Is Mike O’Hearn on Steroids or Natural?

Michael O’Hearn (or better known as Mike O’Hearn) is a bodybuilder, fitness model as well as an actor from the USA who has been the winner of Mr Universe contest 4 times and also have been said to be the fitness model of the year and it happened 7 times (7 years). Having one of the best physiques in the world, he has made a huge amounts of fans and besides being a huge bodybuilder, he is also an actor so Mike managed to make an appearance on the American program called “Gladiators” where he has appeared on the original show as the “Titan” and in the later show as the “Thor”.

In addition to that, he is also thinking that he is the real Superman.

Since he’s so famous and since he’s looking the way he does, I think it is obvious that Mike is divided into 2 opinions about him. There are some people who are saying that he is resembling a Ken doll. But there are other people who are saying that he is appearing more like Ken. I mean, a jacked Ken or a Ken’s brother who is really big.

So, Mike O’Hearn it is currently among the most followed bodybuilders in the world with only a few that have more fans/ followers than Mike does. He is currently having more than 1 million of fans on his Facebook page alone and approximately the same amount of fans (1.2 million) on Instagram. By following him on Facebook you are going to see that Mike is tagging several Indonesian children in each of his statues.

By doing more research about this guy I have managed to find out information that he is selling duck eggs on his website for 699 Dollars and he is charging 1500 Dollars for an ab wheel which is named the Frog. Will share the link to his website if there’s someone interested but it wouldn’t be a big surprise for me hearing that nobody is actually interested, that’s because of the high prices out there. it is also no wonder that Mike has started to receive quite a lot of hate due to these overestimated prices. Plus, people lately are also nicknaming him Mike O’Tren. This is due to the fact that he is huge and he claims to be “all natty bro”, despite the fact that he is having a weight of 247 lbs while the body fat is 4%. This is what he wrote on his Facebook page:

And if you don’t know what does 247 lbs at 4% body fat means or looks like, then take a look at him:

There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that Mike is exceptionally muscular for a natural guy, but does this actually mean that he is on steroids? we would try to find it out as we definitely can’t say that someone is taking steroids only by the way they look as I think that this is a big mistake. Especially because since I’m writing these articles about bodybuilders, I found quite a few of them being called juicers by people only because they were huge. But in reality we found evidences proving them nattys.

So, if you do a little bit of instigation and researches and if you do have at least a bit of knowledge about the steroid side effects and steroids in general then you definitely do not need to be a nuclear scientist in order to have a good idea if a person is taking steroids or not. So, below I am going to share all of the evidence and all the information that I have managed to find while researching about Mike O’Hearn and the likelihood of him taking steroids.


Below I am going to share Evidence proving that he’s NOT on steroids

First: he has passed drug tests

As I earlier mentioned, Mike has competed in the natural Mr Universe with the INBA and when competing there, he need to pass several drug tests which would prove that he is actually natural. In those “several” drug tests we can include a polygraph (which is a lie detector), some urine as well as blood tests that are being competed at some random times throughout the year.

There are methods which allow the bodybuilders to beat the test. This includes: bodybuilders are stopping to use a certain steroids before a competition (at a certain amount of weeks before the competition depending on each steroid) so it can clear their system in the time in order to pass a drug test which is after the competition. This is the way that bodybuilders can beat the test even if they do take steroids. But they need to know the test date. If the tests are performed randomly throughout the year they do not know the date of the test so they can’t cycle off their steroids.

As I said, Mike has competed in INBA and they are known to have one of the strictest drug tests on the planet. They have lie detectors plus testing that is performed randomly and that’s what prevents the steroids users to slip through the net. With this being said, the random element is making it impossible for the test to be beaten because you either use steroids – do not cycle off in time get tested and get caught. Or you don’t use steroids at all. and I think is important to keep in mind that Mike has had 4 of those titles. Other evidence which suggests that Mike is not using steroids:

Gifted genetics

It is very easy to understand if Mike has gifted genetics or not. in fact, it is very easy overall to understand if a guy has gifted genetics. That’s because… for example, this is how Mike O’Hearn was looking like at only 14 years old:

Yep, that’s a 14 years old guy. Just look how big he is. I’ve seen guys in my gym who are there for like a couple of years and they are smaller. I could not find any photo of him at 14 years old when he is relaxed. It would make him look a lot much bigger. He is huge although he has extremely low body fat especially for a guy in his age (lower body fat makes you look skinnier in an ab pose).

Do you imagine your son looking like that at 14 years old? Wow!

It is possible at all to look that big naturally?

This is the most important question that comes in mind when talking about Mike O’Hearn and since there are people with little knowledge about bodybuilding and genetics they respond it with no, that’s why they conclude Mike is on steroids. or must be. Nonetheless, it IS actually possible to look like him. Why? Well, there are people on this earth who are having extraordinary muscle building genetics. Pretty much as others who are having the genetics of being super smart, other people have the genetics of being super jacked.

Like for example, there is Flex Wheeler who is known to had a rare mutation that has caused him to have a myostatin deficiency. For those who don’t know – myostatin it is a type of protein that is inhibiting the muscle growth. Since you have deficiency in the protein that stops muscle grow… you grow… and you grow like crazy. As much as you can imagine, while “suffering” from that type of mutation you are able to grow to huge limits without the need of steroids. Other example – there are animals that are suffering from the myostatin deficiencies (for example – the Blegian blue cattle have it) and below I am going to share a photo of this animal:

But there are many other people who are thought to have this genetic make up that Flex had. Usually, the Mr Olympia champions like Phil. And I am not talking about those guys who are big thanks for lifting weights AND taking steroids. I am talking about genetic freaks who are huge even before steroids, and got mass monsters when using steroids. As I said, a good example is Phil Heath. We all know the way he looks. But many people taking steroids do not look as big as he does without taking steroids. If you don’t believe me, this is what he looked like without steroids:

In that photo, Kai is around 30 years younger than Mike O’Hearn currently is, but they are in a similar size. Phil is huge too as much as you can see, in his younger age. But you may wonder how do I know he is not on steroids in that photo? Well, have you seen him nowadays? He is much bigger. Plus, Phil is not having that blocky face he is having now, and his traps are a lot much smaller compared to how they look like now. Back then, they were smaller in comparison to the rest of the body, and that’s how it naturally should be.

But now? he had years of steroid use and that’s how his traps are huge currently! The reason is because the traps are high in androgenic receptors and since steroids are anabolic, the traps are responding extremely well to them. The higher the amount of androgen receptors – the better the muscles respond to steroids.

In the end, what I am trying to say is that Mike O’Hearn would have looked like Phil Heath nowadays if he would have used steroids and that’s because he has the right genetics. With world class genetics naturals can get huge. But with world class genetics AND steroids you can get a mass monster. Other proves he’s natural include:

NO Visual Signs of Steroid Use

People who are taking steroids cannot avoid getting steroids side effects and the more you take steroids the more visual signs of taking them they have. Some of the most famous steroids side effects or visual signs include: baldness; acne; flushed skin; extreme vascularity; retaining water; big androgen – dominant muscle groups (delts, shoulders, traps); bloating and many more. But as much as we can see, Mike O’Hearn doesn’t have any of those side effects.

Talking about his baldness side effect I think that we should be completely crazy to say he’s been affected in any way. In fact, we can see that Mike has got a good hair on him, and that’s despite the fact that he’s already 49 years old! It would be impossible for him to have that long and strong hair by taking steroids over 30 years (in fact, by using steroids for at least 10 years). This is the reason why many bodybuilders are already completely bald or decide to shave so their baldness cannot be seen.

Talking about water or bloating – check his waist and check Phil Heath waist. Mike has a tiny waist and he does not seem to retain too much water in any of his photos or videos. Taking steroids results in retaining more water.

Mike has small traps – smaller than the rest of his body. That’s a sign of natural. The androgen dominant muscles, as much as we can see, are smaller, and are much smaller compared to other guys. Here I am talking about those who are using steroids. At least a few cycles and the traps are much bigger.

His skin, despite the fact he’s 49, is looking very good. He is not having acne or blemishing on his skin often that can be associated with the steroids.

Mild vascularity Mike has. Often, vascularity is associated with steroids. That’s because the steroids are decreasing the collagen production and therefore there’s less skin covering the veins. Less skin results in more vascularity. But so does when you age as your body produces less collagen naturally. That’s why older people have thinner skin. If you have ever seen a really old bodybuilder you are going to see that he’s all extremely vascular. So, old dudes can have extreme vascularity even without being super lean.

Now, Mike is indeed vascular but, as I said, having a bit of knowledge about steroids you would realize that he’s nowhere near as vascular as he should be if he was juicing. A guy like Mike who is jacked, who has extremely low body fat and is 49 years old is no wonder to be vascular. Adding to all this recipe steroids then Mike’s veins would be spiraling through his body A LOT much more than they do now. He does have vascularity, but a 49 years old guy with low body fat, really big AND taking steroids would have been a human road map!

Staying ripped all year Round

A lot of guys who knows Mike are questioning how he managed to stay so ripped all the year round? And that’s why there are some guys who say: Mike’s got to be taking something and that’s because he is staying ripped all the year round, and that’s especially at his age.

Well, to my opinion, such people are those who are far away from bodybuilding. In order to maintain the 5/6 % of the body fat all the year round is very hard in term of dedication, but it is extremely easy in term of theorem. That’s because for maintaining it all you should do is to eat maintenance calories. Yes, that’s all. It is indeed as simple as it sounds. That’s why, if your BMR was 2,500 calories and if you ate this number or below every day (of course, not more than that), then you wouldn’t gain fat. That’s how you are able to be ripped to shreds all the year round. It’s really not that hard to do it as I’ve tried doing it myself.

And now imagine how fast Mike’s metabolism is, even though he’s 49. He is weighing 247 lbs and he is very and very active. It is not the thing that many might imagine like he need to starve himself in order to stay that lean all the year round. Other factors to take in consideration:

A man’s testosterone is believed to decrease by around 1 % each year after the age of 30. With this being said, it means that for Mike it should have declined by approximately 19% so far and that’s quite small amount. Especially as I think that it declines at that rate for a “normal” guy and not someone as active and good looking as Mike. That’s how I think it declined even less. So, such small fluctuations in testosterone are not going to make a big difference in your total muscle mass. Don’t believe me?

Ask those guys who are taking natural testosterone boosters that are raising their testosterone levels by around 30% or so and they do not notice any difference in the terms of muscle size. This is happening because the testosterone needs to see a really big growth in order to build up some new muscle tissue. With this being said, if for example you would triple your total T levels then you would make some really big gains. But a total increase or decrease in T levels of less than 20 % would barely make you see any difference at all. Below is a table showing the results of a study on ageing men and their T levels.

There you can see Mike’s age range. Comparing his T levels to when he was in his prime, then his total T levels have only decreased a little bit and his free testosterone by 25% or so. But when Mike would hit 65 to 74 years old that’s the time when we need to expect him to shrink quite a good bit if he would still be lifting. That’s because the free T levels would be nearly in half as what they used to be in his prime (25 yo).

Conclusion: Mike O’Hearn is Natural

My verdict is that Mike is all natural and that’s due to the fact that there’s no evidence which can suggest Mike has ever used steroids. This is why, even though there are lots of haters who call him Mike O’Tren, I think that’s a big mistake. Much rather he should be Mike O’Natty.

All in all, I have to be honest and admit that I personally am not a big fan of Mike and I also do not like the fact that he has big prices for those items he sells, nonetheless saying that he is on steroids, and without any educated information that can back up these words is a big mistake. Saying such things as “he’s too big to be natural” is just an even bigger mistake.

If Mike O’Hearn would have used steroids then he would have had at least one of the major visual symptoms, but he doesn’t have any. In addition to that, there’s absolutely no way that he could have passed all of those strict and rigorous drug testing from the INBA over so many ears and have not been found out. That’s why I think that he’s most likely a natural bodybuilder. That’s why many may wonder why does not all bodybuilders look like that? That’s because even though he’s physique is attainable naturally, it is still not attainable for a lot of people and the reason is because a lot of people do not have world class genetics as Mike does.

Tell us in comments what do you think about Mike. Wish you would look like him at 49 years old? Do you agree with many of his fans that he should play the next Superman? Special thanks to the following sources and references:

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