no special skill or knowledge required and most everybody can do it. All you need is a good pair of shoes and a supportive sports bra and you’re ready to go!
  2. It burns more calories per hour than most other exercises. Running either outside or on a treadmill burns an average of 705-865 calories per hour, with the next best thing being the stair-stepper at 637 – 746 cals/hr.
  3. It’s GOOD for your knees, not bad like so many people think. It’s important to start slowly and wear shoes that give good support but when done correctly running builds up and strengthens bones and joints, it doesn’t tear down and weaken them.
  4. It’s one of the best ways to relieve stress, research proves it. A study by the University of Georgia found that an hour of exercise is three times more effective at reducing anxiety and stress than an hour of rest.
  5. It helps prevent disease. Various studies support exercise as a means of reducing the

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