Is Lazar Angelov Actually Natural or Taking Steroids?

I think there are little to no chances that you haven’t heard about Lazar Angelov especially since you’re on a bodybuilding website. That’s because this guy is super famous with 15 million likes on his Facebook account and nearly 6 million followers on his Instagram account – remaining to be one of the most famous bodybuilder out there. Lazar is a 32 year old bodybuilder from Bulgaria who is an online personal trainer and internet sensation. This guy is that well known because of his amazingly looking body with pronounced abs, big muscles and natural looking physique. Checking he’s body and his life, we could easily say that this guy is living the dream, with one of the best bodies in the world. The guy has a really good life, at least, what it seems like checking his social media accounts, and definitely has a good body. This guy has a natural looking physique and that’s why he has considerably lower amount accusation of steroid users compared to other bodybuilders out there. nonetheless, when you have 6 million followers and 15 million likes it is near to impossible to avoid getting that types of accusations. Through this article I am going to try to end the speculation by giving factors and evidence about Lazar Angelov taking steroids or being all natural. Before continuing, I wanted to check his body stats which goes as: height of 6 ft, weight of 88 kg and estimated body fat is 5 %.

I also wanted to give kudos to this guy because he has been able to inspire so much people out there to start working out, having a healthy diet and achieve a great body, this is mainly due to the fact that nattys are seeing his body as the “perfect physique which is perfectly attainable” but that can be attainable with hard work and with a very good dieting, obviously. As believed, this guy has a natural looking body, as I earlier mentioned, nonetheless, only due to the fact that he has a natural looking body, doesn’t mean that it is actually natural. So let’s take a look at the evidence I can find.


What Lazar Angelov says himself about steroid use?

After checking his body stats, I guess it is very important to check what this guy can say about steroid use himself. Especially, as I said, having such a big amount of fans on social media, it is near to impossible to avoid speculation. As much as I have found, he does claim to be natural on his own website, but he doesn’t seem to do it anywhere else. by doing research on his own page I have managed to find this:

If it would have been me (or I guess, any other), I wouldn’t mention that I am all natural only by a single sentence on the biography page on the website. a lot of natural guys out there use a lot of hashtags with “natty” or “natural” or others and they often try to make it clear that they are natural. They try to make it clear on every single of their social media account, mentioning it in comments, statuses and others. That’s what I would do myself. That’s the unique selling point and he try to inspire “naturals” so doing so requires some more evidence.

Lazar Steroid Symptoms

As I earlier mentioned, this guy looks like he has an absolutely natural body and by checking it, I found no evidence of steroid symptoms and that’s because Angelov has no bloating, no acne, no gyno and has no flushing to the skin. In addition to that, it is very well known that steroids are very powerful adrogenic agents. Since shoulders and traps are full with androgenic receptors, they are most likely to get swollen by using steroids. that’s why steroid users are known to have the 3D delts and cannonballs traps that are popping out looking as if they are ready to explode any minute. However, Lazar Angelov does not seem to have any of these symptoms either. if there are some guys that are using steroids then typically, there should be at least a few steroid symptoms that you can see with naked eye on their body from photos/ videos. But not always. It very much depends on what you use and how much you use. That’s why, if there’s someone that doesn’t have any warning signs of being steroid user, it doesn’t actually mean that they are surely all natural.

Unfortunately, we cannot determine this by drug tests and that’s because Lazar Angelov has never competed in any of the well known bodybuilding competitions and for this reason he has never went through some drug tests that we could have a look at and say if he passed or failed them. With this being said, we are now wondering, has this guy never used steroids or he uses some gears with minimal side effects that he knows how to hide?

When we fail to determine if a person is using steroids by analyzing their body type composition, by analyzing what they are saying themselves about the steroid intake and there are no drug tests that could give us a hint, the only way and a really helpful method to determine this is to check that person’s gains timeline.

Lazar Angelov’s Gains Timeline

This is one of the very best indicators and method to determine whether a person is using steroids or not and for doing so, we need to check the person’s body type and their changes over a period of a time. For example, I found how much Angelov has transformed in a period of 10 years – going from 2003 to 2013.

According to the information that I have managed to find online (with sources that I am going to post and the end of this article as I always do), Lazar Angelov has started to lift weights anywhere between the age of 10 or 12 years old. Lazar has a year of birth of 1984 which means that in the picture “before” of him in 2003 would make him be 19 years old. If that’s true then this guy was already lifting weights training for around 7 to 9 years which is quite a lot. Natural guys do know very well that by that point, when lifting weights for that much time, there is very little chances to get any bigger as most gains, in the terms of muscle size – they are experienced in the first few years of training when you’re only a newbie. You can’t grow for the first few years of working out and then keeping on growing further. You grow as a newbie and then you stop, you receive little to no muscle mass size at all after that. Nonetheless, Lazar Angelov still got swollen up. He doesn’t look like an ordinary guy that’s working out. “do you even lift bro’?” – definitely doesn’t seem to apply to him as he look really big, jacked and with very little bf %.

Such types of gains are something pretty much not realistic for a bodybuilder that is natural, natural bodybuilders can’t experience such gains long time after they have stopped from gaining muscle size from the “newbie gains”. If you need example then I can tell you about Rob Riches or about Jeff Seid. Both these guys are known to be natural and they have had incredible good responses when they have been lifting weights for the very first time in their early days. They’ve got huge amounts of muscle gain size as newbies, but since then they have had very small and very gradual gains. Suddenly blowing up definitely is a sign of steroid use.

But ok, maybe he didn’t fully experienced the “newbie gains” because of different reasons such as he was only a teen, maybe not working out properly and so on and so forth. What makes me think he has blown up not typically for a guy that is natural is his transformation in 2 years only. In 2004 he stayed pretty much the same as in 2003 (which is something natural), but 2 years later, in 2006 – he got huge gains in a too short period of time.

What I’m trying to say is that if this guy was natural then it simply wouldn’t make any sense how he has not made any progress over the 10 years period (while still lifting weights and working our regularly), but then, out of a sudden he has packed on a lot of muscle mass size in a space of only 2 years and has got really big and swollen. That’s just unrealistic for a natural bodybuilder.

Conclusion: Is Lazar Angelov on Steroids or Not?

Based on the evidence that I have managed to find checking his timelines gains, it does look like

Lazar Angelov has taken steroids

or some performance enhancing drugs. That’s mostly because there is no explanation for how Lazar Angelov has gained that much in a period of 2004 to 2006 while he long ago plateaued and didn’t used any anabolic steroids. But adding steroids does explain it very well. However, unlike many other steroid users that I have analyzed this far, Lazar Angelov does have fairly average muscle size before he has blown up in 2006. I think that this is the reason why so many people think that he is all natural, with one of the biggest reason why many might think he is natural is because he’s not the size of somebody like Bob Sapp or Phil Heath (the bodybuilder champ).

Now, people might wonder why did Phil Heath got so big while Lazar Angelov is still looking extremely good, but it is obvious it is not as massive. Well, the difference is because Phil got the genetic jackpot lottery as he was looking really big even before he ever touched any gears or stepped in any gym. Lazar also has a good genetic, but definitely not as Phil’s. nonetheless, I still think that Lazar is deserving our credit since he has got an insane transformation, with an amazingly good looking body and he had to work out a lot, dieting very much in order to get the body fat to 5% and look the way he does and plus to that, trying to inspire other people working out and having a healthy lifestyle. Plus, I must admit that he most likely is having the greatest abs out of them all.

The most important factor here, to my opinion, is the fact that it proves that even if you are having average generics like Lazar Angelov, you can still get jacked up and have an amazingly good looking body. We are thankful that Lazar Angelov proved this but he could only achieve such a result with a lot of hard work, dieting and great dedication!

What Steroids is Lazar Angelov Taking?

Although we can’t say with a certainty of 100% that Lazar Angelov is taking steroids, there are quite good chances that he does and by analyzing his physique I think that the following compounds are possible that he takes (or at least took in 2004 – 2006 period): primobolan and testosterone.

I’m pretty confident that he doesn’t use Primobolan nowadays, but I think that he could have used this steroid in the past. The reason I think like that is that Primobolan is known to smooth you out a bit and it is not having as many side effects (and obvious side effects) that are associated with other compounds. Primo is not as “powerful” as other steroids, but it has less side effects. In other words, it is the steroid that you take if you wish to look somehow natural. This steroid is pretty much opposed to the Winstrol steroid which is drying you like nothing else. Winstrol dries you out that much that in a matter of a few months you could be extremely shredded up, so much that you would look nearly like photoshopped. Similar to what Zac Efron have appeared like for the Baywatch movie where he most likely used Winny. Plus, Primobolan is also not making your waist steroid looking ensuring that you look natural and aesthetic as you should.

But what I’m pretty sure that he used and maybe is still running is the testosterone. First off, testosterone is what could have helped him in reaching that body he has without many side effects that are too obvious and secondly, because using Promobolon alone by itself can’t give all that muscle mass that Angelov gained in the 2004 to 2006 period.

But best thing is that testosterone often doesn’t result in any obvious naked eye symptoms (unless you use it irrationally) except for a more masculine face (which it does seem to be the Lazar Angelov’s case). Except for gaining muscles which he did, getting a more masculine face which he did and it also helps losing body fat % which, again, he did achieved it. All while keeping a somewhat natural look.

Write in comments below what do you think about Lazar Angelov – is this guy absolutely natural to your opinion or he may have used some performance enhancing drugs and tries to hide it? (which is a good move, if you ask me, because he inspires a lot of people and they might try using steroids only by hearing Lazar doing it). Thanks to the following sources for all the information:

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