Is Simeon Panda Natural or Taking Steroids?

Simeon Panda is a bodybuilder from London and this English big buy is having one of the most aesthetic physiques in the entire world. He managed to become so famous mostly thanks to the fact that he is having an extremely big upper body mass in combination with an incredibly tiny waist, something that’s not common at all for nowadays Mr Olympia contestants. And he managed to become even more famous because he claims to be a lifetime natural and in the bodybuilding world, that’s a huge claim.

The way Simeon’s physique is looking have granted him a Musclemania PRO card where he is competing alongside such famous bodybuilders as Ulisses and Chul Soon. In addition to that, this guy has a sponsorship with a supplement giant company named MyProtein ( So, since this guy is so big, has tiny waist and huge amount of upper body mass, competing in Musclemania and has a sponsorship with supplement giant company MyProtein – all of it has landed him having over 5.5 million of fans only on his Facebook page alone (which is even more than Kai Greene and even Phil Heath who is the current champion of Mr Olympia federation) and nearly 5 million of followers on Instagram account. All of it indicates the guy is really famous but in the same time, Simeon has received a lot of accusations online, of course. So far, I haven’t seen a guy with millions of fans/ followers and no accusations. Some bodybuilders receive the more, others get fewer accusations, but there are always “internet trolls” who see a big guy and must say that they are on steroids. Simeon Panda got accusations as well, calling him a liar and a disgrace to the industry because he lies about not taking steroids. I often think that people make such kind of accusations (of actually taking steroids) only based on the size of the bodybuilder. Indeed, there are often steroid signs on the body of a bodybuilder, but people usually make such accusations without checking them, they say it simply by seeing that the guy is big. That’s a huge mistake because there are lots of factors that should be checked and today I am going to try to find out if he’s all natural or indeed taking steroids as he’s accused of by checking all those factors.

First of all, let’s check Simeon Panda stats and measures: the height of Simeon is 6 ft 1, weight is 230 lbs, the estimated body fat is 7% with his arms measuring 21 inches; chest 50 inches and waist 31 inches. Due to the fact that these are some really huge measures for a natural a lot of people are looking at Simeon and instantly assume that he is taking steroids. Nonetheless, these measures do not automatically assume that the guy is on steroids. So by checking real evidences I am going to try finding out if those steroid accusations have any value or Simeon is indeed natural and is saying the truth. First of all, I wanted to check:


The Evidence That Simeon is Actually Taking Steroids

There are more famous people who are having the same opinion as internet trolls which is that Simeon Panda is actually on steroids. Such a person is Jason Blaha or there’s also that have the same opinion. The first thing they mention here is that Simeon Panda is weighing the same as Arnie did in his prime (and as we all know, Arnie did admitted to take steroids).

But to my opinion, that’s a huge mistake and I think that you should be very naïve to think that Simeon and Arnie are actually of the same size, only because they have read somewhere that they are having the exact same stats. We should not forget that the stats are very often incorrect or simply are inflated and even if they are the same, there are other factors to come at play. Simeon can’t be compared to Arnie in his prime to my opinion because Simeon Panda is not even near to the level of muscularity that Arnold had when he was in his prime winning Mr Olympia content. Below is a photo comparison and you don’t need to be an expert to see that Arnold is actually much bigger. Simeon should add around 40 lbs of lean muscle to be the same level (which is the same amount that he would get if he would have used steroids).

As I earlier said, Simeon has a measure of 50 inches of his chest, Arnold had a 58 inch chest! The difference is 8 inches and that’s a huge difference. In addition to that, Arnold had 22 inch arms which is only one inch more than Simeon and although this doesn’t sound too much, adding 1 inch at arms at their measures is HUGE! Plus, it makes a huge difference visually as well and that’s especially when it is solid, lean muscle tissue. So, when taking these things in consideration I doubt that we can say these 2 can be compared. But in the end, this doesn’t even matter because even if Simeon Panda was exactly as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger or maybe even bigger than Arnie… only because of this it doesn’t automatically mean that he is actually taking steroids.

There are other things that should be taken in consideration – back in the days of Arnold’s prime when he was in bodybuilding, this was a very tiny sport. It has been only after Pumping Iron has aired when a lot of people started to become interested in the sports. Arnold is so famous thanks to the fact that he changed mass people’s thinking from “those guys are freaks” to “these guys are big and this is a very interesting sport”.

With this being said, the bodybuilding became a popular sport and that’s why, more guys with amazing genetics have started to participate in this sport. That’s how the bodybuilding sport became bigger with more fans amount continuing to grow more and more – that’s how the potential for bigger bodybuilders started to go up. That’s why the nowadays contestant might be bigger than Arnold back in those days when bodybuilding was a very small sport.

Musclemania: not legitimate drug tests

As I said earlier, Simeon Panda is competing in the bodybuilding federation called Musclemania but it is not a secret that Musclemania drug testing policy is by far not among the rigorous policies. I have already discussed about this in Chul Soon’s article when I searched for information about him and about Musclemania drug testing policy. So, it was clear that their tests are pretty easy to beat which allows the competitors take steroids and still compete in the federation.

That’s because they are testing the competitors immediately after their events and it is obvious that the athletes know very well when the event is going to be. So, if the athletes know the date of the test they can very well plan exactly when they should come off the steroids in order to pass the urinalysis test. They just need to know the date and planning how to get off steroids so they could clear their system in time is very easy.

So, even though it is very possible to pass Musclemania drug testing even if you are juicing up, it just doesn’t give you any evidence that could say for sure Simeon Panda is actually on steroids. He very well might have passed those tests as a natural. That’s why, passing a test which is easy to pass even with steroids, I think, doesn’t give you any real evidence that Simeon is taking steroids.

Lastly, as I said, there are lots of people who are accusing Simeon Panda of taking steroids only based on his size. I think that there is no credibility behind any of those claims whatsoever because even without steroids – only world class genetics alongside years of training, dedications and a good diet can give you a big size.

Evidence That Simeon is Natural

Gains Timeline

Naturals, unlike juicers, do not have a huge time window in terms of gains. The time window for naturals is pretty narrow when you can add muscle mass, when you are looking at how much muscle mass they have gained over the course of their life.

The rule is very simple, naturals start to lift weights, they are growing in the beginning and after that they simply plateau and stop gaining more. Naturals do gain a little bit, but they are experiencing extremely slow gains (after they plateau) and extremely small gains. But the reason why many prefer taking steroids even though we all know that this is not the healthy way is because the common steroid users are having a different gains timeline: they are making newbie gains exactly as naturals and then they plateau. They do not stop gaining if they already start taking steroids when they are newbies and they keep growing much more (keep on growing). Few people choose going this way. Usually, steroid users go this way: make newbie gains, they plateau, and then they make huge gains once again as soon as they start taking steroids.

With this being said, let’s check what applies to Simeon’s gains over the years.

As much as we can see in the pic above, Simeon Panda has not really put on a lot of muscle mass ever since he has experienced his newbie gains. obviously, he does look better but that’s because over the years he learned how to diet and how to get more shredded, hence the “better” look. Checking his gains timeline I would say that it is a natural gains that any natural might achieve assuming they have good genetics. I would agree that his gains timeline look steroid-like if after 2006 he would get much bigger as this would prove he used steroids. but as much as we can see, he remained the same size for the last 10 years, with very little changes that anyone can achieve (and most change is that he lost body fat).

This is why I think his gains timeline look natural and this is why I think that Simeon has some really really good genetics. As much as we can see, he didn’t really need to bulk up for a lot of years in order to get jacked as a lot of dudes we know in our gym. His body has responded extremely well to weight training and he had like 90% of entire his muscle gaining as a newbie. That means a lot because as we can see in 2002 photo (when he never stepped in a gym) he was already jacked. In 2006 we can see he plateaued from newbie gains and after that his lean muscle mass remained plus or minus the same.

In fact, Simeon has said this once in an interview with (will share the link at the end of article):

(while still a teenager), I remember approaching this guy and asking how he got that way and he said he simply got some training equipment and trained at home. When I think about it, that was the first and last time I asked someone how to build muscle, to me what he said made perfect sense and that was all I needed to know.”

As a conclusion, Simeon only found out that all he need to build muscles is to lift some weights and it is simple as that. This means that it is all he had to know to become the way we see him today when having such genetics.

Tiny Waist

His tiny waist is the main argument on why he never used steroids. to be honest, I’ve never seen a waist smaller than this on a body so big. The Simeon’s waist would have been nearly impossible to get when you are taking anabolic steroids because that’s something that grows when taking them. That would have been completely impossible by taking HGH with insulin (human growth hormone) but even if you don’t take them (because they are extremely famous for making you get a steroid gut), taking any form type of steroid is going to make you get a thick, blocky midsection as we can see on John Cena and many other famous guys.

Arnold admitted he took steroids and so, his waist was measuring 34 inches while Simeon Panda waist is 31 inches. This means that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s waist was 3 inches wider than Simeon’s Panda waist at nearly the same height and body fat %. This means a lot!

Simeon Panda Passed a Polygraph (lie detector test)

Another strong argument that Simeon is natural is the fact that he passed a polygraph which is also known as a lie detector test. I found information suggesting that he arranged this test himself after he got tired of receiving a lot of hate and people calling him a fake natural guy who lies.

This lie detector test has been conducted by Don Cargill who is the NADAC senior examiner, chairman of the UK and European polygraph association and member of the American polygraph association too. What I am trying to say is that this is the guy that you want to run a polygraph in case you want to get maximum accuracy. By doing a quick research about this guy I found out that Don has worked on the Trisha Goddard show and has performed polygraphs during murder cases which have resulted often in conviction or someone being released from the prison.

The polygraph that Simeon has passed was assumed it had a 98% accuracy which is 3% higher than standard polygraphs which only offer 95% accuracy (that’s still a lot to my opinion). And so, while getting through the test the following questions have been asked: “have you ever used any form of steroids in your life?” and “have you ever used any form of human growth hormone in your life?” and Simeon answered “no” to both of these questions and the results showed that there were no signs of deception which means that he was telling the truth and have passed the test which proves that he is a natural and was telling the truth.

Nonetheless, the test was 98% accurate and since there is the 2% chance that he was lying and taking steroids, there are still people in the bodybuilding world who keep on saying he is lying and is a juicer.

In addition to that, Simeon also wanted to arrange to have a hair follicle test. That’s because this test is more accurate and reliable than a urinalysis or blood test because it can detect steroids for up to 90 days. He did passed this test as well, but that’s still not a good proof enough because he knew the date of the test and that’s why he could have stopped using any steroids for like 4 months before the test and that’s why he got all clear.

I think that a more accurate result would be if he decided to take the test at random times throughout the year (which Simeon wouldn’t be aware of) and this is going to be as conclusive as you could get by saying that he is 100 % natural. Or, he would very well compete in a federation such as the BNBF which is having one of the strictest drug testing policy. This federation is performing several drug tests randomly outside of the competition to catch steroid users.

His Videos about Steroids on YouTube

Simeon was trying hard to convince his fans that he is not on steroids by everything he has done including the fact that he published a video on YouTube alongside with Ulisses publicly saying he wasn’t on steroids. It is obvious that this is not a 100% proof that he’s all natural, nonetheless, the lengths he is going to are an indication of someone that is not guilty and not lying. I doubt that a guy who is taking steroids would have done the same as Simeon Panda: going through the hassle of testing yourself and now coming out addressing the topic of steroids on the video, publicly talking about it. AND passing a lie detector.

That’s because if I would have been on steroids and I would have claimed to be natty, then I definitely wouldn’t want to put myself in such a stressful situation of having to lie on a video and pretend that I am natty when I’m actually not (especially because there are lie experts who can detect it, as we can see on other bodybuilders earlier); and that’s especially when I am not forced to do so. Plus, if I would have been on steroids – I would try to do everything just to stay away from polygraphs.

But we can see that Simeon Panda decided to do all of that by his own choice and I think this means a lot. Usually, juicers just lay low and stay quiet about it. Simeon Panda got a lot of accusations so he tries many methods proving he is natural. Plus, this does make sense for an indeed natural bodybuilder. If I would have been a natural bodybuilder and people just kept on hating on me saying that I am taking steroids then I would have tried everything that’s possible to make those people understand that I am not. I would have go and take a lot of drug tests and prove that I am not afraid to face up those accusations by any methods, on videos, polygraphs or anything else. It makes sense because we all know that steroid users are considered “cheaters” and when you are not a “cheater” and are so big that you look as if you are then you would get more fans. And it does seem as if this is exactly what Simeon Panda has done.

Except, I would agree to go all of those lengths due to the fact that it would really anger me a lot that there is someone who is calling me a liar (and there is a lot of them) and are trying to discredit my hard work. I doubt that a person who uses steroids would get frustrated when someone is telling them that they are taking steroid. I think they would rather get shy, confused etc. but in the video that I was talking about we can clearly see that Simeon is getting quite a bit frustrated and angry by those claims that he is a liar and taking steroids. here’s the link:

I am by no means trying to protect this guy, it is just the thing that I’ve really tried to find anything which could prove him taking steroids and I couldn’t find. But I did found a lot of things that proved him telling the truth and being a natty. Just think about it for a minute – if you were in Simeon’s position and you were a natty as we suppose Simeon is – what more could you do in order to prove it? he could very well take steroids right now, where it would have been obvious he used to be natural because he is going to get a lot much bigger than now. however, as a result of proving this, he would no longer be natural so it is obvious he would get even more hate (since he already gets it staying natural).

Plus, other than this, I am quite sure that he just can’t do more else. I did have mentioned that he could have competing in such federations as BNBF and getting tests at random times (or getting only tests without competing since it is the same result), but I am quite sure that even then, even if he would have passed those tests as well, there are still going to be people who would say that he is taking steroids only because he is really big. I’ve seen this with other bodybuilders that I’ve written articles about where they were competing in BNBF making it impossible to use steroids without being caught and people still said they are juicing.

I’ve done a lot of research about this guy and after I heard him speaking about steroids in several of his videos I must say that he also seem to be like a very genuine guy.

Other proves he is natural

In addition to everything that I have earlier mentioned, taking a look at Simeon and comparing it to other mass monsters you can see that he’s really small. That’s because Simeon it is only the same size as Phil and Kai when they were naturals. Phil and Kai were extremely big before taking steroids. pretty much as Simeon is now. But they got so huge by taking steroids. An extremely big mistake a lot of people make is that they think that taking some steroids and going regularly to gym is going to make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Those monsters that compete on the Mr Olympia stage were already huge even before they have started to take steroids. So, they are so huge because they are genetically gifted, they nearly live in gym and they use steroids. Don’t believe me? Here’s a photo of Kai and Phil, that’s what they were looking like before they blown up (started to take steroids)

Here is what Phil Heath was looking like at 17 years old without taking steroids:

I bet he was much bigger than you were at 17 years old. But what if Phil and Kai hadn’t started to take steroids? They would have remained the same size as Simeon (which I think the difference is enormous between current Phil Heath and current Simeon Panda) and even so, I am quite sure that a lot of people on social media would start screaming about steroids, abusing them and calling them liars as well. in fact, I think that any “famous” or well known person is going to get at least some hatred from at least some people. I personally don’t know any famous person who is always loved by everybody. There’s going to be at least a few people that still say that they are doing something wrong.

In the end, Simeon Panda it is pretty much in the exact same league as Kai and Phil if we are talking about genetics here – Simeon is one in a million to my opinion because by far not everyone have same genetics and potential to get so huge without steroids. This explains why many people think he is on steroids – they can’t naturally reach his measures. And by all of this I am not trying to say he is not working hard. Having world class genetics is obviously extremely important, but he definitely also maximizing his potential by working his arse off in the gym! There are a lot of people who work hard in the gym but they are not as huge as Simeon is and that’s what defines the genetics. Both are maximizing their potential but Simeon got the way he is because he has the potential to be huge which a lot of nattys do not have.

So what’s the conclusion?

I guess it is already obvious by everything that I earlier said: the verdict is that Simeon Panda is natty. By doing a lot of research online about this guy, I have found nothing which could indicate that Simeon is actually taking steroids, and that’s other than the fact that he is really big (which, to my opinion, that’s not an actual evidence of taking steroids). in fact, I did have found some evidence which indicates that he is an actual natural guy;

First of all – he is having absolutely no signs of taking steroids on his body. Usually, people who are taking steroids can’t avoid getting any of the symptoms of taking steroids. it is possible, but very unlikely. But if you do take steroids, it is pretty much impossible to avoid those side effects of steroids such as: bloating, no acne, steroid gut (he’s waist is actually extremely small), change of facial structure and much more.

Second – he has not got any much size after he has got initial “newbie” gains or growth spurt which happened in 2006 and he didn’t grow up since. That’s not typical for a steroid user as he would have gained much more. It is, in fact, typical for a natural.

Third – he has arranged himself a hair follicle test, made a video of himself trying to explain to everyone that he is 100% natural and most importantly, he arranged himself a polygraph test which was 98% accurate suggesting that he is telling the truth and is all natural.

By taking in consideration all of the evidence that I have suggested above, there’s absolutely no reason that could suggest Simeon is actually taking steroids. There are a lot of evidence which suggests that he is natural and there is no evidence suggesting that he is actually taking steroids.

It is very important to mention here the fact that one thing which I’ve learned about somebody who is taking steroids is that there is always at least a few signs that are giving them away proving them taking steroids. Like for example, gains timeline, or steroids symptoms or much more. But Simeon is not even having at least one that could be attributed to a steroid user. I think this talks about a lot.

Based on all of that I think that jealousy it is not the only reason why people hate so much on Simon Panda, but I also think the other reason is the lack of knowledge because as I earlier said, he got a lot of accusations online that he is taking steroids only because he is huge. As much as I noticed, you are going to notice that most of the guys that are heavily criticizing him are actually small and they have only been training for only a few years (or maybe even less).

That’s because these types of guys are lacking knowledge and are naïve enough, they just cannot understand that there might be 2 people who could train and eat exactly the same amount (of training and foods), yet one of them could get really huge and the other one could get remain small (or at least considerably smaller than the other guy). This is how the world of sports is working, especially in bodybuilding. And in fact, I think that’s how life in general. Lots of people are naïve enough to think that life is fair, while we do know very well that this is by far not always true.

Do you actually think that all of the professional football players are only getting to the top only thanks to a lot of hard work? It is obvious that all of them are working extremely hard, but a major factor it is playing the fact that they are genetically gifted and they are having exceptional talent. Regardless of how much time you are going to work out, without being genetically gifted you won’t get at the top. What I am trying to say is that their success is nearly inevitable based on their genetic makeup.

This is the reason what explains how there are so many of the pro athletes out there who are having kids and they are also going on to become successful in the same sport. Just keep on remembering that bodybuilding is about being the best that YOU can be. And that’s pretty much in same sport. With all of this being said, I really love the following saying:

“Be so busy improving yourself that you don’t have time to criticize others”

Tell us what do you think about Simeon Panda. Do you aspire to be like him or you still think that he is taking steroids? Have you found some other evidence that he takes steroids that which I haven’t? Tell us in comments. Special thanks to all of the sources and references which helped me a lot on writing me this article.

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