High and low testosterone: signs and consequences

Testosterone is hormone produced by the adrenal glands and gonads. Its concentration in the blood can vary considerably depending on the lifestyle, diet, age, climatic conditions of residence, heredity and even the time of day. But its concentration is always in men ten times higher than in women.

Testosterone belongs to the group of androgens ─ male hormone responsible for the development of secondary sex traits. The progress of the majority of physiological processes as manly appearance and sexual activity directly dependent on its concentration. Good physical condition, excellent memory and attention, energy and men natural behavior is sign of adequate secretions produced by glands.

Normally, this androgen is able to protect the psyche from stress, normalize metabolic processes, to prevent the development of atherosclerosis, hypertension and other cardiovascular pathologies. The deficiency, as well as excess of this hormone dramatically affects the aspect and behavior of both men and women.

Testosterone levels: norm and deviations

To determine the level of testosterone in the body is needed blood tests. Doctors assess its concentration studying two key indicators: total and free. Norm of total androgen levels in the blood for men is considered 2,6-11,0 ng/ml; in females ─ 0,26-1,30 ng/ml. About 2% is in pure form, the remaining is bound with proteins. Biologically is active both bound and free hormone.

There are special tables specifying the standards level of sexual secretions in children, reproductive period, and the elderly, taking into consideration the daily fluctuations and the effect of contraceptive pills. So, it is considered normal increase of testosterone in boys during puberty and its decrease after 40 years. Its lowest concentration is from 0-3 am, and the highest ─ from 7 to 9 am.

Manifestations of androgen excess

The testosterone excess has a negative impact primarily on the men behavior. Aggressiveness, irritability, willingness to risks – characterize athletes who artificially raises the level of hormone in the blood to accelerate the building of muscle mass in order to achieve performance.

Excess of testosterone in women makes them energetic and slim but at the same time randy and masculine: enhanced growth and stiffness of hair on the face, chest, arms and legs. It is possible the development of infertility associated with inhibition of the normal function of the ovaries, breach or termination of the menstrual cycle, problems with childbearing.

Signs of low level of testosterone

A low concentration of testosterone fraught big trouble, especially for men. Today, more and more young people meet with low testosterone level, for different reasons:

• genetic predisposition;

• bad habits and physical inactivity;

• genital or brain trauma;

• the negative impact of drugs used in the treatment of diseases;

• psychological stress;

• unhealthy environment.

If testosterone deficiency is severe and long-lasting, it is possible to determine its presence without any tests by the following external signs:

1. Loss of interest in the opposite sex, and sex in general, weak erection.

2. The incredible fatigue, lack of energy.

3. Irritability, bad mood, depression.

4. Reduced muscle mass, lack of results in sport.

5. Weight gain due to lack of energy consumption for muscle growth.

6. Difficulty with concentrating, remembering and thinking.

7. Suspension of hair growth on the face, extremities, pubic hair, its thinning and loss.

8. Insomnia and restless sleep at night, daytime sleepiness.

9. The progression of osteoporosis (brittle bones).

10. The rapid aging (atrophy) of the skin, thinning of the voice.

Of course, each of them can be a symptom of any other disease, but problems with erection and sexual attraction plus 2-3 signs listed above are likely symptoms of low testosterone. And this is a direct way of shape changing to female type, a progressive decrease in potency and mental abilities, increase of risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Confirm or disprove doubt will help endocrinologist consultation.

How to increase testosterone

Increasing testosterone to normal age-appropriate level is quite real. Modern medicine is using for this purpose hormones in the form of tablets, injections, gels and patches. Drug substitution therapy can not only help those who suffer from prostate cancer.

But the medical method of treatment has unpleasant side effects. Taking drugs to increase male power is fraught with decrease of physiological function of the testes. By receiving the necessary amount of testosterone from the outside, body can neutralize the activity of male sex glands and cause its atrophy. Therefore, self-treatment with “magic” pills often leads to negative, sometimes irreparable consequences.

To normalize insufficiency of sex hormones competent doctor first of all will recommend changing lifestyle and diet. To raise the level of androgen can help following:

• quit smoking and drinking;

• restful sleep, allowing to increase the efficiency of the endocrine system;

• varied diet, rich in vitamins and mineral such as zinc;

• regular physical training: the loss of excess weight is a great hormone production.

Psychological attitude to positive results and healthy regime of the day, naturally and safely normalize testosterone in the body, allowing the stronger sex remain masculine but weak half of humanity not to lose attractive femininity.

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