Is Chul Soon Taking Steroids?

For those who don’t know who is Chul Soon – his full name is Hwang Chul Soon who is a professional bodybuilder that has won the 2016 Musclemania Universe “Natural” Pro Champion title. In addition of being a professional bodybuilder, Soon is also an actor and model that has appeared in several TV adverts for Korean television posts. Hwang is known for having an absolutely amazing body and generally an unique look with muscle bellies that look so full, it looks like they are about to POP out of the body while this is creating a 3D effect. I would say that this Korean guy looks so good as if he is photoshopped, but he looks photoshopped in real life as well. The reason why I say he looks so good as if he is photoshopped is because  while I was doing research about this guy, I have seen some comments on some social medias where people are saying that they do not believe his photos are real; nonetheless, they later become shocked when they see him looking exactly the same way in videos with him.

Chul Soon won the “Natural” bodybuilding contest, however there is still much speculation online with people thinking he might be taking steroids. We don’t know for sure if he uses anything, but either he uses steroids or not, one thing is for sure: this guy is having one of the greatest physiques on the planet and that already means a lot. This guy is ripped to the bone, has a chest that Arnie would definitely approve and his shoulders look as if he has some balls in them. In addition to that, he has some great moves as well as he’s one of very few out there who can do the robot dance. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the YouTube video below.

I still think that he has some work to do for reaching Terry Crew’s smoothness level in doing the robot dance, yet I still think he has great moves and amazing dancer overall.

We all know that many people do not like steroid users as they classify them as cheaters. Many people do not like “too big” guys because they are “surely using steroids” so it won’t be a surprise for me to hear that Chul Soon has often been accused of taking steroids. If that’s true or not I am going to try to find out in this article.

On his own website,, Chul claims to be all natural since you can find the following statement there: “Chul Soon is among the most popular natural bodybuilders and sports models in the world”. and I guess many wouldn’t agree with this saying there is no way that he is actually natural. I can’t blame those thinking like this, especially newbies in the whole bodybuilding world. That’s because it is obvious that as soon as you firstly look at Chul Soon’s body, it gives you the impression that he is on steroids and that’s obviously because of his really big and buffed muscles that are having the 3D photoshop effect I mentioned earlier. To be honest, I need to admit that when I firstly looked at him I thought that this guy must be on steroids, that’s because of the fact he is indeed a monster – he’s really huge.

But, I realized this is only a speculation by firstly looking at this guy so I am not going to speculate in this article (and in any other) based only on gut feelings or having the absolutely wrong point of view, unfortunately, that many people have: “this guy is looking huge with big muscles – he is on steroids”.

So, in order to make a verdict about whether or not this guy is taking steroids, I am going to base my final conclusion on some facts and real evidences, not on gut feelings and opinions. That’s why I believe that my conclusion is often valid and accurate, given the facts I bring up in each article. In addition to that, I often think that for being able to write an unbiased report, I always need to keep an open mind on someone who is being natural. That’s the reason why I think that in case the guy I am talking about is having no symptoms of steroids use as I am failing to find absolutely any signs of steroids at all, then that X person is getting a verdict he is all natural.

With all of this being said – is Chul Soon natural or the bodybuilder is lying and he does take steroids? It is obvious one of the first thing that comes into mind is – the Korean bodybuilder won the “natural” bodybuilder award so he must have passed drug testing. That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about.


Musclemania Drug Testing

I’ve got to say that looking at a federation that a bodybuilder is competing in, can be a really good sign on whether that guy is being natural or not. That’s if we’re going to check if that’s a strict federation which is making its competitors go through some rigorous testing processes or anyone is able to pass it. I had to search for such information where I did found that Musclemania clearly state on their website the drug testing criteria. For those interested, take a look at this –

If you’re lazy to find the information needed then I can make a summary here: they state that the top 5 bodybuilders need to perform a urinalysis test straight after they are competing on the stage. For those who don’t know, search online for urinalysis test, but this basically mean you need to piss in a cup. They state that whoever is found to have absolutely any trace of steroids in their system it means they are going to be immediately disqualified and they would be banned from competing in the federation for a minimum of 2 years.

I wouldn’t call it a good way of drug testing because in order to pass this test, everything you need to know is the date of the test, which is in the day of competition so it is obvious everyone knows the date. With this being said, you just need to come off the steroids in good time in order to clear out of your system so by the time of the test, they find no steroid trace in your system although you might have been used it for years. It is extremely easy to beat the drug test if you know its date. I think that pretty much only stupid ones might fail such drug tests.

Nonetheless, there are some other and more strict federations (that run legit natural competitions), that will perform several different tests that are being conducted at completely random times throughout the whole year which is making it be near to impossible to be passed in case you are using steroids. That’s the kind of drug test I find valid and “useful”. The test where you know the date of is not the type of test I would call “useful”. With all of this being said, we do know that steroid users can easily compete in the Musclemania “Natural” Bodybuilding competitions. This is the reason why I think that Musclemania’s drug testing doesn’t say anything at all as  that this is not a real evidence that he uses steroids and there’s still nothing proving he’s actually on steroids.

The Gains Timelines

Since we failed to find any real evidence about the drug testing Chul Soon went through, I think that the other way to determine if a guy is using steroids or not it is to look at their gains over a period of time which I think that it is a pretty accurate method to do so. For example, there are many guys out there who have been lifting weights for many years and they’ve got to a point many years ago and then they simply stopped from growing, although they just keep working out regularly. Nonetheless, after a while they suddenly blow up and they become massive. That’s an obvious sign they are using steroids. With this being said, let’s take a look at Chul Soon’s gains timeline.

11 years ago is the first time when I see Chul Soon having a bodybuilder body where it is clear that he is in a great shape and it is a clear sign that this guy has been working out for a good while now.


Then you can find photos of him in 2010 / 2011 where Chul Soon looks pretty much the same with little to no differences at all. That’s even though 3 years more years have passed.

Then out of a sudden the big “boom” comes when in 2014, 3 years later, he looks so much bigger compared to how he looked in 2008-2011 period where it was clear that this guy already went through the “newbie gains” – a period where a lifter firstly start seeing their big gains and then they stop getting more. In the photo below you can see that he looks as if he has gained at least 50 lbs of lean mass. That’s definitely something that can’t be called normal for a natural bodybuilder and yet, that’s a clear sign of steroidal use as it is a common gain for a guy who is using steroids.

As much as we can conclude, Chul Soon’s Gains Timeline is indicating the use of steroids and I think that his use of steroids is pretty clear. But let’s check other factors.

3D Shoulders

The 3D effect that Chul Soon’s body is creating is having so much to do with his shoulders as without them, it wouldn’t have such an effect. And his shoulders look really really big, as if there are some balls in them.

I do not try to say that it is impossible to build big shoulders without using steroids, nonetheless, the 3D looking delts are a very strong indication of the steroidal use and it is an effect that happens extremely rarely for anyone who is natural. This is thanks to the fact that the androgen receptors found in the shoulders/ delts are very high, much higher compared to other body parts, for this reason they are responding extremely well to steroids that are androgenic by nature. So, a guy using steroids will usually have extremely big shoulders.

I think the guy was looking really good, but now he’s so big that his head looks too small for his too big body, at least in the photo above.

Altered Face Structure

It is obvious that our face is changing as we age but there are some signs that only steroid users are having. For example, Chul Soon’s face structure seemed to have changed over the years so much that I wouldn’t think it might happen for natural guys. In fact, his face looks so much changed that nowadays he looks as if he’s a different person compared to how he looked like in the past. here’s a comparison.

Usually, steroids do not give this effect, but HGH is causing this. The human growth hormone is making your body parts grow but it affects some parts more than others. Usually, it is increasing the size of your skull as well as the size of your nose. Within only a few years, Chul Soon’s head and nose have got a lot much bigger and that’s not a sign of him being natural. Especially because it happened in his mature age and not during his teens.

It is obvious that reading Chul Soon is on HGH would make some people think – if he is on HGH, then where is his gut and bloating? Well, he may indeed never used HGH, but he may have used and never got the bloating. Especially because HGH may not cause a distended stomach or “steroid gut” by itself because this usually happens when it is being combined with insulin, or if somebody’s liver is taking a battering. In such a case, the internal organ can swell up and make a person look bloated. Using HGH doesn’t automatically means you are going to have the gut.

What’s the Conclusion: Is Chul Soon on Steroids or Natural?

Based on the evidence that I have provided in this article, it does look like Chul Soon is taking steroids. The guy does give the impression of someone who is on steroids but I tried to find evidences proving this which include: Chul was a bodybuilder for many years without any changes on his physiques and then out of a sudden he got extremely huge gains after those many years of lifting. He got exceptionally big delts creating 3D effect which is near to impossible to get without steroids and his face structure has changed too much compared to a natural’s guy change over the years.

He went through drug tests, but he always know the drug test’s date so it is very easy to cycle off the steroids and pass the test.

Potential Steroids Taken

To my opinion, there’s a high chance Chul Soon have used


as it would have helped him to pack on some serious muscles, and that’s without looking too smooth. I am also nearly sure that he has used


as it is a very good compound to pack on mass and to get ripped, as he seemed to have achieved. Plus, his cranium is much larger with big face changes. in addition to that, there are some also quite good chances that he has taken

Deca Durabolin

and that’s due to the fact that this steroid is giving your muscles an extra level of thickness. Chul is possessing a great thickness virtually all over his body. Lastly, I think there are good chances he have used


as well. This steroid is famous as it is one of the greatest things out there to make the chest and delts extremely developed.

Special thanks to many sources which have helped me in writing of this article.

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