Methyl Trenbolone

Methyl Trenbolone is the exact same famous Trenbolone compound that we used to know except for the fact that it was methylated. This methylation allowed Trenbolone to be administered in form of oral pills. With this being said, Methyl Trenbolone and Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Enanthate and Trenbolone Hexa (Parabolan) are all the same things because the hormone (main active substance) is the same.

Methyl Trenbolone is also known as Metribolone or Methyltrienolone (or 17alpha- methyltrenbolone) and this is an orally active extremely potent androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) that is not aromatizing into estrogen but possesses huge anabolic and androgenic activity.

This product was never marketed for clinical use but is used in research for photo affinity label for the AR (androgen receptor) as well as AR ligand binding assays too. Methyl Trenbolone is also used in bodybuilding settings having amazing properties when comes to physique and performance enhancement purposes. It offers great potency and efficiency, however the compound is C17 alpha alkylated and due to this, the orally active steroid is hepatotoxic.

But since Methyl Trenbolone is a very powerful AAS, the hepatotoxicity is very high too. That’s why, Methyl Trenbolone, despite its huge potency (is often said to be the most potent anabolic steroid in existence) – the compound is not as famous as the injectable version of Trenbolone that is not as hepatotoxic.MT-ICE-Trentabs-oral-tren-e1571307610613

Methyl Trenbolone also known as Metribolone is binding onto the androgen receptor extremely strong and this is what offers amazing effectiveness. Androgen receptors are found in fat cells as well as muscle cells including in the bones too. That’s why by administering Methyl Trenbolone (Methyltrienolone) the individual would notice really fast changes in the muscles mass, fat amount and bone density.

The compound is working on the AR in the muscle cells to enhance their growth, in the fat cells to boost fat burning and in bones to increase bone density.

Plus, the stronger the compound is binding to the androgen receptor, the higher the lipolysis fat burning effect of the adipose fat tissue gets, but Methyl Trenbolone (Metribolone), as mentioned, binds very well. Yet, androgen binding and stimulation of androgen receptor is not the only mechanism of action of Trenbolone that stimulates anabolism.

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Remember that Metribolone or Methyltrienolone (basically – MethylTrenbolone) is the C17 alpha alkylated version (oral version) of the injectable Trenbolone.

But because of methylation, some structure of Trenbolone changed either, making it way more powerful. Plus to that, the half life is way shorter compared to even the shorter version of injectable Trenbolone. Whilst Trenbolone Acetate half life is 3 days and must be administered every other day or daily, Methyl Trenbolone should be used multiple times a day.

According to the researches done on paper, Methyl Trenbolone appears to be hundreds of times more powerful than straight Testosterone. However, you should know that things found on paper may be misleading.

Nonetheless, due to its huge anabolic to androgenic ratio when comparing it to other anabolic steroids, that’s making the product be possibly the most potent and powerful steroid ever.


  • Is important to know that because of this huge potency, there is no need to use huge doses to make it effective. Only small dosages of Methyltrienolone (Metribolone) would be enough to offer big results in terms of muscle and strength growth. But in fact, high dosages are not recommended at all – they could be very bad and negatively impact your health and body, especially when talking about liver health.

Is good to know that Methyl Trenbolone is not going to cause any water retention, that’s why the gains would be lean and clean. Yet, in the same time, it does have high progestin conversion rate and that’s going to increase the effects of estrogen and prolactin, make sure to avoid anything else increasing progestin levels.

Since it has high toxicity yet works very fast, cycle lengths should be very short and dosages low. Methyl Trenbolone is used orally in form of pills, but make sure not to overdo it – those pills can be very dangerous if not used properly.


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