Dianabol Steroid

Dianabol is by far one of the most popular and widely used anabolic steroids on the market. Dianabol steroid actually contains Methandienone (Methandrostenolone) because Dianabol is just the brand name. Often, Dianabol steroid is shortly called Dbol. But in the end, regardless of what’s the brand name, as long as there’s Methandienone (Methandrostenolone) active substance – it’s all Dianabol steroid.

This compound is considered a “dummy proof” anabolic steroid because almost anyone can cycle with it and see good results really fast. In addition to that, Dianabol steroid is considered one of the cheapest steroids out there. Especially if you’re going to buy it from AnabolicMuscles.com.

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Dbol is considered the most used and among the most effective anabolic steroids in the history of bodybuilding.


Dianabol Steroid Profile


Dianabol (Methandienone) is coming almost exclusively as an oral pill. There are some injectable versions of Methandienone (Methandrostenolone) but they are having very low success. That’s because injections have no advantages over pills but they do have disadvantages. It is the fact they should be injected daily (even multiple times a day) in combination with painful injections among most users.

So, Dianabol steroid comes as a pill. It is a testosterone derived steroid with 2 differences.

  1. Has a double bond to carbon 1-2 positions
  2. Is C17 alpha alkylated (methylated)

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This makes Dianabol an oral testosterone version with minor changes. These changes were designed to make Dianabol more anabolic and less androgenic and estrogenic. While Dbol is indeed more anabolic and less androgenic, ended more estrogenic than testosterone. About 50% more anabolic and in half androgenic compared to testosterone.

Advantages of Dianabol Steroid

There are 2 biggest benefits of running a Dianabol cycle:

  1. Bulking up (packing on muscle mass)
  2. Strength increase (you can lift more)

With this being said, users are going to get bigger and get more strength. They can bench more and they would weigh more too, even if you plateaued from gains. But there are many other benefits too such as enhanced mood and motivation, more pumps, much faster recovery, boosted endurance, and many others.


Side Effects of Dianabol Steroid

As it was said, Dbol ended up being way more estrogenic than it was supposed to be. This is why some of the most common side effects people report during a Dianabol cycle are estrogen related.

The estrogen occurs due to the high aromatization liability of the steroid. Nevertheless, if you would add aromatase inhibitors (anti estrogen medication) to the cycle, you would be able to control these issues. Water retention, high blood pressure, bloating, gynecomastia are some of the common Dbol side effects.

Except for that, Dianabol is liver toxic. It is an orally active steroid and that’s quite obvious. We highly recommend adding liver protection to the entire Dianabol cycle.

One more thing to mention – Dbol, like any other steroid, suppresses the natural production of testosterone. That’s why it is very important to run Dianabol with a testosterone base and to have a PCT plan after each cycle.

Androgen related issues might occur too. Such as aggression, hair loss, acne, and others. But Dbol is not really bad in these side effects because it is less androgenic.


Dianabol Steroid Administration

As said, Dbol is only used as pills. Injections are very unpopular and we wouldn’t recommend them.

Methandienone has a half life of 3-6 hours. That’s why it is recommended to split the total daily dosage into 2-4 mini dosages used evenly apart throughout the day.

The dosage of Dianabol for bulking up is between 20 mg and 80 mg a day. Rarely more or less. The sweet spot for most people is 50 mg a day.dbol-dianabol-danabol-methandienone-xeno-labs

Cycle length with Dianabol shouldn’t exceed 8 weeks. Often used in 4 or 6 weeks, maximum 8 weeks.

Always use Testosterone with Dianabol and liver protection. Have anti estrogens handy to add just in case. PCT plan after a cycle to avoid a crash of testosterone.

  • Dianabol steroid is amazing. Is a historical compound that has helped a lot of bodybuilders get an impressive amount of muscles. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself is believed to use Dianabol in his prime to help him pack on muscle mass!

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