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Dianabol is an androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) that is considered the most famous and widely used steroid in the world for physique and performance enhancement purposes (AAS). All bodybuilders heard about Dianabol because the compound is extremely effective at growing lean muscle mass and boosting strength levels and doing it fast.

Nonetheless, there seem to be Dianabol supplements too and many people seem to search for such compounds in an attempt to get the physique and performance enhancement benefits but as the companies manufacturing Dianabol supplements claim: they are supplements so they are not offering any side effects.

So well, it looks a bit confusing? Read the article below.

First confusing thing: is Dianabol anabolic steroid or supplements? What is the difference?

Well, Dianabol is actually an orally active steroid. Dianabol is just the brand name (most people call it shortly Dbol) but the active substance (chemical name) is Methandrostenolone or also known as Methandienone.


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If a product is not containing the active substance (chemical) regardless how is it called – the compound is not effective.

Now, what contains Dianabol supplements? Well, natural products, with no Methandienone in it.

Second confusing thing: If Dianabol supplements and Dianabol steroids are containing different compounds, do they work the same?

If you’re going to read what the manufacturers of Dianabol supplements say then yes, but the obvious truth is: no. How can some supplements work the exact same as an actual anabolic steroid? Methandienone is the substance that is boosting / inhibiting various processes in the body.

It creates the perfect anabolic environment in the body by boosting nitrogen retention, protein synthesis rate and offers many other positive effects.

Supplements and natural compounds found in them can’t help with such things.


You just can’t compare the benefits of those natural products that “may help only a bit” to those of actual Dianabol which is greatly boosting the strength levels and is allowing you to gain muscle mass way more efficiently and extremely fast. Actual and real Dianabol can make you grow muscles super fast, unlike Dianabol supplements, which may barely offer any benefits at all.

Another confusing thing: Dianabol steroids are offering negative side effects, Dianabol supplements seem to offer none, isn’t it a good thing?

Yes, that’s true – Dianabol steroids do offer side effects and Dianabol supplements do not offer side effects. It seems that’s the only true thing about Dianabol supplements. And the reason why they do not offer side effects is very simple: they do not work efficiently. How can something offer side effects without working almost at all?

That’s why Dianabol supplements are so popular. The manufacturing companies of these Dianabol supplements tell customers that they are 100% legal because they are 100% side effects free and they claim that they are working as actual Dianabol steroids.

People who never had experience with actual real Dianabol steroids don’t know that they are scammed, yet people who did had previous experiences with real Dianabol know that the supplements do not stand anywhere near in terms of potency and benefits.


  • In short, people without experience are getting in a way or another scammed into thinking that Dianabol supplements are working the same way as actual Dianabol steroids without the side effects and that’s completely wrong.

Whist is true that they do not offer side effects, they are nowhere near the potency of Dianabol. They definitely do not help you to grow as much muscles, as fast and as efficiently, making you so ripped, muscular and big, with an overall crazy amount in terms of strength gains.

Supplements is a way to rip people’s money and we do not recommend them. They are only good for those who are afraid of side effects or those who are having anti doping tests. Yet, even there, they are not very effective to grow muscles.


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Dianabol itself is crazy good at offering crazy amounts of muscles and strength, making you feel and look good with overall boost in confidence.

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