Is John Cena using Steroids?

Today, we are going to talk about WWE star John Cena, that’s right – the dude that nobody can see. We are going to do a research and steroid analysis on John Cena and try to find out if he’s using steroids or not. This is the guy who is saying “you can’t see me” right in front of you waving his hand up and down and since has become not only a WWE star but a meme star as well.


I know there’s a lot of speculation whether or not is this guy using steroids or not. With the way he is looking, there’s no wonder why there’s so much speculation over it. He’s indeed strong and looks like a beast – damn, this is the dude who can deadlift 664 lbs (301 kg) which is by far a weigh that not everyone can lift.

People following his career knows that John wanted to become a bodybuilder initially after he has graduated with a degree in Exercise physiology. But as much as it seems he had this dream for only a year and after that his dream was to become a pro wrestler and it does seem to be the dude achieved his goal. This guy is really big and has amazing body stats such as: his height is 6 ft 1 (which is around 185.42 cm), his weight is 251 lb (114 kg) and his approximate body fat is 9%.

As I earlier mentioned, it is obvious that with such stats and his sheer size, there might be a lot of people who would say he is on steroids. I will try to find it out but first of all, I need to mention that there’s an interview with John Cena when he was asked if he is all natural or using steroids and by checking that interview (published in 2013) you can see him strongly dying any steroid use. So, John Cena claims to be natty and he said that he is going to be natural for ever – as he vowed not ever using steroids. Below you can see the YouTube link that I posted about his interview.

Although he is saying that he never used steroids and never will, there are guys who analyzed this interview all the way round and they noticed that during this short clip – John Cena has licked his lip at 12 seconds in. I am not a super expert in these little details, however this can be a common sign when somebody is lying according to those experts. As those experts said, there are reasons why it happens – your adrenaline levels are rushing up when you are telling a lie and the stress hormone is dehydrating your body. This can make your mouth/ lips get dry in a matter of a few seconds as soon as you lie.

Once again, I am not an expert in body language but reading what those experts said it does sound logical. Plus, it does seem that knowing body language can help you a lot by telling you so much. Although I am not an expert in body language, we can analyzing John Cena’s body and this way we could determine if he has any steroid symptoms. This way, we can determine if he lied or not in that interview.

Is John Cena having any steroid symptoms and what are those signs of using steroids?

Flushed Skin

One steroid sign is his flushed skin. For non steroid guys it is hard to notice such a symptom, however John Cena sometimes can be seen with quite an pink color to his skin and that’s a steroid sign. Let me explain. Having a red/ pinkish color is a sign of an elevated body temperature and that’s a very common side effect of anabolic steroid uses. Obviously, this doesn’t automatically means that whoever has a pinkish skin color is on steroids, however the flushing is especially appearing in the upper region of the chest when using steroids and it very often happens to most steroid users – so it can be seen the same effect on several of John Cena’s photos.

This pink color symptom is a sign of warm blood which is located near the surface of the skin. By using the steroids the body warms itself up and the blood is circulating faster and therefore the skin is getting pinker in order to try to lose the excess of the heat and cooling the body down to its normal temperatures. That may be a sign.


This is a steroid use symptom that it seems to be extremely common in those guys who are using steroids and while this bloating effect can happen in nattys – that’s extremely uncommon. So, there’s quite a good chance for those guys having the bloating side effect to use steroids. All in all, John Cena is having an aesthetic physique and is having a fairly small waist, nonetheless, you can still notice in some videos/ pictures that he does have some mild bloating in his stomach area when he is not trying to hide it.

Most often, this bloating effect has the HGH use and most of the HGH users experience having this effect. The bloading, generally, is appearing because of the excess of water retention or it also may be a very mild form of some “steroid gut”. He might be among those rare guys who get the bloating without using anything at all, but chances are small.

Facial/ Body changes that are not very specific to nattys

You can analyze a picture that I am going to post below of John Cena before and after. The first photo shown is when he was 18 years old. It is obvious that time can change a person really much but there are some differences that are not specific to nattys.

While analyzing that photo you can notice that there are some obvious differences indicating he may be using steroids. One main difference: his skull has grown a lot. People might get their skull growing during the years, but I doubt there might be such a big difference, especially after 18 years old. Another difference: his waist/ midsection is considerably thicker – that’s a sign of steroids use as well and lastly – he is much more muscular. Generally, as much as we can see, he has a blocky appearance and we all know that steroids are making you have a much more blocky looking and that’s especially in your waist. As much as we can see in the photos, this is the part which has significantly grown in John Cena’s case.

We can notice that natural bodybuilders are having a tiny waist, this difference in their body can be seen without any problems. But as we can see in John Cena – he has a blocky appearance and that’s a big giveaway because steroids are very well known to cause this extra thickness around your midsection part. Then again, there are naturals who may have a thickness in their midsection, but chances are pretty small.

Much More Muscular

I know some of you may be thinking that this is not a sign of steroid use since regularly working out and having a good diet plan can make you more muscular as well without using steroids. I completely agree with you on this, BUT this only happens when you start lifting and we all know that this effect stops with time. So, take a look at the picture above and you’re going to see that John Cena was already huge at the age of 18 years. With this being said, John Cena has already been lifting weights for many years. As shown the information I managed to find online, he started to lift weights at the age of 12 which means that when the photo was taken he was lifting for 6 years already.

What I am trying to say is that by the age of 18 he already had experienced all of the newbie gains. Those huge guys out there that are natural are having amazing gains when they are firstly starting to lift but after a few years they pretty much stay in the same size regardless of how much you lift/ workout/ diet etc. the progress start to slow down with time and even if you do have a bit of progress after years – definitely not the one John Cena had. WWE star has got huge gains even after 6 years of lifting as if he gained and gained without any progress stop. That’s something natty bodybuilders can’t achieve. You can continue your progress only by using steroids.

At the point of 6 years of lifting, a natural guy would already have maxed out on his genetic potential and may see only very little progress over all other years. That is why, I think that the huge growth John Cena had is a sign of steroids intake.

Skull Growth

Another big change is the WWE star’s head change. Such a big growth is not common for natural guys either but John’s head has got nearly twice as much in size. And for those who don’t know – the head doesn’t grow so much over the years. It may be growing only if you have a surplus of Human Growth Hormone. That’s the reason why I think that John’s skull has got so much bigger – he used HGH. By having excessive amounts of HGH in your body it causes your body to grow, constantly (which is not usual for an adult without using the HGH, of course). Therefore, your body is growing, including your skull, nose etc.

So what’s the conclusion?

Although John Cena has claimed in his interview that he is absolutely all natural, he said that he never used steroids and he said that he never used them, it seems that he was lying. Based on all the factors that I have shared above in this article, John Cena does seem to use steroids. Here are a couple of reasons I think like this:

He has a pink colored skin which is a sign of elevated body temperature, he has a much bigger head which seems to continue growing even in his mature years, he has some bloating which is specific to HGH/ steroids intake, he has a much blockier midsection which is also specific to steroids use and John seem to continue having huge gains even after 6 years of lifting weights. To my opinion, there are way too many coincidences and that’s why I do think that John Cena has been using steroids and lied in his interview that he never used them.

What are possible steroids he used/ uses?


While we can’t be sure that John Cena is still using steroids, there are a 3 main things which makes me think John has used or maybe is still using. It is Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Dianabol and Testosterone.

I earlier explained a few reasons why I think he used/ uses HGH – there are few symptoms very specific to HGH including the bloating, enlarged skull and others. Plus, I think that he, most likely, does not use insulin in combination with HGH and that’s why he has not got the typical HGH gut which is protruding out of his waist.

But, even though there are some obvious symptoms he is taking HGH, there are some other factors which makes me think he doesn’t use HGH alone because he would not have gained so much mass (couldn’t get that size). That’s why, I think that he may be using dianabol. Maybe he doesn’t actually use dianabol since this is a strong androgenic steroid so he used at least testosterone with HGH.

Tell us in comments what do you think – is John Cena natty or not?

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