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If you’ve been searching for Cytomel reviews we can assume that you’re interested in administering this compound. However, you might have noticed that most of Cytomel reviews online are from people who need the compound for a specific health condition, usually that’s underactive thyroid is hypothyroidism.

That may be a problem taken in consideration that if you’re here, you are interested in Cytomel reviews from people who use it for their physique and performance enhancement needs. That’s a problem because the administration protocol is different for Liothyronine Sodium and this leads to different results, especially taken in consideration that the compound would work differently for a person with normal T3 levels and for those who are having low T3 levels.

Luckily, there is a good number of Cytomel reviews from people who used it for weight and fat loss purposes and most of them are positive indicating that people have successful cycles when talking about weight loss.


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Nonetheless, is important to mention that Liothyronine T3 is going to be effective only for as long as is being administered properly. Except for the fact that you need to learn how to properly run Cytomel T3 in terms of dosage and cycle length, there are other factors to take in consideration too.

For example, the compound is going to be effective only if you are dieting and working out regularly. This is not a magical product that would shred fat without dieting and training. It increases levels of T3 which hence boosts your metabolism. Since you have enhanced metabolism – that would make everything in your body work harder, demanding more “fuel”. Calories are the main source of energy and since calories are burned faster and more efficiently – the weight loss process is boosted.

But if you don’t train and diet, there’s no point in increased metabolism other than health purposes.


In fact, Cytomel is even more effective for people who are already dieting and training for a while and they decide to add Liothyronine. That’s because is in our DNA for the body to inhibit the production of T3 in order to make your body demand less fuel when you are dieting as it enters into the “starvation mode”. This is a defense mechanism against starvation ever since prehistoric era.

  • When you’re dieting, the T3 is slowly decreased and that’s one of the main reasons why, with time, we see less results from dieting. However, when Cytomel is added, your levels of T3 stays high. That’s why the compound is mostly effective for those who are dieting and training and doing it for a while.

Cytomel Dosage

Except for what was mentioned earlier, if you want to be among those who would write “good Cytomel reviews” you need to learn how to run it properly. Cytomel dosage is ranged between 25 mcg a day and 100 mcg a day for fat loss needs and rarely lower and not recommended higher. You need to start with the lower end to make sure that your body responds well to its administration.

You should slowly increase the dosage with time. In addition to that, a lot of people use the same gradual method to stop the administration.


That’s because the way steroids inhibit natural testosterone production – Liothyronine administration inhibits natural T3 production. If you have an abrupt stop, there’s a high chance you would go hypothyroidism as you don’t have any more external source of T3 and the thyroid gland doesn’t produce T3 the way it should anymore.

Other than that, Cytomel cycle should not exceed 10 weeks or absolute maximum 12 weeks.

Most people run it for 6-8 weeks with great success. That’s because there’s a risk that your thyroid gland would get used to the “external source of T3” and it won’t fully recover back after too prolonged administration.


Once again, Cytomel reviews indicate the compound is very effective at burning fat and losing weight, but you firstly need to learn how to properly run it.

If you need more guidance, ask our customer support team as we’re a team of professionals ready to help you both with some cycle advice as well as allowing you to get best quality Cytomel T3 (Liothyronine Sodium) products for the lowest prices. This way, using you have everything you need for going through a proper cycle and without spending too much money.

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