Development of strong and powerful legs

Unfortunately, nowadays most men have long forgotten about their childhood dreams, and prefer to spend their whole lives working in cramped and stuffy offices. Bodybuilding is necessary for them! The potential for the development of muscles has absolutely every one of us, and therefore it must be realized.

This article is dedicated to powerful legs or in other words “foundation” of every bodybuilder. I just want to ask a question. Looking at photos of bodybuilders and athletes, did you ever notice which part of body compared to the others gets fewer loads? Quite right, it’s legs! Most bodybuilders’ legs require a very serious workout. Why? Because hips and calves determines the power of the body. Without a solid foundation it is impossible to build a second floor. Effective workout for legs requires a lot of physical energy, and brings so much pain, what you can’t imagine.

Legs for an athlete are a very important part of the body. In legs are concentrated most of the power and strength. By the way, as shown by recent studies, legs are the most attractive part of the body, after the abdominal muscles. Who would have thought? But really, well-developed legs are a truly awesome sight!

Anyone can relatively easily “build” chest or ABS, but legs require significantly more work. This muscle group is the most massive muscle containing the greatest number of fibers, and to give it shape and relief it is necessary strong stimulation, a good stretching and low fat.
It doesn’t matter who says and what, but if you do not build your legs, you are not a real bodybuilder. So now you know how important the “foundation” is in human body. Now let’s see what exercise we need to proper train our legs.

What does hate almost all bodybuilders, and with what begin workout any real bodybuilder? Correctly – with squats! Squats are the main exercise of any training program for the legs. If you invest in squat maximum effort with the utmost intensity, then you can safely forget about any other exercises for legs.

Of course a great pity that not all athletes of one reason or another, can do squats, so we have to include in training program a few more exercises. Squats can cause very severe pain and discomfort, but those who understand the importance and value of this exercise, should in advance dispose themselves.

So, if you have problems with back or knees, then Leg Press on the press leg machine is an excellent alternative to squatting. In addition, work on the press leg machine allows you to work with large weights. But remember to never sacrifice proper technique for more weight!
The next exercise, you must include in your training is Barbell Lunges. Great – that’s all I can say about this exercise. The results you get compensate the pain you will have to endure. This exercise affects the glutes, hip flexors and quadriceps. Lunges will really lift you to a higher level, but as I said, first of all, watch for proper technique. Many elite athletes are supporters of this exercise, and once you include them in your training, you will find that your muscles are “grown up” in just a week. And finally, the last exercise – Extension of the legs on the machine.

In conclusion let’s talk about the calves. Three key exercises for this muscle group – that’s all you need. In the first week – Standing Calf Raise, next week change it to Donkey Calf Raise Machine, and a week later to Seated Calf Raise. This is the basic exercises for the calves. Standing Calf Raises develop the upper part of the calf, while the other two exercises give a V shape to bottom of the leg; that expands and gradually turns into muscle. Many athletes have problems with calves as long as do not include in their training these last two exercises.

A simple training programs for training legs muscle:

Program # 1

Barbell Lunges: 2 X 6 – 8

Squats: 1 x 20

Extension of the legs on the machine: 1 X 4 – 6

Standing Calf Raises: 2 x 4 – 6

Seated Calf Raises: 2 x 4 – 6

Program # 2

Squat: 2 X 6 – 8

Barbell Lunges: 2 X 6 – 8

Leg Press on the press leg machine 1 X 4 – 6

Standing Calf Raises: 2 x 6 – 8

Donkey Calf Raise Machine: 2 X 4 – 6

You can execute these programs in any order, rearrange the sequence of exercises as you are comfortable, and in any case it will bring results.

As I said before, legs are very powerful and strong muscle group, and therefore needs more stimulus, which, of course, involves the use of large weights. Perform each approach “to failure” and you’ll soon turn your legs into a pair of powerful “pillars.”

Written by: Golden Muscles
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