Exemestane represent a steroidal aromatase inhibitor that comes in oral forms.

This drug decrease production of estrogen in the human body attaching to the aromatase enzyme responsible for estrogen synthesization, and block it.

The same as all aromatase inhibitors, Exemestane is used in medical major for treating breast cancer in women that are in their post-menopausal period.

Between bodybuilders Exemestane is well known and often used because of its proprieties of blocking estrogen production. Excess of estrogen provoke such side effects as water retention, acne or gynocomastia, this substance will help to avoid them.

Exemestane act different than the substances from same category, it have proprieties to decrease estrogen production for about 85%. It doesn’t stop the body from producing estrogen, Exemestane work so that the estrogen is unable to bind to receptors by deactivating the binding enzyme.

Exemestane can be used in cutting cycle.

In most cases in order to avoid lose of achieved results it is used by athletes and bodybuilders in Post Cycles Terapy. It was noticed that this substance raise natural testosterone levels for about 60%. Some bodybuilders prefer to combine it with Novalex in order to obtain better effects.

Exemestane reaches steady blood plasma levels of after a week of administration and this is also when we see it begin its maximal effect on reducing circulating estrogen levels.

Exemestane is considered to be one of the most potent aromatase inhibitors available in our time.

Effective and most often dose used by male bodybuilders is 25mg per day.

Side effects that can occur after administrating Exemestane are: hair loss, hot flushes, diarrhea, skin inflammations.

Exemestane is produced by such pharmaceutical companies as:

GP Exemestane by Geneza Pharmaceuticals

Exedrol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Aromadex by Sciroxx

Exeplex by Axiolabs

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