Halotestin shortly called Halo or also sometimes known as Cheque Drops is an orally active anabolic and androgenic steroid. With the chemical name Fluoxymesterone, Halotestin is the strongest steroid that you can use. However, being the strongest doesn’t mean it would help you grow most muscles.

Halotestin is actually a very interesting oral steroid. It is not very popular among bodybuilders looking to grow as many muscles as possible. Nonetheless, it is very effective for people who want to display maximum muscle definition and for sportsmen searching to remain in a certain weight class but enhance their strength and performance. That’s why it is mostly used by competitive athletes and sportsmen, especially fighters.

  • PS: Mike Tyson was believed to be on Halotestin during the famous moment when he bit Evander Holyfield’s ear.

All of that is because Halotestin (Halo) makes you extremely strong and aggressive. It enhances energy levels, drive, and boosts endurance. Without too much increase in size and weight.

On paper, this AAS has some of the highest anabolic and androgenic ratings compared to other steroids.


Nonetheless, it acts differently. For example, the androgenic rating is 850 and the anabolic rating is 1900. This makes it twice as anabolic than androgenic. Yet, its predominant effects are androgen based. Therefore, it is amazing for powerlifting, fighting, or other sports competitions. It increases aggression, strength, and muscle density. That’s why it makes you look really hard with very low body fat as it even helps to burn fat. But it won’t be exceptionally good at building muscle mass and gaining size.

Yet, all of this comes with a price to pay. It has its downsides. Halotestin is known as one of the harshest steroids in terms of androgenic issues and liver toxicity.

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Halotestin Side Effects

Any drug is likely to cause side effects and is obvious that steroids are no exception. Especially powerful steroids like Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone). It is very important to remember

The more powerful the steroid is, the more likely it is to cause more and nastier side effects.

So, Cheque drops can affect you in various ways, but it is best known for their huge hepatotoxic negative effects. That’s why you should try to protect your liver during the use of Halo at all costs.

It is vital for you to understand the risks associated with the use of Halotestin. This compound cannot aromatize into estrogen, so you won’t experience gynecomastia, water retention, bloating, or others.

Nonetheless, other issues associated with the use of steroids are very likely to occur and they can be really bad. Virilization (masculinization) for women, androgenic related side effects, and natural testosterone production for men as well as cardiovascular effects, negative effects on cholesterol and hepatotoxicity can become dangerous.

Halotestin Benefits

If you’re going to take the risk and learn how to properly use Halotestin, then you can expect some benefits. Here are some of them:


  • Comes as oral tablets which are convenient to administer
  • Greatly increases strength levels being perfect for sportsmen and powerlifters
  • Increases drive, energy, and aggression being perfect pre-competition
  • Has some of the most powerful androgenic effects
  • Helps display a grainy and dense look of muscles making it perfect before a show

How to Use Halotestin?

As mentioned, this anabolic steroid comes as oral tablets. The half-life is 9 hours so the total daily dosage is split into 2 doses throughout the day. But some people use it only once a day pre workout.

Being extremely liver toxic, the cycle length of 5-6 weeks is the absolute maximum. 4 weeks is a wiser and safer option. Some people only use it for 2-3 weeks and still get amazing results.

Halotestin dosage is 10-40 mg per day. 40 mg/day is extremely high, don’t use it in a higher dosage. 20 mg/day is the most common dosage. 10 mg/day is for beginners. But I don’t recommend Halotestin to people who never used steroids in the past. This is not a steroid to start your steroids journey.

During the use of Halotestin, I highly recommend using liver protection supplements and avoiding ANYTHING that halotestin-halo-cheque-drops stresses your liver more. Have a clean diet and a good workout plan with a healthy lifestyle. Avoid stacking it with other powerful and/or oral steroids. Stack it with milder injectable compounds. Testosterone is very important during the use of Halo.

Example of Advanced Halotestin cycle of 8 weeks:

Halotestin 30 mg/day only the first 4 weeks

NPP 100 mg/EOD

Testosterone Propionate 50 mg/day

Masteron Propionate 100 mg/day


Halotestin is extremely effective among sportsmen, powerlifters, and people who want to display a dense and hard muscle appearance and/or huge strength levels. While not increasing too much weight and muscles.HALOMED-5-Fluoxymesterone-DEUS-MEDICAL

  • Halotestin is perfect for those who need extra levels of aggression, drive, energy, endurance, and especially strength.
  • But you need to know that this is an extremely powerful compound that is likely to cause side effects. Beware of the side effects and learn to use them correctly.

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