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Finasteride is perhaps the most popular and most effective medication for hair loss purposes. But this is a compound that requires a prescription to obtain. That’s why, if you’re actually suffering from male pattern hair loss – your doctor is likely to offer a prescription of Finasteride.

Nonetheless, if you need the compound to use during the use of anabolic steroids cycles no doctor would offer a prescription of Finasteride. Steroids are likely to shed your hair and you want to keep it safe so Finasteride is what you need.


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In fact, even if you did obtain a prescription for this drug, is still highly recommended to buy Finasteride online. That’s because this way you’re going to save a lot of money compared to buying it in your local drugstore.


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So, regardless what is the reason why you need to buy Finasteride, buy Finasteride online from this site. You can do it absolutely effortlessly, without a prescription, being sure you get the best quality product. Plus, save a lot of money for it as we’re offering the best prices for the product. And all of that being backed up by an excellent customer support team and the fastest shipping options.

  • Buying Finasteride online offers many advantages, as much as you can notice.

Nonetheless, before you actually buy Finasteride online, we highly recommend you to read as much as possible about this compound. Is very important to be prepared for what it has to offer so you need to know why exactly you want to use Finasteride, how to use it properly, what are Finasteride side effects, dosages, and so on and so forth.


What is Finasteride?

Finasteride is the name of active substance in brands Proscar or Propecia (among others) and this is an orally active potent 5alpha-reductase inhibitor (5ARI) of type II. Since it inhibits the enzyme 5a-reductase, the compound is preventing the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

As a result, serum DHT levels are reduced as a result of running Finasteride.

What is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)?


Dihydrotestosterone is a sex hormone and a very powerful androgenic hormone. The hormone is extremely important in a male’s body, especially for sexual characteristics.

Low levels of DHT are capable of offering nasty issues. But high levels of DHT might lead to various issues related to hair loss and prostate enlargement.

Uses of Finasteride

Taking into consideration that Finasteride lowers DHT and high levels of DHT are related to hair loss and enlargement of the prostate – it is quite obvious that Finasteride is helpful for such purposes.

  • That’s why Finasteride is either used for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) or for male pattern baldness.

There are other uses of Finasteride, but these are by far the most popular ones. In bodybuilding, the compound is used during the cycle of steroids to protect the head hair, being considered a hair loss prevention drug.

Administration of Finasteride

We highly recommend you to use Finasteride exactly as recommended by the doctor in case it was prescribed to you. You can buy Finasteride online from, but in case it is used for health conditions – use exactly as it was told.

In case you go for Finasteride to prevent hair loss during the cycle of anabolic steroids, most people run 1 mg a day for as long as the cycle length is.

Don’t run it for longer or in higher doses because you increase the risks of side effects.


Side Effects of Finasteride

As mentioned, DHT is a powerful and important hormone. Suppressing its levels too much, for too long or/ and too quickly is likely you would develop side effects. Especially sexual related ones.

Common side effects (with an incidence of about 8%) are related to sexual issues. Different men get different issues like:

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Impotence
  • Inability to reach climax

There are other possible issues too such as decreased muscle mass, mood swings, or even depression and others.


Is very important to learn how to use Finasteride properly and if you need to use it at all.

In whatever the case, to buy Finasteride online for sale at the best prices, you can do it directly on

You’ll save money and get the best quality compound. But then again, be sure that you need it, how to use it, and what side effects to expect.

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