Dianabol And Testosterone Cycle

A lot of men all over the world are resorting to the use of powerful anabolic steroids in order to boost their physical powers and add muscles to their frame and there are 2 steroids that truly stand out compared to all others – Dianabol and Testosterone.

These are extremely powerful, helpful and famous anabolic steroids and no wonder that they are stacked together in lot of different cycles. With this being said, Dianabol and Testosterone cycle is one of the most famous anabolic steroid cycle in the world.

Today we would write an article about Dianabol and Testosterone Cycle.

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  • Dianabol is considered the most famous steroid all over the world for physique and performance enhancement purposes because the compound is capable to add a huge amount of muscles with crazy boost in strength levels in a very short period of time.
  • Testosterone is the most important hormone when talking about getting muscles and getting powerful. This hormone is crucial in the process of muscle building and typical sign of men with low testosterone levels is – no muscles whilst a typical sign of men with high testosterone levels is – huge muscles and very powerful.

Dianabol and Testosterone cycle is going to offer huge results in terms of muscle growth and strength boost. It offers many different physical and psychological benefits.

Your body is going to go through a big transformation and you would feel and perform overall better.

Starting from beginners up to professional bodybuilders – everyone is going to highly benefit from a Dianabol and Testosterone cycle.


Why Not Using Dianabol And Testosterone Separately?

Dianabol, in fact, is not recommended to be administered without the use of Testosterone base steroid.

That’s because Dianabol is an anabolic steroid that is suppressing natural testosterone production. When Dbol is used alone, in a short period your body is not going to produce enough testosterone and this would lead to low testosterone condition and that’s the athletes’ worst nightmare.

If you reach low testosterone when using Dianabol alone, your cycle is going to start going downwards. That’s because without T, you receive the exact opposite of what you were searching for: instead of muscle gains you would lose them, instead of getting strength you would get weaker etc.


That’s the reason why Testosterone is very important to be added to a Dianabol cycle. Dianabol alone is used only by beginners to experiment with it. Usually maximum 4 weeks and maximum 30-40 mg a day.

Testosterone alone cycle is going to be much safer and that’s why there are still people who prefer it and still go through solo testosterone cycles.

Yet, when talking about the effectiveness of Testosterone alone and added Dianabol – the difference is huge.

Dianabol is a steroid that would offer extremely fast results and extremely huge results in terms of muscle gains and strength gains – much bigger than those compared to testosterone.

Dianabol and Testosterone Cycle Explained

After you used Dianabol alone and Testosterone alone (in order to experiment with them and see how your body reacts to them and to get accustomed to their effects) you can start combining them together in a cycle.

  • Dianabol comes as orally active steroid with half life of 3-6 hours and should be used 3-4 times a day. Split total daily dosage in even doses. Dosage is anywhere between 30-80 mg a day, with 50 mg daily being the sweet spot. Cycle length with Dianabol shouldn’t go over 8 weeks, but most people stop at 4-6 weeks.
  • Testosterone dosage is usually anywhere between 350 mg and 750 mg per week, with 500 mg weekly being the sweet spot. Cycle length usually is 8-12 weeks, but sometimes can be even longer. The half life of testosterone depends on the type of testosterone you want to add.


Most common testosterone ester added during the Dianabol and Testosterone cycle is either Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate or Sustanon. A long based one.

With this being said, you use Testosterone once or twice per week whilst Dianabol daily.

Testosterone is used during the entire 8-12 weeks cycle whilst Dianabol is usually stopped at 6 weeks. Dbol can be added in the “middle” of the cycle to make you continue growing, but is most commonly added in the beginning to work as a kick starter to gain muscles and strength.

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