Insulin represents a hormone that control level of glucose and is regulating fat metabolism in the body. In natural form this hormone is secreted from the pancreas.
It is widely used in medicine for treating different forms of diabetes mellitus. This disease appears at time when control of insulin in human body fails. Insulin is administered by injection under the skin (subcutaneously).
Insulin is considered to be the most anabolic hormone produced by the body. Bodybuilders and athletes consider this drug good choose in case the goal is to gain mass. For some years insulin became very popular in bodybuilding because of its anabolic effects. By correct administration, insulin helps to bring glycogen and other nutrients to the muscles or as we said earlier gain some mass. But all users should be careful, because insulin is a high risky drug, and in case of wrong or excess administration the results can be fatal. Every person particularly should know exact dose they need to administrate. One and important thing to know is that when level of insulin increase human body store excess glucose as bodyweight. Bodybuilders and athletes must understand that our body does not care if it is muscle weight or fat weight.
Insulin also helps to improve endurance in athletes and to increase stamina. Bodybuilders take it to increase the bulk of muscles.
There are more positive things about insulin: it is available almost everywhere, cheap, difficult to detect and actually enhances performance.

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