Jeremy Buendia: Steroids or Natural?

Jeremy Buendia is a bodybuilder who is currently a 4x Mr Olympia Men’s Physique champion who is being trained by Hany Rambod, this is the trainer also of Phil Heath who is a seven time Mr Olympia winner and a mass monster.

Jeremy Buendia is proving to be as dominant in the men’s physique category as Phil Heath it is in the bodybuilding and seeing off strong competition in Sadik Hadzovic and Jeff Seid to win his titles. No wonder this guy is extremely big and strong. He has got some of the best arms that I have ever seen in my entire life, with insane vascularity, aesthetic body and a waist that it is virtually non existent at all from a side view! It is like you are Christian Bale with his body in The Batman and Machinist in the same time. Machinist’s waist and Batman’s muscles.

Jeremy Buendia is really jacked and when it is coming to a competition and you are able to bet your BCAAs that he is going to be the most shredded guy on the stage with a body fat that is less than 4%. Buendia practically came out of the womb while was curling dumbbells. I was researching information about him and I found out that his father was a non competitive bodybuilder in the 70s but this has provided to be an huge inspiration and influence on Jeremy’s passion for weights. Jeremy was huge thanks to his genetics for as long as we can remember him as he has competed when he was only 17 years old and so he won his first bodybuilding competition back in 2012 at the NPC Excalibur championships. Here are Jeremy Buendia’s stats: he is 5 ft 8 with competitions weight of 165 lbs and off season weight of 195 lbs. I think that these are some pretty modest stats, and that’s especially his competitions weight since Jeremy is looking really big and is full on the stage. Since he always got huge and won so many competitions it is obvious that many people started to speculate he is on steroids. with all of this being said, has the Men’s Physique star simply got phenomenal genetics while training hard or he has also added some clen or other steroids to his diet? I think that it is the time to investigate right now and end the speculation using real evidences. Let’s take a look at him when he was 17 years old.


Jeremy Buendia at 17 years

Here is how he looked like when he was 17 years old. I think that’s a wow as I really wish I was like that back in high school. Checking his body composition while looking at him, he does appear to have made nearly all of the muscle gains (around 90% or so) as a teen and that’s huge. But he does look like he has around 5% or so of the extra body fat.

*a side note here*

I think it is pretty surprising how much bigger you are able to look when you are losing a good amount of fat and in the same time you retain muscles.

With this being said, it is very well known (for any bodybuilder) that people are making nearly all of their muscle gains when they are firstly starting to lift weights. That’s, at least, typical for a natty bodybuilder because a steroid user might continue growing further. It is just those guys that have been lifting like forever and they always stay in the same size (plus or minus), and then they are suddenly blow up, seemingly overnight… and you’re just thinking to go and ask him “Bro, I’ve seen you in the gym for the last 3 years without any gains since you’ve plateaued from newbie gains, and now, you have turned into a monster in like 3 months? That’s just impossible for a natural bodybuilder”.

What I am trying to say is that Jeremy was jacked at 17 years old and if he would have taken steroids after already looking like that at only 17 years old then he would have got HUGE, and I mean, he would get like a HULK (a lot much bigger than he is now!). and when I am saying huge then that’s huge! I am talking about bigger than Chul Soon (google him if you don’t know who this hulk is).

With all of this being said, although gains timeline is often giving away steroid users, the gains timeline for Jeremy Buendia are of a natural bodybuilders. But except for gains timeline that giveaway the juicers, there are steroids symptoms on their bodies so I wanted to check them on Jeremy’s body.

Steroid Symptoms on Body

Luckily for Jeremy, analyzing many videos and photos of him, I found no trace of steroids to my opinion. Jeremy is having no signs of steroids… except for the fact that he is more bloated than Jay Cutler on off season. Lol, I’m obviously joking. Buendia’s waist is one of the tiniest waist on such a huge body that I’ve ever seen. At least twice smaller than Jay’s, lol.

Except for a very small and tiny waist (which is a sign of natural bodybuilder) his shoulders are not popping out. The shoulders are the first thing to react to anabolic steroids and to pop up. So, the 3D effect of the shoulders is a sign of steroids. But Jeremy’s shoulders are actually pretty small if comparing them to his arms and other body parts. That’s why they do not pop out and they do not give the 3D effect that a lot of other bodybuilders have (like for example, Chul Soon’s and lots others). The shoulders are having most of the androgenic receptors and that’s why they tend to pop up even without training them if you use steroids. By using some kind of AAS (androgenic anabolic steroids) like trenbolone (or many others) your traps and shoulders are going to pop up! So as said, since they are having most amount of androgen receptors they are making them much more susceptible to growth when using such compounds.

Another side effect of using steroids is that face / head structure is going to change. There are lots of examples (Zac Efron is one of the best examples). They are making your face more masculine. But as much as it seems, Jeremy’s head and face hasn’t changed at all. Plus to that, the skin is going to change by using steroids (because they decrease your collagen levels) but it seems that Buendia has a great skin overall. I do understand that this may sound strange, but to have a really nice looking skin it is pretty hard to get when you are taking steroids.

The reason of that is that the steroids are affecting the sebaceous glands and they are making them to produce much more oil than usually and therefore this is blocking up the pores so the skin cannot breathe normally. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is officially not classified as a steroid, is the exception to that and it can make you look even younger, but it has its own side effects while making you “look pregnant” when you are administering it with insulin. But not doing so might make you end up with diabetes.

Buendia does have a very good vascularity which often people say that he has extreme vascularity which is often being associated with the use of some steroids. yes, that’s true, but natural bodybuilders are having vascularity as well, and often vascularity can appear genetically. With this being said, some people might get extreme vascularity even when all natural (which is not uncommon) and plus to that, following him on social media, you are going to notice that his veins are looking so extreme when he is close to competing and is pushing them up. That’s different from what a steroid user would look like because they would look vascular all the time, off seasons or especially close to competing.

During the time bodybuilders are competing their body fat % is extremely low (much lower compared to off season) and that’s why it is a natural process for anyone to become a lot much more vascular during the time they are in their competition season and they drop body fat. Anyone with a lower body fat % is going to get much more vascular. The more body fat the less vascularity. And as I earlier mentioned, his body fat during the competition season gets extreme low. Questions should be asked when there’s a guy that has like 13% of body fat and is looking like Jeremy (in terms of vascularity) when he is in competition.

Jeremy Buendia and Drug Tests

I was thinking either should I mention this at all. Jeremy Buendia, as I said, is competing in different bodybuilding competitions and as we all know – they are performing drug tests. Since he never failed a test this may indicate that he never took steroids but that’s a very weak evidence and that’s why I was wondering if I should add it. He has competed in such bodybuilding federations such as the NPC and the INBF. Any federation is performing drug tests. But the evidence is very weak because the tests are very easily beaten up. The reason is because they are scheduled on a certain date long time in advance. This is this reason why the contestants may easily use steroids and find the they need to clear up the system. So they can plan the dates to stop running certain steroids and this will allow them to be cleared from the body by the time of the test. With this being said, the contestants may use steroids, stop them and at the time of the test they show no trace of steroids in the system. Nonetheless, competing in bodybuilding federations when tests can be beaten up doesn’t mean that he was actually taking steroids as he may indeed be natural and pass the test with no problems.

Verdict – Jeremy Buendia is a natural bodybuilder.

My verdict is based on the fact that we haven’t found any evidence which could suggest that Jeremy has used steroids. in fact, no bloating, natural timeline gains and tiny waist suggest that he is natural. He is having no obvious side effects, his gains timeline (the rate at which he has gained muscles) is very natural.

I could conclude that only by looking at the nowadays photos of Jeremy where I found no steroid symptoms and comparing it to the picture of him at 17 years old where it is clear that he gained nearly all of his muscles by that time. Taking it all in consideration it is quite easy to understand that he is extremely gifted in genetics and this means a lot in the bodybuilding world. World class genetics as Jeremy’s alongside with years of training and knowledge of how to lose body fat while keeping your muscles might very well get you look like Jeremy.

In the terms of the cutting steroids, it is pretty difficult to determine if there is somebody who has been taking them due to the fact that they do not always come with any obvious side effects on the body, like the bulking steroids come. But I still think that Jeremy hasn’t used them because the biggest giveaway for someone that is using cutting steroids is going to be some extreme dryness and flushed skin (side effects associated with the use of anavar and winstrol which are most notorious for giving this effects). Buendia is dry, however he’s by far not as dry as other bodybuilders out there. He is very able to manipulate his water levels under the guidance of a good trainer such as Hany Rambod. And in the same time, he is not extremely dry to that point where he would look as if he has been photoshopped in real life.

Write in the comments section below what do you think about Jeremy Buendia and if you aspire to look like him. Do you actually think that he is taking steroids? Tell us why by providing evidence which I might have missed while doing this research about Jeremy and steroid use. Also, big thanks to the following sources which helped me write this article:

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  1. Jeremy has an awesome physique, lets put that right out front, but if anyone thinks ANY Olympia level bodybuilder in ANY division is a “natty” athlete, you are not only naive you are delusional!! There’s nothing left to be said or discussed!! This of course is merely my opinion.

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