Eat to keep your body tuned

To keep your body in check or improving for the better a little bit of thought will go a long way. If you’ve been looking for the best ways to keep your eating plan and goals on track here are some foundations that will do you proud.

Plan ahead.
The key to a lean body really is all about preparation, always think at least a few hours ahead of each meal so you aren’t faced with making a decision when the hunger pangs are in full force. When that happens most people will crumble and go for whatever they can quickly get their hands on. Do what you can to prevent this and think ahead. Planning your meals the night or day before this happens is the best way.

Cook extra.
Which leads me to my next point. Cook more food. No, not for eating at your next meal, but when you have organised yourself for some time in the kitchen why not make use of some time efficiency and cook a bit extra for additional meals. Maybe some more chicken, rice, pasta and vegetables? The extra amounts can be frozen or refrigerated so it’s there when you need it. I know some people like to do an entire weeks worth of cooking all in one session. It saves them a lot of time during the week and also keeps their eating honest.

Empty the pantry.
If it’s there I’ll eat it. For me to keep myself safe I find the best way is to remove temptation so it’s not staring at me as soon as I open the pantry door. You can seriously sabotage progress by having any ‘off the plan’ foods within easy reach. The simple solution is to clear out all those high sugar and high fat snacks. Either put them in a safe place – and if it that’s not safe enough for you then send the junk someone else’s way.

Prepare your own food.
It can seem like a science when it comes to interpreting some nutrition and ingredient panels. They are becoming increasingly confusing as food manufacturers try to outwit us disguising particular ingredients in attempts to ‘talk up’ their products. Such deceit is seen on a plethora of protein bars and other so called health nutrition products. More often than not there is a lot more to the story than will be admitted clearly to you… As most of us aren’t food scientists and unable to distinguish the difference between good and bad the moral of the story is there could be hidden factors setting your progress back that you are unaware of. Eat natural, and prepare your own food as often as you can.

Ease up on alcohol.
This is a topic I get asked about constantly, so it’s worth a mention. Some people are of the belief that any alcohol they drink can easily be remedied with some extra cardio or by restricting calories elsewhere. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as calories in versus calories out. When it comes to the body it’s always complex. Alcohol consumption alters your ‘biological clock’ and hormonal systems. The repercussions of one night ‘on the turps’ can be felt for days or even weeks before returning to normal. Don’t kid yourself, if you’re really wanting to maintain a leaner body then moderation is definitely the key.

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