Bodybuilding Nutrition Principles – Consume Calories

The third of our bodybuilding nutrition principles encourages you to consume enough calories. To feel energized enough to complete your workout, you will be required to eat the right amount of calories. A lack of calories will assuredly make you feel like a limp piece of lettuce by the end of your workout routine.

It is a proven fact that less than 1600 calories a day will not contain all the vitamins and minerals that you will require in order to maintain a healthy body, prevent disease and perform well in your chosen sport, or for that matter your daily living. A very low calorie diet, continued for a period of two weeks, can have a very serious effect on your health. They will not provide you with the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) of enough of the nutrients needed for good health.

The Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) were the national standard for the correct amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins and minerals that we need in our diets in order to maintain health and growth and to avoid certain deficiency diseases. In recent

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Bodybuilding Principles – Eat Frequent Meals

The fourth of our bodybuilding nutrition principles encourages you to eat frequent meals. If your aim is to achieve a superb shape and obtain maximum performance, then you should forgo the usual three square meals a day approach to your diet. Athletes, including bodybuilders and strength trainers, need to fuel themselves throughout the day and that means frequent small meals and snacks every two or three hours.

There are numerous studies which have been carried out into the benefits of eating small, frequent meals and snacks. It has been shown that thermogenesis, the production of heat by the body as it digests and absorbs food, increases by eating multiple meals a day – four or more. During the process of thermogenesis, metabolism steps up and your body will process nutrients more efficiently. Eating more frequent meals will also serve to improve fat burning, improve the body’s use of protein, preserve lean muscle and reduce the appetite. A further advantage of eating multiple meals is in mental performance. By eating regular, timed meals they will help you to think and process information more effectively, and will aid in increasing your attention span and help to boost your mood.

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Bodybuilding Nutrition Principles – Stop Megadosing

The fifth of our bodybuilding nutrition principles encourages you to stop megadosing. It is a misconception amongst bodybuilders that nothing succeeds like excess. Meaning that if something is good for you, then twice as much is even better, and that too much is never enough. This is a motto which is prevalent in bodybuilding and strength training, and this is particularly the case when the subjects of protein and supplements are mentioned.

It is for this reason that bodybuilders and strength trainers tend to megadose on supplements and foods in the mistaken belief that the more they eat and take, the more muscle they will build. However, nothing could be further removed form the truth. You require a certain and specific amount of nutrients for muscle building based on your individual needs. If you eat more than you need it will just turn into unsightly fat. If you megadose on bodybuilding supplements, the extra will only be excreted or at worst, can be toxic to your body.

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Bodybuilding Nutrition Basics

It is possible to train full-bore on squats, dead lifts and a few other great exercises, but if you are not adequately consuming the building materials your body requires, you can rest assured that you will not achieve the gains you desire. If you can’t get the necessary combination of training, ordinary food and adequate rest to deliver good steady gains in muscle and might, you should not even think about taking any non-nutritional bodybuilding food supplement.

The studying of practical and effective nutrition and training is not only great, but it is necessary. However the purpose is to help you build a stronger and better developed physique, not just to educate you for the sake of doing so. You should aim to apply the learning with every ounce of drive and desire that you possess.

Vitamin and mineral supplements, unless you find you are seriously deficient in something, cannot make an immediate impact on your training, other than the placebo effect in some cases. However, what they do if taken in the long term, is benefit your health which will then allow for an increase in training longevity. A good potency and well-balanced vitamin and mineral formula taken all the time not only will benefit bodybuilders, but would benefit everyone.

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Cumulative Fatigue Training

Here are some guidelines on how to make cumulative fatigue training work for you.

  • Experiment first with just one single-joint exercise, e.g. the curl, or calf raise. Take an accurate measurement of the muscular girth, and then once a week, or three times every two weeks, train the exercise exactly as described as before. After two months measure the muscular girth again, and if it has grown, even by just a little, then you have a technique that works for you. If it didn’t grow, and assuming that you trained as directed, along with all the recovery factors, then just put the experiment down to a learning process.
  • If you were happy with the test, then apply cumulative fatigue training to no more than two exercises for each routine, but remembering to rotate which two exercises you select. As your gains diminish in any given exercise, revert to another format for that exercise, and if you like select another exercise for cumulative fatigue training. The reason for only selecting two exercises per routine is that the six sets per exercise of this type of training exert a severe demand on your recovery system, and that is why you should be conservative and use only one or two exercises per routine in this format. If you do use cumulative fatigue training on two exercises, make sure only one of them is a major core movement, because if you apply it to two core movements you are likely to be over training.

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How To Avoid Training Injuries

Here are some very important tips on how to avoid injuries. Adhere to them and you should be able to train for a long time without suffering anything more that perhaps occasional minor injuries.

  • Ensure you use immaculate exercise technique, never cheat, take shortcuts or use loose form.
  • Ensure you stick to a smooth and controlled rep speed.
  • Even if you feel your body can tolerate singles and very low-rep work, avoid using such high-force training for long periods, and use maximum-effort singles only very cautiously. If your body is not accustomed to singles and very low reps, stick to medium and high reps and use a rep counter for a given exercise that suits your body.
  • It is true that no exercise is good for you if it hurts you. Therefore only use exercises which are appropriate for you, and where any modifications are required that you make them safe for you.

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Use Supplements To Ease Your Tendon Irritation.

Emphasize eccentric contractions rather that concentric in the areas where you’re feeling tendon stress.An example would be lowering the bar slowly (6–10 counts) in the biceps curl and then having a spotter help you lift the weight into the upright, or contracted, position. Studies have shown that eccentric loading may strengthen the tendon while reducing stress on it. This is an often-overlooked but important method of rehabbing tendons.

Modify your “no pain, no gain” philosophy. This begins by carefully listening to your body. Stop training any time you feel sharp pain or an unusual irritation in the area. If you experience prolonged soreness or a deep ache after training you may need to lower your intensity in that muscle group until it becomes clear what those sensations are related to.

Supplement to ease your tendon irritation. A number of supplements, including those that can be used either topically or orally, have been shown to help with tendinitis. Keep in mind, however, that no substance has shown an ability to reverse the cellular damage of tendinitis; only time and healing can do that. But certain supplements may be helpful in reducing the pain and inflammation associated with tendinitis and cultivating a supportive environment for healing. Those noted as being effective are:

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Weight Training-Related Injuries Increasing

The popularity of weight training has grown over the past decade. A new study conducted by the Center for Injury Research and Policy of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital has found that the number of injuries from weight training has increased as well. The study found that more than 970,000 weight training-related injuries were treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments between 1990 and 2007, increasing nearly 50 percent during the 18-year study period.

Data from the study, available online as a Preview Publication-Before-Print in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, showed that males (82 percent) and youths aged 13 to 24 years (47 percent) sustained the largest proportion of weight training-related injuries. The majority of injuries occurred during the use of free weights (90 percent), and the most common mechanism of injury were weights dropping on a person (65 percent). Injuries to the upper (25 percent) and lower trunk (20 percent) were the most common followed by injuries to the hand (19 percent). The most frequent injury diagnoses were sprains and strains (46 percent) followed by soft tissue injuries (18 percent).

While youths (ages 13-24) had the highest number of injuries, the largest increase in the incidence of injuries occurred among those aged 45 years and older. People aged 55 and older were more likely than their younger counterparts to be injured while using weight-training

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Pistachios cut cancer risk

(NaturalNews) Making pistachios a regular part of your diet could reduce your risk of cancer, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Texas and Texas Women’ University, and presented at the American Association for Cancer Research’s Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research Conference in Houston.

Pistachios are known to be high in a form of vitamin E known as gamma-tocopherol, which has been linked to a lower risk of some cancers.

“It is known that vitamin E provides a degree of protection against certain forms of cancer. Higher intakes of gamma-tocopherol … may reduce the risk of lung cancer,” researcher Ladia M. Hernandez said.

Researchers conducted the study on 36 participants who were either told to keep eating their normal diets or to eat their normal diets plus two ounces (about 117 kernels) of pistachios per day. After four weeks, participants who were eating pistachios daily had significantly higher levels of gamma-tocopherol in their blood than those who were not eating the nuts.

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Police officer Dennis Hopson’s back casts a shadow over New Jersey crime and a light on the amateur ranks.

In his bliss, Dennis Hopson can be found sequestered in what he calls his “Loud Library.” There he peruses the classics, contemplates their wisdom, recurs the techniques that gave the physiques of Flex Wheeler, Bob Paris, Shawn Ray and Kevin Levrone their ancient Greek aesthetic of perfect symmetry and dramatic proportions. Immemorial volumes of bodybuilding are written there in the chalk-smeared walls of the gym, in the rough cast-iron plates, in the glorious symphony of crashing weights — their inspiration is palpable to Dennis. “It’s weird,” he muses. “As much noise as there is in the gym, I don’t hear anything because I’m so involved in my workout and my own zone.”

Dennis had that ability to tune out external sounds, he says, right from the start. New Jersey has long been home, and still is, for the extended Hopson family; it was there, at age 12, that Dennis first touched weights. “I happened to be at my older cousin’s place,” he recalls. “He had a gym in his garage, and he had friends who were close to Rich Gaspari. I was told I could have a glass of iced tea afterward. I never forgot that experience. Ultimately, I asked my parents for a weight set, which I got for Christmas, and it went from there.”

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Biceps ballooning tips from Melvin Anthony, Jr.

Despite being arguably bodybuilding’s greatest showman and, at his best, sporting one of the most dramatic rear double bi shots of all time, Melvin Anthony, Jr. is the stealth pro. He rarely grabs headlines but just as rarely finishes out of a money slot. In an 11-year career, he’s won only three of the 36 shows he’s entered, including this year’s inaugural Phoenix Pro, and yet in 21 of those contests he made the posedown, and that includes three consecutive Mr. Olympia’s (2006-08). In every battle, he’s come well-armed, so we got Mel’s thoughts on biceps training and a typical “good bi” routine.


  • “I used to lift crazy heavy weight, curling 225 pounds and all that stuff. I still go heavy on barbell curls; I just don’t do things like dumbbell preacher curls in the 90s, like I used to do back in the day. I ain’t going for strength; I ain’t trying to powerlift. That was just for show, ego, more than anything else #151; especially when the girls were walking around. I’d try to stop traffic. Me and my boys used to stop the gym. It was our goal to train so hard that we messed up everybody else’s workout.”

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