Matt Ogus is Natural or Taking Steroids?

Matt Ogus is a bodybuilder and the founder of clothing company named Half Natty and it is obvious with such a company name there are a lot of people who started to ask questions. This is an American bodybuilder that has gained a lot of popularity in 2011, the year when he became famous on internet as it is the year when he started to upload some of his workouts onto Since he has an extremely good looking body where he is very dry and super ripped, it all has helped him to get more than half a million of followers on his Instagram account since then.

This guy is indeed very big and he has legs that are so jacked that even Tom Platz would agree. In the end, as a result of getting so big and shredded, Matt has got a big amount of fans and he has god a GymShark sponsorship deal where he is an athlete that has teamed up with Steve Cook, Steven Cao and many other famous bodybuilders out there. Here are Matt’s stats: at the age of 26 years old, his height is 5 ft 5 and has a weight of 185 lbs. because he is so jacked up and because he has a big amount of fans, it is obvious that there is a lot of speculation whether is he using steroids or not. In this article, I am going to try to end the speculation by providing evidence that he’s natty or juicing. Before continuing, I am going to check what does Matt say about steroids.


What does Matt say about steroids?

Does Matt claim to be natural or he admitted he takes steroids? By checking this I have carefully analyzed his social media profiles and videos of him. I wasn’t able to find anywhere on his social media or anywhere else in the description or anything claiming that he is all natural or that he is absolutely drug free. What I am trying to say is that if would look as good as Matt does and especially having such a big amount of followers (some of which are calling him a juicer) – I would try to make it as clear as possible to absolutely everybody that I am absolutely natural (of course, if it would be true). That’s especially taking in consideration that steroid users are seen as cheaters, so by being natural you try to make it clear that you are natural and not a “cheater”.

By analyzing information about what Matt says about steroids, to my knowledge, he has never come out and actually addressed this topic directly or saying anything like “I have never taken steroids” or something. And due to the fact that he is trying to be polite and he is very often responding to his fans, people could very easily interpret this act as simply trying to avoid answering the question, and I do think that avoiding this is for a good reason.

Nonetheless, I still managed to find something interesting: he chooses to type of speak about it as a joke. An example is the fact that 3 years ago, in April 1st 2016, he has uploaded an Instagram post where he said “I take steroids” and then later he has revealed that this was simply an April fools joke. You can see the source of this at the end of this article.

Nonetheless, a lot of people were wondering – was he really joking or that was some form of confession? I am going to take a look at the evidences proving him natty or juicing.

Evidence that Matt Ogus might be taking steroids

Extremely Dry Look

I have analyzed a lot of people who are really shredded and I have noticed that many of them are remaining super ripped all the year round (a good example is Ryan Terry which you can check yourself). However, I decided to check Matt Ogus more carefully and I have noticed that this guy is taking shredded thing to an entire new level. And this is not only due to the fact that he is much leaner than Rob or Ryan, but that’s due to the fact that he is extremely dry, dryer than the Sahara desert in an hot August day. With this being said, he is having much less water that is collecting underneath the surface of Matt’s skin and for this reason he is appearing a lot much ripped.

What I am trying to say is that to get such level of dryness is indeed very attainable for a natty like for example when the guy is preparing for a show or for some type of event. Nonetheless, in case you are looking so dry, dryer, as I said, than a hot day in Sahara and you manage to look like that all the year round without manipulating your water then the questions are definitely going to be asked. So, since Matt is so dry and he manages to keep this dry look without stopping, that’s a warning sign.

Gains Timeline

Gains timeline is a very helpful way of determining if a person uses or has ever used steroids at any point in their life. For example, a natural guy would experience an approximately 20 lbs of lean muscle mass gain after they firstly start working out which we call “newbie gains” and then they would plateau meaning that they would see very little gains over a very long period of time. Gaining more muscles out of sudden later is a sign that the person takes steroids. Continuing to gain further after the newbie gains is another sign of steroid taking. We decided to check at Matt’s gains timeline looks like and from checking his Instagram we managed to find what he has been looking like during the time he was a newbie at 15 years old (when he completed a few workouts) compared to what he looks like later, several years later at approximately 19 years old. Here is the transformation that Matt Ogus went through in his early years.

Everyone is gaining a pretty much similar amount of muscle during their newbie phase, nonetheless, a lot of that are genetically gifted are already looking muscular before they go to gym. A very good example of that is Chris Hemsworth who was big before training but he got extremely huge after starting to workout. That’s because of the high testosterone levels which not everyone have and these levels are having the ability to build up muscles without exercising. That’s why, such guys are having the ability to gain a lot of mass pretty fast.

Usually, newbie gains are approximately 20 lbs of pure muscle mass, that’s why, in case there are going to be someone you see gaining a lot much more than that, it is a very good sign that it is not a newbie gains but something else, such as steroids. As much as we can see in the before and after photo – Matt looks like he has gained approximately 50 lbs of muscles and this is pretty much coinciding with the amount of muscle that you are going to build if you take steroids. Doubt that’s just a coincidence.

Steroid Jaw

The steroids are very well known to get the size of your muscles much bigger but in addition to that, they are known that they can change your facial structure as well. And this does seem to be the case for Matt Ogus which got some changes. The widening of the jaw it is one of those physical side effects that can occur. If you carefully going to analyze Matt, you can very easily notice that he is having one unusual prominent jawline that is extremely noticed and this is creating a cube like shape. All of this is a sign that a lot of juicers have. By saying this I am not trying to say Matt is surely on steroids as this is not a 100% confident evidence that he is taking steroids, that’s because a lot of people are able to have that type of shape of their face without using any anabolic steroids. Nonetheless, that might be a sign proving it.

Half Natty company

As I earlier said, Matt is the founder of the clothing company which is named Half Natty. This way are usually called people who are taking a very small amount of steroids or they used to take steroids in the past but they are now natural. This is what could be the cause for Matt. This could be a very good sign that he is actually taking steroids. in fact, on the description of one of those product pages you can see the following being mentioned: Settling for Average is but Natural. Striving for Master is Half Natty. I doubt that this shouldn’t be taken as a sign that he is on steroids.

It is obvious that some people out there may read that and think that it means – in order to be a star in the world of bodybuilding you might most likely need to take steroids or you are “average”. However, the official name of the business is implying that you’re not 100% natural, this is a pretty sure sign showing that you have used steroids at some point in the life.

His dog’s name is Tren

If Matt published “I am on steroids” on Aprils’ fools day claiming it was only a joke, the following is not a joke – he has called his dog Tren Ogus… this is what usually people call trenbolone and as much as it seems, he has named his dog after his favorite steroid because as much as it seems, he is eating clen tren pretty hard.

Or at very least, I doubt that you would ever think to name your pet after any steroids, don’t you? Especially if you would be all natural. But in the same time, if I did used some steroids and in case there was one compound (like trenbolone) that is mostly responsible for getting me as jacked and reach such a big success in life while having the entire world looking at my body, I definitely might name my dog after it as a sign of “thanks”.

That’s not a joke. I am going to share the source where I found this in the end of my article.

5 years of Natural Bodybuilding got him transformed a lot

Matt Ogus has uploaded a video on YouTube and in that video you can see him showing his 5 years natural transformation. Here is the youtube video link below:

in that video, you can notice that Matt has barely made any muscle gains and that’s a clear sign of natural bodybuilding because being on steroids you would very likely gain much more in 5 years than what we can see in the video.

Nonetheless, that video is still suggesting that Matt has been taken steroids in the past and that’s due to the fact that by the time he has uploaded that video he has been already working out for approximately 10 years or so. What I am trying to say is that if he had been natural the entire time then he would very much likely upload a much better transformation video of him where he is going from a skinny guy to a super jacked alpha male. What’s the point of showing a transformation of small gains instead of showing a really big and obvious transformation?

Plus to that, it also explaining why his company is Half Natty – he very well might have been taken steroids in the past but it is all natural now as we can see in the 5 years transformation with very little gains.


In the end, I am pretty confident in my verdict that Matt Ogus is either still taking some mild steroids but he has surely taken steroids in the past, that’s based on all the proves and evidences that I have managed to find. I am not very sure, to be honest, if Matt Ogus is on steroids nowadays and this may be an open topic for speculation, although there is very little evidences proving that he is on steroids nowadays. However there is quite a lot of evidences suggesting he has been taken steroids in the past for several years and then has stopped doing it.

For this reason, he calls himself a “half natty” and that’s because you can’t be all natural if you have ever taken steroids. The reason is that there are studies proving that some of the steroid gains are somewhat permanent because of the fixed increase in nuclei in the muscles. Check the source proving this at the end of article. One of the biggest evidence proving he’s on steroids is his gains timeline that shows him putting on a lot of muscle mass that is not typical for a natty but is typical for a juicer.

Even so, Matt Ogus is getting my full respect. He had to work out, in and out of the gym, a lot and for a lot of years in order to achieve such a body, plus I haven’t ever seen him directly lying that he never took steroids and he does seem to encourage natural bodybuilding – that’s very important.

Steroids Likely Taken

Of course – trenbolone. One of the biggest giveaway that he has taken the anabolic steroid named trenbolone is the fact that he has named his dog Tren and I definitely don’t see a coincidence with that, especially taking in consideration that he does have some symptoms proving that he has taken tren. These symptoms include: his popped out 3D shoulders, extremely big dryness all year round; multiple striations and his very noticeable steroid jaw all along with his gains timeline because several cycles of trenbolone can very easily result in about 30 to 50 lbs of muscle gains that Matt had.

Not sure here, but I think that there are quite some chances that Matt Ogus has also used testosterone in the past as some of his symptoms also might indicate he has used testosterone in the past – muscle gains, dryness and his jaw and that’s because I guess his gains are not all only thanks to trenbolone.

Are you a follower of Matt Ogus? Tell your opinion about this bodybuilder below.

Here are the promised sources which helped me in writing this article:

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