Is Conor McGregor taking Steroids?

Today, we are going to find out if Conor McGregor is taking steroids or not.

This question appeared after everybody has notice Conor Mcgregor’s winning mentality, alpha male and ferocious behavior making people thinking whether or not this has been boosted by using steroids. There are chances he does uses something to achieve such results and have such a behavior but there are also chances he’s simply a beast and tries to manipulate his enemies with such a behavior.

The first thing that we should mention here is the fact that steroids are definitely a no-no in the UFC world and since Conor is a UFC star, it is obvious he had to go through many drug tests. There are many famous names out there who have been busted doing drugs in the sport with the help of the drug tests but as we all know, Conor Mcgregor was never caught doing drugs. Is this a sign that he’s indeed not using anything at all?

Passing all the tests doesn’t automatically means he’s absolutely clean as there are even some athletes IN the organization who has made public speak about the amount of drug use that’s going on among sportsmen. The biggest accusation of Conor Mcgregor taking steroids was in 2016 by Nate Diaz who made the entire world talk about whether or not Conor is taking steroids. In their build up to their first fight Nate Diaz accused Conor of using steroids mostly because he has moved up 2 weight classes in just 3 months – that’s indeed a huge gain. The UFC star said that this is thanks to the fact that he had huge diet changes. Here’s the Conor’s transformation in 3 months:

As much as we can see in the picture on the left, Conor is having very low body fat % so he’s really ripped, however he’s super small with only 145 lbs. on the right picture he’s looking much bigger in both body fat % but especially in muscles.

I am not trying to say that Conor wasn’t able to gain 23 lbs of weight naturally in 3 months while most of it to be muscle weight, I think there are a lot of dedicated guys who have achieved it and there’s a lot of information online helping everyone to achieve it, especially if you’re a professional sportsman.

When fighters like Conor are dieting to lose weight dramatically before they have a fight, they are putting their muscles at the very high risk to be lost. In case they need to drop a huge amount of weight then the calorie intake is extremely low and for this reason, the cortisol levels are getting spiked and this is causing a loss in the muscle tissue.

Nonetheless, any amateur gym rat has heard about “muscle memory” which thanks to it, it is definitely possible to regain back the exact same muscle mass in a short period of time as soon as the person is going to start to eat (or excessive eat) once again. We all know that usually, when a person that is overeating (especially not working out), most of the weight gain is going to come back in form of fat. Nonetheless, overeating again after you have lost the muscle tissues from under eating and especially working out regularly, your body is going to distribute the weight differently, again, thanks to “muscle memory”. With this being said, nearly absolutely all of the weight that you are going to be gaining by overeating and working out AFTER you have dropped weight by undereating is going to be in form of muscles – that’s until you are going to get back all of the previous muscle size (obviously, for achieving more – you need more time/ dedication/ workout etc.). what I’m trying to say is that as soon as your previous muscle mass is going to be fully restored, any of the extra gain on the top of this is going to be mostly fat.

This is the exact thing that explains how, for example, Christian Bale has been able to bulk so much up from the movie Machinist to Batman Begins without using any steroids. As I explained, he has been able to restore the previous muscle mass that he has had before and he was not building 100 lbs of new muscle mass tissue which would have been a lot much harder – near to impossible.

In fact, to be honest, I have tried this theory myself. I have started to lose a lot of muscle mass by doing morning training on an empty stomach and generally been undereating. I’ve managed to lose a lot of muscle mass in a couple of months but I have regained them back in the same amount of time by start to overeat again and working out normally. Plus to that, my muscle mass was back without my body fat % changing too much.

Now, Conor had 145 lbs in the left photo of December 2015 but it is obvious that he has lost a huge amount of muscles in that photo. 3 months was quite enough for him to regain them back and that’s why I think that without using any steroids, the 23 lbs weight gain in muscles is pretty real, as explained, mostly because he went through huge weight loss before those gains. Even without losing that weight in the past it would be possible, however extremely hard and maybe even impossible.

What we don’t know is if Conor has ever used steroids before the 2015 photo.


Nate Diaz Accusations and Conor Mcgregor Lie Detector

As I earlier said, Nate Diaz accused Conor of using steroids in a press conference so it is obvious Conor said those are fake statements, as he never touched steroids. We have asked a professional to analyze their discourse and find out if Conor was lying or is telling the truth. You can find the Press Conference in the link above.

The discourse analysis is being considered accurate to up 92%. And the experts shared the following notes on the video we shared above:

*The experts words*


“Diaz: They’re all on steroids. They’re all on steroids. Everybody.”


First off, the accusation sound like “Everybody is on steroids” – which is generic terms. 



“McGregor: Steroids? Don’t be talk, don’t be putting my name to steroids. I’m major against that. Don’t put my name in the name of steroids Nate.”



Answering an accusation with a question as Conor started is a prove of it being a sensitive topic (in this case to Conor). By doing this, the person is gaining time to think and speak on the topic or to deflect.

As much as we can see, McGregor doesn’t try to deny it, but he hasn’t been accused personally or as an individual as well. He pauses, hesitates and repeats himself in the negative “don’t be,” he says, “he’s major against that”. But what is he against? Here it’s having his name put to steroids which are his words. He doesn’t say he’s major against taking steroids. He reaffirms this by repeating “don’t be putting my name in the name of steroids”. Is that because he is not using them but can’t say it?


“The Reporter: Nate, you made a pretty bold accusation a couple of minutes ago. Um, do you want to elaborate a little bit more about that?

Diaz: What was it, what?

The Reporter: The steroids comments.

Diaz: Everybody’s on steroids. The whole UFC, everybody.”


As much as we can see, he repeats himself that the whole UFC is on steroids, everybody, so we can conclude that he is including himself too?


“McGregor: Your teammate Gill and Jake were two caught on steroids. Not me.”


A really big note here – McGregor is not denying the fact that he doesn’t use steroids – he says that he has not been caught taking them. That’s really important as he doesn’t point towards the fact of not that he hasn’t taken them or he’s not taking them, rather, that he hasn’t been caught.


“Diaz: And you and… (inaudible)


Diaz doesn’t answer the comment. Likely because he knew what his teammates were doing. He deflects making his accusation personal saying McGregor is on steroids.


“McGregor: (talking over) Not me, Not me. What you talking about. Not me. I’m not on no steroids. What you Mother Fucking talking about? Your two team mates were on steroids, that’s, your two boys, the scrap pack, remember that, what happened there, they were, did you know they were talking that stuff? Did you know they were taking that stuff? Did ya?”


McGregor says, “I’m not on no steroids” this isn’t a reliable denial as he’s using the present tense. A reliable denial includes the past tense such as “I haven’t taken steroids”. It could be possible that he’s on something else at that moment in time. He then deflects onto Diaz’s team mates.


“Nate: You’re on steroids.

McGregor: Sure I am. I’m just an animal. I’m just an animal.”


Even when using sarcasm, this could be classed as an embedded admission “Sure I am”. With a big fight coming up, it’s likely McGregor is being careful. He’s not denied ever taking drugs and is only major against having his name put to steroids. McGregor makes it clear that he’s not been caught, which doesn’t make him innocent of not actually taking them. He tries to deflect without giving a reliable denial. It would strongly suggest that McGregor has taken steroids in the past.

*The end of experts words*

So, according to the professional human lie detector – there are chances that Conor has been on something at the time of the press conference although that’s not 100% sure, but they do conclude that Conor has taken steroids in the past.

I doubt that this is a really big shock for UFC fans as it is considered that every of the top UFC stars are thought to be using something. But with this being said, why would Conor need to use steroids or anything else?

One of the obvious answer is – using steroids would make a fighter have more energy and stamina, allowing him to train for longer, recover faster and hit their opponents faster. These are the most important factors for any fighter so without steroids, Conor would need to train a lot much longer and there are chances he would achieve less results. In other words – without steroids they are weaker and slower, steroids giving much bigger chances for winning.

It is obvious that he couldn’t be on anything super androgenic, at least at the moment of press conference. But if he has ever used steroids – when it happen? I think this could have been after the age of 16 years and before UFC hired USADA for drug testing.

Conor McGregor ever used steroids?

In order to be able to tell if Conor has ever used steroids – after the age of 16 and before UFC hired USADA is to check the body’s composition of that person and to compare it over the majority of the person’s lifespan. Doing a bit of research online you can see how Conor was looking at his age of 16 years and how he looks like now (at his most muscle mass).

In the picture we can see that Conor has around 30 lbs of muscle gains since the age of 16 years whereas his arms, pecs as well as shoulders have grown significantly in their size. I pay big attention to this because the steroids are known to be mostly affecting the person’s deltoids (shoulders) since they are mostly androgenic. With this being said, if a person uses steroids, they would mostly see gains in their shoulders because the shoulders are having more androgen receptors than any other of the muscle groups so as soon as you start taking steroids, most often they are the ones that blow up. You can see that his shoulders have grown extremely much, they are the ones that had the biggest transformation. I’m not trying to say that gaining big shoulders naturally is impossible, but that’s quite impossible for a natural athlete like Conor McGregor who is having such small shoulders and had such a huge gain in shoulders in a short period of time.

I’m telling this because you can find a photo of McGregor at his 18 years and you can already see the “shoulders boom”

Since he has gained so much muscles in only 2 years there is quite possible that he used steroids between his 16 to 18 years old period. Even though it is known that a male’s muscles are not fully developed until the age of 18 years, this means that there are chances for a natural growth spike, however gaining so much muscles in this period is not very common so it may be thanks to the steroids used.

But he seemed to have stopped using them. This mostly points the fact that he has pretty much the same muscle mass and shoulder size as he had when he was 18 years old, maybe with only some insignificant size change. That is the reason why I think that there are chances he did used steroids when he was a teen, but he stopped, otherwise we would have seen him having a much bigger size right now compared to the size of him in the photo when he was 18 years old.

That’s not a huge secret that teenagers are using steroids, and the chances are even higher for them to use steroids if they are participating in sports and especially in sports such as MMA where they need performance boosters. According to data, approximately 11% of kids in high school have used steroids.

So has Conor Stopped using Steroids? Especially after USADA?

In the past, the drug test was extremely easy to be cheated. That’s mostly because everyone has been given the date of the test and this way, sportsmen could very easily cycle off in time and this would ensure that the steroids are clearing your system so it would show nothing on the drug test. In the past, it was believed that only stupid were caught for that test.

But since it was clear that sportsmen were cheating by using steroids and so, in July 2015, UFC hired USADA (the United States Anti – Doping Agency) in order to clean up the sport from drug/ steroids use. One of the biggest change was the fact that they were doing random testing and this way, sportsmen weren’t able to get off steroids in time.

In less than 2 years USADA busted a lot of athletes including many UFC stars for using steroids or other prohibited substances in order to enhance their performances. For those interested, you can find the list with those UFC athletes caught by USADA online.

With this being said, there are big chances that Conor did used steroids in the past before USADA appeared but it is obvious that he’s clean now as he doesn’t want to get caught. Many fighters since were caught, others stopped using steroids and didn’t got caught, but they shrunk in size noticeably.

Is it possible he still uses Steroids after USADA drug testing?

It is obvious Conor wouldn’t want USADA to caught him on steroids use because his UFC career would end right then, but it is possible he still uses anything after the appearance of USADA – are there any chances that USADA doesn’t caught you even if using anything?

First of all, everyone needs to know that USADA, in fact, doesn’t actually has a great reputation when it comes to drug testing. There are many cases when USADA failed to show that an athlete is using a prohibited substance but it was later discovered that he did used it. There are many examples online. One of the biggest and most recent is the fact that USADA test failed to show that Mayweather was on IVs at the match with Pacquao, nonetheless, the other drug test organization VADA showed it. With this being said, there are chances that there are still some athletes using substances but USADA can’t find or as some speculate – finds but doesn’t share such information. VADA is the one which can find absolutely everything but the simple reason why they can’t use VADA for every athlete – it is 10 times more expensive compared to USADA.

In addition to that, in an interview with McGregor, he tells himself that USADA drug testing is a “Flawed System”.

Many other athletes agreed with this, one of them is Michael Bisping that said USADA is a *steroid loophole*.

Conor McGregor is Unusually Heavy

According to the data you can find on Conor McGregor, he’s height is 5 ft 8 and he weights anywhere between 170 to 195 lbs depending on what weight division he is competing in.

What’s strange is that he is unusually heavy for his weight and height comparison and the way he looks. There are a lot of bodybuilders out there I know personally who are pretty much the same height and weight but they are looking a lot much bigger. I think the reason is because steroids are making you heavier – that’s because they are causing the body to retain intracellular and extracellular fluid. It is strange he is so strange taking in consideration that he is very low in body fat, he is 5 ft 8, he is steroid free, he is naturally skinny (an ectomorph) and he is not training for bodybuilding. This just doesn’t add up. Simply remove the *he’s steroid free* and it does add up.

Is Connor on Steroids?

According to the all evidence I managed to find, Conor did used Steroids at some point in his fighting career, most likely until the age of 20. Especially because he never denied the fact that he has ever taken them, it is just that he’s not on them now.

Plus, without steroids he does know very well he would have been in a big disadvantage.

Another thing is that the gains he had since the age of 16 to 18 years is a good prove that he did used steroids.

And lastly, according to USADA – McGregor is currently clear but as said earlier, there are a lot of flaws.

The Steroids/ Substances that may have been taken

There are a number of reasons why I think that Conor McGregor is somehow using substances to boost his testosterone and I wouldn’t deny that he did used testosterone in the past. I think like this because this is going to allow him to: be more aggressive (as we all know him); recover quicker; train and fight for longer (he’s an MMA fighter but resisted a lot of rounds in boxing with Mayweather); become stronger and build muscles.

Also, he may be using some other substances that would increase his stamina, energy, endurance and strength. Among such substances I can mention EPO and halotestin.

In the end, the drug tests are always showing Conor McGregor is clean and that’s really important. He may have used steroids in the past and may use something currently and yet, I doubt he’s the only one. With this being said, I do not try to take anything away from any of his achievements. Being a UFC champion definitely isn’t thanks to steroids or any other substances out there. Using something right now gives him chances to fight against the best in the world but at least, we know that it is not something ultra potent.


“There’s no talent here, this is hard work. This is an obsession. Talent does not exist, we are all equal as human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that is that. I am not talented, I am obsessed.” – Conor Mcgregor

Special thanks to many sources which helped me in writing of this article:

Fighting Words with Conor “Notorious” McGregor

UFC commentator Joe Rogan: 'UFC and MMA in general is a steroid epidemic'

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