Is Mark Wahlberg Using Steroids Or He is Natural?

Mark Wahlberg is among the biggest stars in Hollywood but such big stars are always under a big amount of pressure to look amazing. Those people who are up there in the Hollywood are seen as role models for people all over the world and for this reason, they are always in need to look better than an average person. And I imagine if I would be in the Hollywood and such a big star as Mark is, then I imagine that one of the hardest things for a celebrity it is to stay in the shape. That’s because as much as we all have noticed, I guess – the same second that a celebrity is gaining a few pounds or is losing a little bit of muscle, the paparazzi are all over them and they are going on the first lines of gossip magazines being body shamed. For this reason, they are having a lot of stress and a lot of pressure.

Some of them can’t resist it all, but there are other celebrities, however, who doesn’t seem to have any issues to stay in shape constantly, regardless of what happens. It does seem to me as if no matter what roles they are playing, or how busy they are, they are always seeming to have be in amazing shapes and having greatly physiques. A good example of such a celebrity is Mark Wahlberg along other stars such as Dwayne The Rock Johnson and others. We have previously analyzed The Rock, but I never analyzed Mark, that’s why we are currently going to be looking at Mark Wahlberg and check the steroids accusations on his side in this article.

For many years now, Mark Wahlberg has been accused of taking anabolic steroids in order to build his really looking physique, and for a lot of years now, he has always emphatically denied all of those accusations claiming that he is all natural and absolutely everything he has built (in terms of muscles and generally his body) – he has made without steroids.

With this being said, I was wondering – is there any truth to those Mark Wahlberg steroid accusations, or people simply see him be really big and in a very good shape so out of envy, or whatever else, they are accusing him. In this article, we are going to try to find it out.


Legal Disclaimer

Before we can continue any further, we must get out the legal stuff out of the way. We are going to continue searching for information about Mark Wahlberg and the potential steroid use from his part.

I must mention that the content you are about to read in this article is nothing factual and is based purely on speculation on our part. That’s because we are having no actual proof that Mark is, or has ever used steroids. We are in absolutely no way associated with him or to anybody close to him that could actually confirm he’s natural or taking steroids. We have absolutely no access to him personal information or medical history. Every information we are going to post is made public.

However, what we do know is what to look for to spot a potential steroid user and although I’m quite sure my verdicts are often true, there is still chances that I might be wrong. Saying in my conclusion that someone is taking steroids there should still be chances left that I might be wrong, and the same goes for saying that a person is all natural (steroid free).

For this reason, we are going to be metaphorically dissecting Mark Wahlberg’s physique in this article and by doing that, we are going to get a rough idea about whether or not there are some chances that he could have enhanced his really good looking physique with the help of steroids. using public information and photos, we are going to determine if Mark has used steroids to help him get such a physique which helped him a lot in getting where he is today.

Who is Mark Wahlberg?

Unless you’ve never watched TV, never had a smartphone and never access the internet, you most likely know who Mark Wahlberg is. He is a very popular American actor who has starred in a number of very popular Hollywood movies. He has been born in 1971 in the state of Massachusetts. Mark is having a very big resume behind him, and even though he is currently a very well known actor, back in the days he used to be a role model for Calvin Klein and also, something that few people know about – he used to be a rapper either.

Very similarly to Tom Hardy, Mark has got some big problems in his early life. But there are many other famous actors out there who you might want to read, some actors as Chris Evans, Michael B Jordan or Terry Crews. But, if you are old enough to remember Mark back in the days when he was not acting but singing, then you are most likely going to know him as Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

And for those who don’t know, yes indeed, they were pretty much exactly as cheesy as the name sounds, that’s why I assume that Mark doesn’t really react very well if you are going to refer to him as Marky Mark. By doing the research on him, I found out that back in his early life, Mark was not a very nice kid by his own admission. Very often, he would get into some trouble and has had a history of racially aggravated violence. He has served 2 years in a correctional house when he was only 16 years old after he was charged with attempt of murder. Then again, only a few years later at 21 years old, he faced jail again. But it seems that this time it helped him as when he was released, he seemed to have turn his life around and started to do good.

Incidentally, Wahlberg stated back in 2016 that he did had met with that man that he had viciously assaulted many many years ago and he has apologized for what he has called on his own “horrific acts”. After he got out of the jail, he decided to go straight and became a member of the boy band New Kids on the Block. Only a few years later he has formed the Funky Bunch, but the less is said about that, the better, as much as it seems. Nonetheless, they did have had one infamous track which is still being played up to this day, the name of it is “good vibrations”.

From period 1990 to 2000, he has been involved into music, even though he also has started modeling for Calvin Klein, which is where the Mark Wahlberg steroids accusations first started to begin. That’s because, as much as you can guess, to become a model, especially for such a huge company, you need to be in a really good shape, and Mark definitely was, because in his modeling days he was absolutely great. Nonetheless, back in those days there’s absolutely no doubts that he was all natural, but even so, he has been in a good shape and it is pretty obvious that he has put a lot of his time in the gym and was working hard out of the gym too – dieting. In fact, he has even made his very own workout video which is entitled The Marky Mark Workout: Form, Focus, Fitness.

Acting Career and Transformation

By the mid 90s, Mark Wahlberg already had featured in a few movies, such as The Basketball Diaries, in which he has featured alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and has gained a lot of critical praise. It was pretty obvious for everybody that this guy had a great talent for acting so back in those days it wasn’t a big shock for the critics to hear that he might reach what he reached nowadays.

Nonetheless, most of his famous early roles have appeared from Boogie Nights, Three Kings and Four Brothers as these are the movies that brought him most famousness. Then later, by the year 2000 and onwards, it was a clear thing that Mark has been a Hollywood mainstay. Since Mark is an actor with a vast history, we are not going to talk too much about his acting career because this is going to be really really long.

But, his acting career helps us in checking his physique over different period of times and how he has evolved in terms of body building as the years passed by. Wahlberg has appeared in a number of different action movies, some of them include: Shooter as well as Four Brothers, where he is displaying a much larger and having  a more muscular physique in that movie than most of his fans may have been used to. Well, I guess it is obvious that this has been the moment when Mark Wahlberg’s steroid accusations started to gain big popularity because if he used to get steroid accusations in the past, at this moment that was something much serious. Plus to that, he has also appeared in the movie “Fighter” where he has been playing a pro fighter and it is obvious that to play such a character, you need to be in an extremely good shape.

The steroid accusations, however, wasn’t at their “peak moment”. The most accusations he has ever got that he uses steroids is when he appeared alongside Dwayne The Rock Johnson in the movie Pain and Gain. That was the moment when thing really took off regarding his steroid use. For this reason, we are specifically going to talk about this movie below.

Pain and Gain – 2013

Back in 2013, Mark Wahlberg has appeared on the screen in the Michael Bay movie named Pain and Gain where he played alongside Dwayne The Rock Johnson. It is obvious that if there is anybody who is going to appear on the screen alongside The Rock, then you would expect that it is a person who hits the gym very hard, however Mark, had extra motivation for hitting the gym. If you are wondering why and if you have not watched the movie then you should know – the movie has been based on a true story about three bodybuilders.

Yes, that’s true, Mark had to play a bodybuilder on the screen, alongside The Rock, and if Dwayne was jacked enough, Mark had to go to gym to look like a bodybuilder, and trust us – he did transform his body for that movie. The Rock had to bulk up too, and he did it up to close 270 pounds which is a lot, however Mark, who it is not the tallest of all people having a height of around 5 ft 7, has been around 210 pounds in that movie. Taking in consideration his height and weight alongside his very low body fat percentage, that’s very impressive. But what’s even more impressive is that Mark managed to go up from 165 pounds to 210 pounds in a space of only 7 weeks which is less than 2 months.

Now, you might call us skeptical, however we find it really hard to believe that an all natural bodybuilder is able to gain more than 40 pounds of muscles in less than 2 months. This is one main reason why there are so so many accusations that mark Wahlberg was taking steroids who were made all over his persona at the moment.

Except for the fact that he had unrealistic gains (in real life), an interesting moment in the movie about Pain and Gain it is the fact that those bodybuilders that they were playing were, in fact, steroid users, this is the reason why Mark, to my opinion, had to look like as if he did took steroids.

We wouldn’t be so skeptical if he managed to bulk up more than 40 lbs if those were muscles AND fat, but Mark has put on a lot of muscles and in the same time has managed to burn a lot of fat too, therefore he managed to walk around on the set with much more muscles and with a body fat % of around 8 or 9 %.

Another interesting thing to mention is the fact that Mark and The Rock, strangely, never actually trained together during this movie, this is the reason why they would both workouts separately before they have started to shoot for the movie. So, in the end, in the movie Pain and Gain, we all know that The Rock is The Rock, that’s why you would know that he is going to look jacked, and that’s regardless of what he wears. The Rock is looking jacked in a suit, he looks big in a T Shirt and he looks huge in a tank top either.

But we are currently talking about Mark who he did looked good in clothing, but we cannot say that he looked anything amazing. It is obvious thing that we could all say that he did lifted, however he surely didn’t look like anything huge or something. But as much as we can understand, if a person wants to play a bodybuilder, and especially a bodybuilder who is using steroids (in the movie), he has to be huge, such as The Rock. However, Mark, wasn’t so big. He had to get jacked up and as I earlier said, we can’t say that he did looked huge. Anyway, when he stripped down to a tank top, then you really saw where all of his extra muscle came from. It was easily noticed that Mark has seriously bulked up for this role, something that was pretty expected, this is why a bit of body fat was to be expected too. Mark has still been very vascular and he still have had ABS, nonetheless, he was looking a lot much more like a bodybuilder during his off season.

I can share below the link to the YouTube video with Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne The Rock Johnson Interview for movie Pain and Gain.

How Mark Has Gained That Much Weight?

Trying to answer that question, the obvious and the first thing that comes into mind would be to say that Mark was actually taking steroids, nonetheless, we are going to get to this a little bit later as there are other things to take in consideration.

Even if Mark did used steroids for that movie, there’s no wonder that he still had to work his ass off both in the gym AND in the kitchen as well, in order to gain all of that muscle, that’s because you can’t just take steroids watching TV and expecting to have big gains in few months. This won’t happen even in years by not working out. From our research we managed to find out that Mark was working out hard with a trainer and has been following a 5 day split, pretty much like a typical bodybuilder. Something that was pretty expected. But it was nothing too new to him. Mark never was a slouch as this is the type of an actor who had always been in a good shape (I guess, otherwise, he wouldn’t be invited for this role at all, obviously) and had been lifting weights for many years, this is the reason why he most likely knew very well what he was doing, especially with the help of a professional trainer. He did had the knowledge, already, however the problem is that he was already lifting for many years and that’s an obvious sign that he stopped from gaining any muscles from newbie gains. Any natural bodybuilder knows very well that you can expect most of your gains during this phase. As soon as you plateau from newbie gains then you can expect extremely little to no gains at all in many and many years of working our hard. This is the main reason why we find Mark’s 40 lbs of muscles gains so skeptical.

But he did worked out a lot and he bulked up a lot. He would train and would perform roughly 8 to 12 exercises and 4 working sets. In the evening he would train abs and would perform stretches. For trying to bulk up he was eating typically bodybuilding foods such as: pasta; tuna; eggs; whey protein; chicken; oatmeal; brown rice and many many other things. In addition to this, Mark was also getting a lot of healthy fats too in order to fuel his workouts. He tried a lot and he did bulked up a lot as he was eating roughly 2 rotisserie chicken daily. I’ve been doing research and I found out that Mark would eat very clean during the week, however he wasn’t doing it on Sundays, where he would use this day as a cheat day. On Sundays he had the permission to eat whatever he likes, such foods as pancakes and ice cream, something that he definitely wasn’t allowed during regular days.

But I did found out that he was eating a meal every 3 hours, and that’s including during the night where he would set an alarm in order to wake him up and so he would drink his protein shake. I honestly think that this requires a lot of dedication and I think that he worked out a lot in order to reach all of that. There’s no wonder that he worked hard in and out of the gym to reach everything he reached for that movie in terms of his body transformation. That’s why, steroids or not, Mark Wahlberg still deserves all of our respect!

Are the Mark Wahlberg steroids accusations true?

Well, we can’t answer this question with certainty since we don’t know whether Mark did used steroids for sure. The fact that he gained that much muscle weight in such a short period of time AFTER he plateaued from newbie gains that’s really strange. This is the main and in fact, the only thing which makes us look skeptical. He doesn’t have anything else which would indicate he uses steroids (at least so far), but this is a strong evidence. He doesn’t have any steroid symptoms or anything in this matter. But gains timeline is very strange. That’s why we can’t answer that question for sure. But we can still search further and look at the evidence indicating he’s taking steroids or not. Most thing which indicates he might have taken steroids:

Mark Speed of Body Transformation and Weight Gains

Mark Wahlberg is known to have gained more than 45 pounds for his role in the Pain and Gain movie but what’s more suspicious is that he managed to gain all of that weight in less than 2 months and that’s something very and very suspicious.

What we are trying to say is that it is extremely unlikely that Mark (or anyone else who plateaued from newbie gains) can gain all of that weight naturally in this amount of the time. You just can’t gain that much in that little, go ask any professional trainer and I am quite sure that the answer is always going to be the same.

There might be someone who can say “but we have muscle memory and this can play a very important factor” – well, yeah, I definitely do agree with that and I do understand the term of muscle memory. And plus to that, we do know very well that he is taking his training and eating very and very seriously. But still, that’s just not enough. At least in most cases, that’s not enough. In fact, I think that it would require something like a miracle to make that much change without the use of steroids. You can’t naturally go from what you look the photo below on the left to that one on the right in less than 2 months without steroids.

Mark Denied Taking Steroids

Well, something that should be taken in consideration is the fact that Mark denied taking steroids. This means a lot because by far not everyone can go out on a camera and say that they are natty while taking steroids. However, this is not unheard of. It is not a secret that someone can claim to be natural while they are actually juicing up, that’s why, we should take this with a bit of salt.

So, during the press interviews for the Pain and Gain, both Mark and The Rock were put on the spot and they were directly asked whether they did took steroids in order to get in shape for that movie. Usually, those who used steroids try to avoid asking such questions. They did answered it and it wasn’t a big surprise to hear that both of them denied this and they said that they have got in shape purely through some very hard work, diet and a strong work ethic. So, they claimed to reach it all without the use of steroids.

Who would you believe in this situation? Well, this is completely up to you. what I have to mention here is that even if these guys were on gear, it would be extremely unlikely that they would admit it, especially in front of a camera during the interview. So, the fact they denied steroid use is something, but we are still going to need to get more evidence than this because as I said, many people were caught lying on a camera about their steroid use.

Mark has Always Been in Good Shape

Well, it is obvious that Mark wasn’t always looking the way he did in Pain and Gain, however he was looking in pretty good shape since he was in his early twenties. Even when he was “Marky Mark” he was still in a pretty good shape. Plus to that, we have mentioned that Mark Wahlberg was modeling for Calvin Klein and it is obvious that modeling underwear for this big company you need to be in a very good shape and carry a good amount of muscles.

But it is obvious that back then he did not used steroids. He was looking very good, but there’s absolutely nothing at all which can indicate steroid use. Plus, it is very clear that he is having some impressive genetics and that his body is responding extremely well to training and to diet, however, does he also respond good to steroids too?

No obvious signs of steroid use

Usually, a person who is taking steroids is going to have at least a few signs of steroid use. That’s very and very hard to avoid. There are extremely few examples of people who were proven to take steroids and not to have any obvious steroid signs on their bodies. Usually, those are steroid signs that can be seen with naked eyes and there are some common steroid symptoms. That’s really strange because other than the fact that Mark managed to pack on a lot of muscle in such a short period of time, there are no any signs of steroid use on Mark’s body. There’s virtually no signs and that’s very strange because packing up so much muscles in such a short period of time means that you would need to use quite some good amounts of steroids, therefore, using a good amount of steroids makes it near to impossible not to get any common steroid symptoms. Some of them include: acne; baldness; gyno; blocky midsection; flushed skin; extreme vascularity; big traps and others.

Mark doesn’t have flushed skin; no acne; definitely doesn’t have baldness; has a thick skin and although low body fat % he’s not super vascular and he sure as hell didn’t developed gyno. Usually, steroid users are going to look bloated thanks to water retention. This doesn’t apply to Mark either. with all of this being said, what we know for sure is that if he did was on steroids, then he surely wasn’t on any cutting steroids (otherwise he would have at least a few symptoms) and if he did took steroids for bulking up, then he definitely didn’t took those that are causing water retention.

Excluding everything that I have earlier mentioned I can say that there are only a few steroids that he really could have used… and I think that Tren it is the only one possible steroid he could have taken. That is why, I think that Mark either used Tren, or he didn’t used anything. What’s strange is that Tren still gives you obvious signs of steroid use – Mark doesn’t have them.

What’s the Conclusion?

After everything I have earlier mentioned, you may wonder – did Mark Wahlberg take Steroids or is he natural? Well, even if it’s the end of the article, I still think that this is a tricky question and that’s because it is pretty clear that there are some pretty good reasons for the Mark Wahlberg steroids claims but we still can’t say it for sure. Mark Wahlberg did managed to put on a lot of size and he managed to do it in a very short period of time, however he is not having any obvious signs of steroid use – that’s super strange.

With all of this being said, if it had taken Mark a year or more in order to get in such a shape for that role, then I guess we would be prone to think that he would most likely is natural. But due to the fact that it has all happened to fast and he managed to reach that muscle amount so fast then there’s a big dilemma. With all of this being said, we wouldn’t be shocked to find out that Mark Wahlberg was actually using steroids. We doubt that he ever took them before Pain and Gain movie and we doubt that he used them after the movie. But he might have used them as a preparation for this movie as he had to look like a bodybuilder who uses steroids. One sure thing is – Mark has dedicated a lot for that movie. His workout schedule and dieting was something that is worth our respect.

Tell us in the comments what do you think about Mark Wahlberg. Do you think he’s natural or he actually used steroids? Is he among your favorite actors? Write down your thoughts about Mark Wahlberg below. Special thanks to a lot of sources which greatly helped me in writing of this article:

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