Is Connor Murphy Natural or Taking Steroids?

Connor Murphy is a bodybuilder and also a famous prankster and entertainer. Connor is mostly known for 2 different things: his amazing physiques and for his amazing videos shared on YouTube. In case you still don’t know who Connor is then this is the guy who is making some amazing living on YouTube by entertaining lots of his fans by pulling girls and coming up with some inventive ways of trolling different people. Connor is appealing mostly to skinny college guys that want to attract 9/ 10 girls by getting ripped to the shreds.

This dude is pretty famous as by far not everyone are having more than half a million of followers on Instagram and more than 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. With this being said, it is going to fair to say that his entertaining videos along with his amazingly looking body has attracted a lot of attention online and gained a big amount of fans.

Here’s an interesting fact that I managed to find while doing research online about Connor Murphy: he was making up to 15k dollars a month (this was a few years ago, nowadays it would be fair to say he makes more) from his YouTube videos alone. Will share the sources at the end of the article. So, in the end, since he is having a lot of fans online, it is obvious that there is a lot of speculation about whether or not he is taking steroids, that’s why, today I am going to try to end the speculation finding out if the steroids have helped him to pull so much women and bring him such a big amount of fans. Or maybe he is only a naturally swole bro? before continuing, it is very important to check what does Connor say about steroids.


Connor Murphy claims to be all natural

There are a lot of bodybuilders who are getting a lot of accusations every day that they are on steroids. and that’s especially those who are internet sensations like Connor. That’s why, it is a very good sign when someone getting a lot of accusations are addressing the steroids accusations comparing to simply ignoring such accusations which only raises more speculation. This is a good thing because in case you are secretly using steroids and the people are throwing accusations towards you then one of the last thing that you would want to do is to go on a camera and need to lie about this. First of all because you get unwanted stress and secondly because people might understand that you do take steroids even if you say you don’t and lie about it. nonetheless, there are some examples which proves that there are some people that were on camera and say that they didn’t take steroids while some facts proved them lying about this suggesting they do use steroids. A good example of that is David Laid but there are others as well. With this being said, going out on camera and addressing the topic is a positive thing, but by far doesn’t have the expected outcome for the bodybuilder, especially for those who obviously lie. That’s because there are those who are taking steroids who are coming on camera and they just tend to deflect and they simply can’t openly come out and say it out load “I am natural and I have never taken steroids”.

But in the Connor’s case who did addressed the topic, as I earlier mentioned, he got straight up to the point in his video when he denies taking steroids and is saying “I am natural, I’ve never taken anything”. That’s something that by far not every bodybuilder have done and that’s what I can call a “reliable denial”. I think this is a reliable denial because it is a strong indicator he is telling the truth, because his body language suggests this and that’s especially because he is using the past tense (unlike many others who use the present tense like “I’m not taking steroids”). in addition to that, he realizes that this is a risk and yet, he is honest enough to come out and say that “not everyone can for sure build a physique like me (he means without steroids) because there is the genetic factor”. That’s a good sign either because there are other bodybuilders who are lying about this either. or they are just naïve enough by saying that it is definitely possible for anybody to look exactly like they if everyone is only going to train hard enough and to eat smart enough, but that’s definitely not true because a person with really weak genetics won’t look like Connor (naturally) regardless of his training and eating methods.

Not trying to offend anyone here but genetics are really a huge key in bodybuilding and they are having an even bigger effect on the muscle growth, to my opinion, than steroids. Because even if taking steroids, the way how you are going to respond on them also depends on your genetics. That’s the exact reason why you can very often see a lot of natural guys in your gym that are much more jacked than the other dude that everybody knows he has been taking steroids hard for the last couple of years.

So, Connor claims to be natty but let’s check other factors.

Body Composition

Although this doesn’t apply to everybody, typically there are at least a few signs on someone’s body that they are juicing because there are some symptoms that you can see with naked eye on someone’s body that they are on steroids. The reason is because those are “steroid symptoms”. This is the term I use for those symptoms which are very typical for someone who is on steroids and uncommon for the natural guys. Some of these symptoms include: flushed skin, extreme vascularity; acne; 3D shoulders, pregnant look, altered face and others. I have checked many videos and photos of Connor and as much as it seems, he doesn’t seem to have any of these symptoms.

In fact, it is not only the thing that there doesn’t seem to be any signs of steroid use when carefully checking Connor’s body for “steroid symptoms”, but in fact there is some evidence which can be taken as suggestions he’s actually natural by checking his proportions. Not trying to say anything bad or judge or laugh at this guy (how could I?) but his shoulders seem to be smaller/ weaker when comparing it to his other body parts such as biceps/ triceps. What I am trying to say is that his shoulders does look “natural” – the way they should be – weaker/ smaller than the biceps/ triceps. I am mentioning this as it is an important factor. I earlier mentioned that one common steroid symptom is the *boulder shoulders* and it is a symptom that is near to impossible to avoid when taking steroids. Those guys who are juicing are often turning their shoulders into some really big cannonballs that give the 3D effect as soon as they start juicing. The reason for that is because the deltoids are having a higher number of androgen receptors and for this reason they are much more likely to muscle grow than any of the muscle groups. With this being said, as soon as you take steroids you start growing – but especially grow your deltoids. Here’s an example:

This guy is very big but because his shoulders are not very well developed for his overall size, this is the reason why his muscle definition in that region is not as great, and that’s despite him being very lean.

Other factors we should check are his muscles which are also looking very smooth, something that juicers can’t be proud of. Smooth looking muscles is a sign of a natural guy. What I’m trying to say is that they are not very smooth, that’s why he is not retaining a lot of water, nonetheless he is definitely not super dry as other guys that I’ve analyzer by far. It is pretty easy to understand who is on diuretic steroids such as trenbolone or winstrol and that’s because they are dryer than the Sahara desert making you wonder if those guys drink any water at all.

Gains Timeline

The guy doesn’t have any symptoms of steroids use on his body and in fact, he has symptoms of being natural. Nonetheless, one of the best methods to spot someone on steroids is checking his gains timeline so that’s exactly what I have done. I decided to check how much has Connor’s physique changed over the years. Those who grow up and then they stop after a while is a sign of being natural. Those who are juicing keep on growing even after they plateau from their newbie gains for much longer. There are others who stop growing (went through newbie gains) but then, out of a sudden and seemingly overnight (in a very short period) they put on a lot of muscle weight. These are signs of steroids use.

Talking about Connor Murphy, it seems like this guy has got suspiciously swole in only a year, or maybe his gains timeline also suggest he is looking natural? Let’s take a look at his video he shared on YouTube: *Connor Murphy Natural Body Transformation*

as much as we can see, at 17 years old he was already a really big guy especially for his age where he was weighing a lean 185 lbs which is a lot. After that, he stopped, plateaued for 3 years and then later, he seemed he has gained another 20 lbs in only a year and he got up to 205 lbs.

Let’s analyze it carefully. We do know very well that for natural guys, after their newbie gains, the muscle grow potential is extremely limited with very little gains over a very big period of time and that’s because after the newbie gains, they are nearly fully fulfilling their genetic potential. So they just can’t grow. Nonetheless, as we can see in Connor’s case, he did has gained around 20 lbs more in weight. Analyzing more I have seen that Connor’s explanation for that weight gains he had is the following:

It has not been all lean muscle those 20 lbs as body fat was added. He said that he gained body fat because he has been bulking at that time, plus he got taller as he was still growing (definitely possible at that age). Plus to that, he said that he has changed up his training at that moment. He said he went from a routine that consisted of a full body workout (which was lasting a total of 45 mins) every other day to a 3 day split while effectively tripling his volume.

Either he read a lot about how to gain naturally becoming and expert and he knows very extremely well how to lie either he’s indeed natural as taking all of those factors in consideration, it is very reasonable to believe that the extra 20 lbs that he gained has been packed naturally. And since I doubt that he had the time to learn psychology, learn how to naturally gain, work out, use steroids and do normal every day stuff, I do believe that those extra 20 lbs were gained naturally. Mostly because he was 17 years old because I would have had a much bigger problem believing this if he would have been 27 years.

The logical explanation is easy – 5 to 10 lbs of it could literally have nothing to do with muscle (trying to bulk, you often add body fat) and if you are going to triple your training volume you’re always going to blow up, especially when you’re still young. The fact that Connor has been only doing a full body workout every other day is a testament to his genetics, because this is such little volume, and nonetheless, doing only this at his young age has been already enough to get him jacked up. Here is the photo of him at 17 years old.

In addition to that, it does seem that he is natural despite his 20 lbs gains after he plateaued. Except for everything that I already mentioned earlier, it simply wouldn’t make sense for Connor to take some steroids after the age of 17 years and that’s because he wouldn’t have gained only 20 lbs. a gain of 20 lbs is not typical for a juicer. If he would have taken steroids then he would have gained around 60 or more lbs, especially taking in consideration he was still growing at that age and was also bulking up.

Drug Testing

I was doing research about Connor Murphy drug testing as I was wondering if he ever went through drug testing – if he ever had any competition history. I did managed to find that he once competed in Men’s Physique category with the NPC. This may make someone think that he did passed drug tests so he is not on steroids but I recommend you to think twice. Not trying to say the he did used steroids but the answer to the question: “does the NPC doing a legitimate test for steroids and exclusively only natural guys can compete in this federation?” is no! The NPC does do some tests for steroids but to my opinion the test is not legit enough to have trust in it. I say it because the steroid users can very easily pass his federation’s drug test although competing in “natural” ways and that’s because the federation is doing tests on some specified dates. The “planned tests” are not “legitimate tests” because it is extremely easy for a juicer to simply cycle off in the time for the test so in this way any steroid trace can clear out of the system in time. At the time of the test, you are considered all natural, while you might have been juicing hard for the last 5 years up until the moment of the test.

Legitimate natural federations can be considered only those that do not give to their competitors the date of the test and instead of that, they are going to conduct random tests throughout the year. In this case, you don’t know when you will be tested so it makes it impossible for you to cycle off.

What is strange for me is why would Connor compete in such organizations when he most likely knew that his competitors are juicing leaving him with very few chances to win while remaining natural. Anyway, only because Connor has competed in the NPC it doesn’t automatically means that he is a steroid user. What it does mean is that he was very likely competing again other guys that were taking steroids. plus to that, I must mention that there are not a lot of legitimate natural federations around, to be honest, where all of the bodybuilders going up on the stage are all 100% natural. Legitimate and credible natural organizations do exist, don’t get me wrong, nonetheless they are very few. And since there are a lot of federations without proper drug testing policies, it is known that there are lots of natural bodybuilders are competing in non natural events (while it should be natural) – it is just the fact that they have nearly no chances to win against juicers.

What’s the Conclusion?

By doing research and carefully analyzing Connor Murphy’s gains timeline, his own words, competition history and body composition I have found no evidence which can suggest that he has taken steroids. In fact, there are some factors indicating that he is natural. He has gains timeline that do not indicate any steroid use, he has no steroid symptoms on his body at all which means he is a natural bodybuilder and he has given a “reliable denial” in his video where he addresses steroids – something that by far not every bodybuilder can do. The guy is not extremely big (he’s really jacked though) and he is not extremely dry. My conclusion is that he never used steroids, it is all down to first class genetics, smart dieting and lots of hours spent in gym.

Plus, take a look at many Connor’s photos and you are going to notice one interesting thing. Connor with clothes on doesn’t look to be so impressive (since he’s natural, most juicers are looking out-of-this-planet even with clothes) he is looking that big when he’s shirtless. He’s not a mass monster, he is looking jacked and natural while keeping the classic looking way of tiny waist and big arms.

Tell us what do you think about Connor Murphy? Do you think it is better to look the way he does or be a mass monster? Do you still think he is on steroids? Tell us why. Write it all down in the comments below. Special thanks for the following resources:

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