Has Sylvester Stallone used Steroids or he is all Natural?

Today, we are going to talk about our hero who has always been fighting bad guys and was always winning, the idol in Rocky and Rambo movies which I think are legendary movies – Sylvester Stallone. He has always been known for having a great looking body and an overall amazing physique. And even though the actor hit a good age (over 70 years) he’s still in an amazing shape. It is obvious that with all of this, there are a lot of people wondering if Stallone has been or maybe is still using (which I highly doubt he is currently using steroids in his age) steroids. There are accusations of him using HGH and other steroids being rumored around on the internet. Even by writing in google Sylvester Stallone body” you are going to be given such a message:

“Why you may never look like Sylvester Stallone. But, Stallone would not have the physique he has today if it wasn’t for his little buddy HGH. HGH (human growth hormone) is a hormone that is naturally produced in your body. To cut to the chase, HGH helps you maintain and build muscle plus burn fat.“

-that’s a reference from a site you can find at the end of this article about Sylvester Stallone.

Right now, I am going to try my best in order to find some real based evidence about this and try to determine if Sylvester Stallone has ever used steroids or any other prohibit drugs. As we all can remember in his younger age while he was playing Rambo and Rocky movies, Sylvester was looking epic without an *abnormal huge* body which proves the fact that you don’t need to be over big to get people’s admiration. B

Before continuing, let’s start with the actor’s body stats. Sylvester Stallone Height is 5 ft 10, his weight is between 163 to 180 lbs and his body fat percentage is between 4 to 8%. His measurements which were taken during his filming in Rambo 2 was – Chest 50”; Waist 30” and Arms 17”.

Sylvester’s muscle size and generally his body looking way during his younger age it is definitely something that any natural guy can achieve without the need to use steroids. It only requires hard work and some decent genetics. Nonetheless, the fact that having perfectly attainable body stats staying natural doesn’t actually mean that he is natural. What do we know for sure is the fact that Sly is very familiar to getting shredded and those who do knows what this means, knows very well that it required a lot of hard work and an extremely disciplined diet and this doesn’t matter to what supplements you may be taking or what steroids you may be using.

Nonetheless, take in consideration that there are cutting steroids which can greatly help with this as they have the power to greatly speed up the fat burning process and to protect your hard earned muscles. So, with all of this being said, are Sly’s gains absolutely all of the natural type or during his career he has started to use steroids?


The Gains Timeline

In order to find out if there’s someone who has ever juiced or not, the most effective way is to check at their personal gains timeline which is a good indicator. By analyzing this, we would be able to see how much muscles the person has built or how much fat the person has burnt over a certain period of time. By analyzing this data in both period of time and muscle gain/ fat burn we can determine if that’s something typical for a juicer or for a natty. As much as we know, a juicer has the opportunity to blow up full of muscles out of a sudden while a natural guy is typical to make small and gradual gains. There are other steroid giveaways but the sudden blow up in muscles in the biggest sign.

Farewell My Lovely 1975

As much as we can see from this photo on the set of some of the very first movies Sly’s been starring – you can see that he has already built quite a good foundation and is having quite a decent level of muscle mass, nonetheless – there’s nothing which would indicate a steroid use, so far.

Rocky 1976

The first movie of the legendary franchise – Rocky was in 1976 where the actor had the big debut. He had to gain a bit of muscles for the role but we can’t say that it is too much different to the previous year. He does have a bit of gain, but there’s still no obvious sign of him using steroids at this point since he didn’t lost weight and he didn’t had any huge amounts of muscle gains.

There is also no significant change in Rocky 2 where he looks pretty much the same as in the first Rocky movie, maybe with a bit of size increase.

Rocky 3 1983

We can notice a little bit of change approximately 6 years later after the Rocky 2 in his next Rocky franchise where Sly is looking leaner, dropping his body fat from approximately 10% to around 8%. It is obvious that dropping body fat you start looking more veiny and the muscle definition has overall increased all over the body. But, even though his body composition seem to be improved with some muscle gains and body fat percentage lost – I still wouldn’t say that there’s anything which would point out he has used steroids as there’s nothing unnatural. I would say that up to this point, there are near to 0 chances he has ever used steroids.

Rocky IV – 1985

After 3 more years our idol – Rocky seem to have lost a lot of body fat percentage. Sylvester has got absolutely shredded during that time and he lost so much fat that he was weighing only 163 lbs. To my opinion, in this movie, this is the best shape of his life. Plus, to my opinion, this is the biggest change he has ever went through from one movie to another.

As much as it seems, Stallone managed to have reduced his body fat from approximately 8% in the Rocky 3 debut to approximately 4 % (twice) in the Rocky 4 debut. Obviously, it only sounds like 4% and it may not sound as much when thinking of 4% of body fat, however when you can reach those low single digits then it is taking a huge difference in the way you look and a huge difference in reaching every single percent.

Stallone is looking literally so ripped in his Rocky 4 debut that I am wondering if he has ever done anything else than just working out and filming. But the most important is that doing all of this is all possible without the need to use steroids. Anyone with decent genetics is able to drop the body fat from 8% to 4% naturally without using anything in the time that you keep your muscle mass. In addition to that, Sly’s not looking super bulked, he just looks big and ripped. Obviously, that’s a big challenge to drop your body fat % to that number whilst not losing your muscle mass, however it can be done with a lot of hard work and dedication without steroids. There are many bodybuilders out there that are getting down their body fat % to 4 or maybe even lower and that’s without them using steroids when they are preparing for a show, I doubt Sylvester wouldn’t be able to do it.

Even if that’s possible for him to have reached it without steroids, there is still some evidence which may suggest that Sylvester Stallone has indeed used cutting agents in the time that he has been getting ripped so much for the Rocky IV. Below, I am going to post a photo of Sylvester becoming very sweaty and having a flushed / red look to his skin and this is a sign of elevated body temperature. It is very well known that steroids are very likely to increase your body temperature, therefore, your skin is getting a red/ flushed look.

Using any of the cutting agents such as clenbuterol and (or) ephedra is usually giving this symptom of red skin and by doing a bit of research through photos of Sylvester during those years, you can see other photos of him with this red skin symptom. Those substances I mentioned earlier are known to stimulate thermogenesis which therefore help you lose fat faster by increase your sweating and your blood pressure. Having a hotter blood and the body trying to cool it down by making it circulate faster (blood pressure), the skin is getting the red look as it is being pushed to the surface of the skin (that’s our body’s natural way of protecting itself so internal organs won’t overheat).

Other things indicating that Sylvester may have used steroids is the fact that Sylvester Stallone has hired Mr Olympia champion Franco Colombu twice in order to help him preparing for Rocky 4. But it is not a secret that Franco was taking steroids, especially since he has been in the same era as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno – all of which were known to be using steroids.

Here is a photo of Franco with obvious signs of using steroids (except for the flushed look to his skin there are a number of other signs as well such as swollen shoulders and others).

So, since Sylvester Stallone had the biggest change in his body composition, has lost a lot of fat, has the red skin symptom which is typical for steroid use and has been trained by a bodybuilder known to widely use steroids – it is very possible that Sly’s been using fat burning steroids such as clenbuterol after Franco may have recommended Sly’s to do it.

Rambo 3 – 1988

3 more years to 1988 and we can still see the red skin going on to Sylvester and in fact, it seems that this red skin symptom is even more pronounced compared to how it used to be 3 years ago. This is what make me think that at this point he may have still been using some fat burning steroids. I doubt he was using any bulking steroids as he doesn’t seem anything more in size. At this point he was 42 years old and I think he looks great for a man at that age.

Demolition Man 1993

5 more years and Sylvester Stallone seem to have big changes, and by saying big I mean really BIG! In the Demolition Man which debuted in 1993 along with Wesley Snipes, Sylvester Stallone looks really really BIG! That’s the first movie where to my opinion he really looks like a beast and although that may be good, that’s an alarming sign for us, trying to determine if he used steroids or not. He has packed on a lot of muscle mass compared to Rambo 3 in 1988 and that’s something I doubt natural guys can achieve. Sylvester was known to train hard for many years which means that he already achieved his newbie gains. Without the help of juices, it is near to impossible to get such a big size.

It is obvious he might have packed a lot much more compared to that and that’s why I think that he doesn’t actually look that he has put on enough mass in order to guarantee that Sly’s been using bulking steroids at that point, for this reason I do think that it was the time when Sly’s has started to use some form of HGH. I do think that it is one of the logical reasons why he has gained quite a good amount of lean muscle tissue the way he did in that photo. I think this way because other bulking steroids such as anadrol or dianabol would most likely make Sylvester even bigger than that.

After the Demolition Man, we can’t say that Sylvester Stallone went through big changes. He has maintained his muscle size pretty much the same and he has been looking pretty same ripped in all other films after Demolition Man such as Rambo 2008, The Expendables and others. Many think that he is on HGH because he managed to keep pretty much same stats and sizes even though he has been in his mid 60s while playing in some movies. To be honest, I do have to agree on the fact that there are big chances he is using HGH. Except for every other evidence I mentioned earlier, there are some changes in terms of his body composition and it is the fact that his waist has become thicker and more bloated. HGH users know very well that this is a very typical and common side effect. The reason is because HGH is Human Growth Hormone causing your body parts growing and it also includes your internal organs as well such as intestines and anything else. Since the internal organs are growing, this is creating a more bloated look to the stomach. That’s why many HGH users call this side effect – HGH gut.

In addition to that, the HGH makes your face change and it does seem that the structure of Sly’s face has changed enough making us assume he did used HGH. What I am talking about is that HGH not only causes your internal organs to grow but as I said, nearly any other organ and it includes your skull and your nose, mostly considerably. Although his nose may not have predominantly changed, we can see in the photo comparison below that Sylvester’s head has got a lot much bigger over the years and is having a bulky appearance and wider jaw all of which are signs that indicate Sly’s may have indeed used HGH.

In the end, except for all the evidence I offered earlier, there’s one last evidence which indicates with an extremely close chances that he was / is indeed using HGH. That’s the fact that in 2007, Sylvester Stallone has been charged with having 48 vials of HGH during the time when he was trying to enter Australia. This is validating the theory he does have experience with using HGH.

Is Sylvester Stallone on Steroids or not?

As a conclusion, technically, Sylvester may not have used ‘steroids’ and that’s mostly because cutting steroid named clenbuterol and HGH aren’t officially classified as anabolic steroids. There is a chance that he has used some steroids between the 1988 to 1993 but there are small chances he has done it. In fact, I think there are very and very low chances that Sylvester Stallone has ever actually used any anabolic steroids at all. However, there are some pretty big chances that he did has used some cutting substances such as clenbuterol and /or ephedrine and there’s more than 90% that he has been or is still using HGH (He did used HGH in the past, but obviously we can’t be sure if he’s still using this compound nowadays). The biggest giveaway is the fact that he has been busted for trying to cross Australia’s border with HGH in 2007 but there are other factors such as red skin, skull/ face changes, bloated side effect as well as some unusual big gains between 1988 to 1993 period and others. For this reason, we can say with almost 100% certainty he has used illegal substances at some point in his life and most likely – after the debut of Rocky 3.

So what exactly Stallone has used?

There’s a very small chance that Stallone has ever used any anabolic steroids.

The chances that he has used some cutting agents such as clenbuterol (most likely) or/ and ephedrine greatly go up.

What’s near for sure that he has used is Human Growth Hormone (HGH) as there are various factors indicating it.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter if Sylvester Stallone has taken illegal drugs/ substances or not as I honestly think that Stallone is a legend and it deserves all of our respect for his great dedication, for his big work done and for being in this amazing shape even in his 70s. The actor may have used HGH and clenbuterol which indeed can help you look better and more ripped, nonetheless, there are millions of other people out there who are using these compounds day by day all over the world but in the end, only a couple of them manage to look like Sylvester Stallone. I think he deserves all our kudos for everything he has done for us – great hours spent watching his movies was an indeed great time.

In addition to that, regardless of how much clen or HGH you may be using, you would never look the way he does (especially in his 70s) without hard work and great dedication alongside with a nearly lifetime diet. And the actor skills won’t be given by using any type of pills or substances.

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