How Steroids Work in your body

Most people who are close-minded only think of the negative effects of steroids. Many despise body builders or athletes who take steroids just to get faster results or becoming bigger and stronger. What’s interesting is that our body naturally produces steroids through the male hormone, testosterone. And if you actually have natural steroids in you, then why should people condemn those who are taking them for their own purposes?

The fact is steroids are actually very helpful especially to patients in hospitals who have lost amounts of body tissues due to chronic wasting. These supplements can help build not only muscles for body builders or endurance for athletes, but they can also help build tissues for medical patients who need to have faster recovery for the tissues lost.

Steroids… what are they?

Steroids are lipids from cholesterol in the body, which is secreted by various glands. The steroids that are typically used in body building are actually synthetic derivatives of the male hormone, testosterone, which promotes the growth of bones and muscles.

Since steroids come from testosterone, it has the same effects as this male hormone. Like the testosterone, which is produced in a man’s testicles, steroids have also anabolic and androgenic effects. The former is the primary target of both athletes and body builders.

How Steroids work

Steroids have been a huge part in body building and used mostly for their advantages such as anabolic benefits including the increase of muscle strength and size, increase of energy levels during activities, for faster recovery time and to increase the oxidation rise of fat.

What steroids do is that they increase the testosterone levels in the body without passing through the usual pathway for the synthesis of the hormone by directly adding testosterone into the bloodstream. Generally, steroids are used for increase in muscle mass. However, the anabolic and androgenic benefits of these supplements actually still depend on the steroid type used. Increasing the male hormone in one’s body does not exactly cause chemical reactions. However, this just basically amplifies the reactions that already exist between your body and the male hormone.

Taking Steroids Moderately

Anabolic steroids are basically “man-made” testosterone chemically altered to optimize the anabolic effects with the minimum androgenic consequences as possible. We ourselves produce steroids inside our body so what you will only be doing if you take in some more steroids is to increase its effects. However, even the best anabolic steroids have certain side effects especially when taken in at huge doses. In the end, it always goes down to discipline and how you take steroids moderately. If you abuse steroids, you might get the side effects that all people are afraid of. But if you follow directions and control your urge to want some more steroids for more benefits, then steroids may not be so bad for you. As long as discipline is integrated in your steroids intake, then not only can you finally get the body as well as the energy that you desire, you can also have a positive change in your mood and sleep patterns, prevent depression and symptoms of arthritis as well as have your bones strengthened.

Because of these benefits, steroids have become a very significant part in athletics as well as in body building. In fact, it almost seemed like body building is synonymous to steroids. But other than these two pursuits, steroids can also be used with other strenuous hobbies such as dancing, wall climbing, etc., so that you can have a better endurance and an increased level of energy during these activities. Because of this, people are able to train more, and thus improve more on what they are best at.

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