Is David Laid Natural or Taking Steroids?

David Laid is a 20 years old American model and bodybuilder that has become and internet famous guy mostly after he has uploaded a video on YouTube with his body transformation.

According to the information he shared, at the start of the video he was only 5 ft 7 and 98 lbs but at the end of the same video he was 6 ft 2 and 190 lbs and full of muscles. Taking this in consideration, it does make sense right now why this video has got more than 30 of million views which made David Laid a sensation and brought him a famous name. According to the video, the transformation he went through happened in 3 years where he has transformed himself from a nearly anorexic looking teen boy to a really big with muscles and shredded alpha male. I honestly think that such a huge transformation in only 3 years is something that should be admired. By sharing this video, David gave hope to all octo’ males out there all over the world. He started working out at 14 years old and at the end of the video he is 17 years old. You can check it at the YouTube link below as it is a really motivational video.

Since David has got such a really good looking physique and went through such an incredible transformation, it has helped him get over a million of followers on Instagram and nearly one million subscribers on YouTube making him a famous bodybuilder online. Since he got such a big amount of fans, it ended up in sponsorship deal with Gymshark where he is currently starring alongside other internet bodybuilding stars such as Steven Cao, Ryan Terry and Steve Cook. You can check his photos online where you would notice that David is not only really shredded, but he is really big and extremely strong, especially taking in consideration his young age.

According to the information that I have managed to find while doing some research about David Laid for writing this article, I managed to find that he is able to bench press 390 lbs and he’s deadlift (sumo) is 635 lbs. At the end of the video which brought him famous at 17 years old, David has been able to bench 315 lbs (which is around 143 kg) at only 17 years old. Do you know any 17 years old guys out there being able to lift 315 lbs? if I would have tried doing when I was 17 my eyes would pop out.

It is no doubt in the fact that David used to be one of the strongest guys out there at 17 years old and he remains being one of the strongest guys on the planet at 20 years old. His physique is really good looking as I honestly think he’s one of the prettiest out there (no homo thing – he has amazingly looking body and he’s really young) and some of the most aesthetic dudes in the bodybuilding nowadays. It is obvious that getting through such a transformation in 3 years where you’re nearly anorexic to an extremely strong guy who looking really big – many people started to wonder if he is natural. We do know that many teens are growing a lot in the period of 14 to 17 years old, but I think everyone would agree that such a growth isn’t anything usual. That’s why many started wondering if he is natural. With all of this being said, I started to check the evidences.


Type of Body

First thing that I need to mention here is the fact that David Laid is not massive. He’s not Phil Heath who mostly seems like a monster than a human. David is indeed big, is really strong and very good looking, but the answer to the question – it is possible to look like David Laid absolutely all natural? The answer is definitely yes. And you don’t need to have world class genetics for achieving it. it is absolutely possible to have a body like David Laid if you’re having some decent genetics and you’re working out a lot. Even by having average genetics I still think that you are able to look as good as David does in several years, but then again, you should work your arse off in and out of the gym as that’s a body that you definitely won’t get without dedication and a lot of hard work. There are very few guys out there having extremely good genetics who are able to workout a few months and get this aesthetic. That’s because people with genetics at the top of gene pool they are known to be big without even working out.

Now, David didn’t got a ton of muscle mass. He does have some, obviously, but we can’t compare the muscle mass to the Mr Olympians contestants. He is looking so good and so big only because he is really shredded. But, only due to the fact that David Laid is having a body that can be achieved all naturally, it doesn’t automatically means that he is indeed natural. This is the reason why we are going to check the evidences proving that he is either natural or taking steroids. First thing to check is: what are David’s own words about steroids?

David Laid claims to be all natural

By doing my research about David Laid’s own words about either being all natural or taking steroids I have found out that he denies taking steroids. He previously wrote “3 year natural transformation” on his video on Youtube that become viral. It is obvious that by saying this he claims to be all natural. But he has made a video about steroids, where he discusses about steroids directly and where he says he doesn’t use steroids. check the youtube video link below.

There is a fan that has asked David: “Do you think that you would ever consider using steroids” and David has replied: “for me it ended up not being worth it at any point really”. It is obvious that such a response would make us think twice, and I find it especially interesting how David is buying himself nearly 30 seconds before he is actually answering the question directly, and even when he does answer it – he definitely doesn’t seem to be very decisive. In addition to that, we can see him adding “really” to the end of the sentence which “really” lacks conviction.

Other Details about This Video

There are some other details that we should take in consideration. For example, I think that it is pretty worth taking in consideration how David is licking his lips 2 times in this video and that’s a quite good sign. That’s because, when a person is licking their lips it is due to the fact that their lips are dry, obviously. Usually, that’s a sign of somebody who is lying due to the fact that the adrenaline levels are getting higher (when a person is telling a lie) and when the adrenaline levels get higher – the lips are among the first things to get dry. So the person licks their lips. Many people lying were caught doing it as licking the lips while saying a lie is a big sign. A very good example of that is John Cena as we have noticed the exact same phenomenon of licking his lips during a TV interview when he has been questioned about taking steroids. Other stars had the same thing.

And as much as we can see in the video above where David talks about not taking steroids, he is licking his lips twice at the start and end of him denying taking steroids (30 sec and 35 sec) and he doesn’t seem to do it any other point in the video. Doubt this is simple coincidence.

Another thing to take in consideration here is how David has mentioned multiple times “you’re not a bad person if you take steroids”. why would someone not taking steroids want to mention it repeatedly? That’s because he’s almost like trying to defend it from a moral point of view – defending himself. That’s because this could be a sign that he is having a guilty conscience and is somewhat defensive for somebody that is all natural.

He is also defending steroid in the response to the people that are saying “they’re so bad”, by stating “they are not good or bad” and I do think that it is something that should be taken in consideration. I think that everyone does know very well that steroids are actually harmful to the body. Even those who are using steroids know that steroids are harmful. Regardless of how much people are going to debate and whether steroids are dangerous or not, there’s everybody who does know very well that they are not good for your health. This is the reason why they are illegal in a lot of countries out there. They are having a lot of negative side effects, some of which are horrible. That’s the reason why this is a taboo topic, in most cases.

By analyzing David’s own words, we can notice that David is condemning 2 types of steroid users: those guys that are claiming to be all natural (while they are not, of course) and then try and sell those products. And those types of steroid users that compete in drug tested organizations. But as much as we can notice, David Laid doesn’t actually fall into either of those categories of steroid users and that’s because he is not selling any products (he doesn’t need it as he is receiving money from sponsorship deals) and he is not competing in any drug tested organizations. He doesn’t condemn anyone who simply is on steroids regardless claiming to be natural or not. I find it pretty interesting because if it turns out he takes steroids, he doesn’t condemn himself (which is obvious). Anyway, I still think that there needs to be more evidence that could prove David Laid is actually using steroids.

Half Natty

David Laid is denying taking any steroids and although there are a lot of people out there who are calling him as a steroid user – David has been seen wearing a nhoodie to the Arnold Classic expo which stated “Half Natty”.

That’s pretty strange taking in consideration he denies taking steroids and he knows that many people are accusing him of doing so. Half Natty, for those unaware, there are 2 different meanings. One of them means that those who are half natty were taking steroids in the past but they are all natural now, or the second meaning is that they are taking some low doses of steroids.

Whatever the case, this means that a person is not all 100% natural and that’s why I think that if a guy is all natty then he should be wearing any kind of clothes that would indicate they have used steroids, especially if they are accused of doing so. Got to mention here: Half Natty clothing brand is founded by Matt Ogus. I haven’t analyzing Matt so far but I noticed he has a very similar transformation as David where he went from extremely skinny to extremely shredded and soon I am going to check it out. Anyway, I started analyzing David’s steroidal symptoms

Steroids Symptoms

David does not seem to have any symptoms of steroid use when you are checking his symptoms on the body that we can notice with naked eye, there are no obvious symptoms such as pregnant midsection, no bloating, no gyno or anything in this matter that could indicate he is taking steroids.

Nonetheless, only due to the fact that there’s somebody who is not having any common steroid symptoms, it doesn’t actually mean that they are natural, especially taking in consideration his hoodie with “half natural” which may mean he takes small steroids doses and in such a case – there are very little steroid side effects. Plus to that, we have already analyzed some other guys in the past who are having an absolutely all natural looking physiques but they are nearly for sure on steroids because there are other signs that prove it.

Also, I need to mention that although David doesn’t seem to have steroid signs that are obvious, there is something that I should be mentioning – one thing that stands out on David’s body is his muscle fullness. Plus, his shoulders/ delts look pretty big, especially for someone who is so young and all natural. But that’s still something that can be achieved by a natty.

You can check this photo but there are other photos as well of David in and out of the gym where he is looking so much bigger compared to his previous photos. His muscles are looking much fuller compared to what a natty, normal guy’s muscles would look like and this may be indicating that he could be in the middle of a cycle. This is because the steroids are increasing the fluid retention inside of the muscles and this is giving them a fuller/ more pumped look than usual/ natural.

Gains Timeline

One of the most reliable way of determining if there’s a steroid user it is to check their gains timeline. Very often, a person’s gains timeline has helped us determine that a person is on steroids and we are going to check it for David Laid as well. The way to do it is to check several photos of that person. Most importantly, it is to check some phots of them when they firstly started to lift off weights and to check what they are looking like right now, analyzing what’s the time difference either between those pics.

The photos above is what I found for David Laid so we should check them more carefully. There are some general rules of thumb indicating that when a person is firstly starting to lift off weights he is going to blow up and he is going to gain roughly 20 lbs of lean muscles. These are the “standard newbie gains” that one would achieve. The problem is that those 20 lbs of lean muscles are appearing very fast but after the newbie gains point, gaining anything more than that is becoming extremely slowly and very steady. With this being said I’m trying to mention the fact that if there’s a person who is blowing up by newbie gains and he then blows up later out of a sudden, or simply continue to grow further after the initial 20 lbs then that’s a sign that the guy is taking steroids.

The photos before and after of David Laid from above is of him at 14 years old when he firstly started to go to gym and the before photo is of him at 20 years old. As much as we can see in the photos by comparing them, we can notice that David hasn’t gained around 20 lbs of pure muscle mass from the point he started to lift off weights, it seems like he has gained approximately 70 lbs or so of pure muscle mass. This is something extremely unusual for a natty, but that’s something extremely usual for a juicer. That’s because it all make sense for a steroid user to add 50 lbs to his size out of steroids and then add the 20 lbs of the newbie gains and that’s how you get pure 70 lbs of lean muscles. Again, that’s something that a natural guy stand nearly no chances to achieve.

What’s the Conclusion?

In the end, based on the evidence that I have managed to find, my verdict is – David Laid could be very well on steroids. That’s mostly because his gains timeline is typical for a steroid user and very unusual for a natty guy.

In addition to that, David is very defensive in the video where he is talking about steroids, something that’s definitely not a sign of a natural guy because usually naturals don’t think really good of juicers. David was saying in his video that you are not a bad person if you are using steroids and that they are not very bad for you, while we all know very well that steroids can be very dangerous.

In addition to that, he has been noticed while wearing a clothing with inscription of “half natty” which is indicating that the person is not 100% natural.

Maybe each of these evidences in particular isn’t 100% proof indicating that he is on steroids, but taking all of them alongside does make it look like too much of coincidence.

What steroids David likely taken?

Based on the evidences, I do believe that David has taken any (or maybe even all) of the following compounds: dianabol, testeosterone and deca durabolin.

As much as we can see, David has got a lot of muscle mass and that’s something that you can’t get without some of the best muscle building steroids out there in order to do so. Among the best muscle building compounds I am able to mention dianabol and testosterone. I have big doubts that he has taken a compound such as anadrol due to the fact that he is not bloated and he is not retaining any water as much as it seems. Plus, I have big doubts that he has taken something like trenbolone due to the fact that he is not insanely dry (out of normal) and although to my opinion his traps are a bit popped out, they are not insanely huge that we can see at other guys which are so huge that they have 3D looking effect. To my opinion he used a small dosage of dianabol and small dosage of testosterone together. This has allowed him to add the muscle mass and to avoid the side effects.

And in the end, I do think that he could have used deca durabolin either and that’s due to the fact that there are some several pics of David where he is looking extremely big and very full (I am currently talking about his own standards). When you are cycling with the deca durabolin, this is giving you another dimension of muscle fullness that you definitely won’t see being natural and in fact, you won’t see it on any other steroid. That’s because the way you are looking like when you are being pumped in the gym it is pretty much the same how you are going to look when you’re cold (out of the gym) in the time that you are taking deca durabolin. This does seem to apply for David Laid.

Tell us in the comments about what do you think about this young and internet famous bodybuilder. Remember that although he is very likely to have used steroids, without a lot of hard work in and out of the gym nobody can achieve the aesthetics of David Laid, regardless if you use steroids or not.

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