Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate (methylguanidine-acetic acid): is a substance produced by our organism with the aim of energy potential replenishment. It’s synthesized from arginine and glycine in the liver, pancreatic gland and kidneys. We can find get it from meat and fish.

Creatine monohydrate replenishes muscle energy supply (ATP)

ATP is a molecule that carries a charge of energy. This energy is released in our muscles due to the fact that one ATP molecule loses one phosphate. As soon as all ATP molecules are used phosphokreatine takes its effect: it gives out its phosphates to ADP molecules and by doing this phosphokreatine charges them with energy and turns them back into ATP molecules.

Recent researches showed that the more muscle creatine is stored in cells the more the ATP molecule recovery speed is and, consequently, the higher muscle energy potential is.

Creatine monohydrate speeds up the process of protein synthesis and increases our body weight

It’s known that Creatine monohydrate intensifies protein synthesis in muscular cells (due to additional water inflow) making them stronger and increasing their volume. In the result of this, muscles become ‘superhydrated’ and it causes increased synthesis of protein and glycogen and reduces the probability of protein damaging.

When and how should we take Creatine monohydrate?

If you have never tried it before you can start with ‘heightened’ doses of 5gr 4 times a day during 5 days. This will lead to significant increase of Creatine monohydrate in your muscles. After this ‘charging’ phase you should switch to a regular 5gr of Creatine monohydrate 40 minutes before a training session and 5gr in rest days.

The idea of ‘charging’ lies in the fact that you take increased doses of Creatine monohydrate during several starting days; after this you take ordinary doses for a period of several weeks. Researches showed that this taking method guarantees the maximum effect. The most optimal variant of ‘charging’ is given below:

• Charging:

10gr (5+5) a day during 5 days

5gr a day during 5 days

3gr a day during 7 days

• Continuation of taking:

2gr a day during 5 weeks

Creatine monohydrate acts even more effective when you take it together with simple carbohydrates. It happens because each time our organism gets carbohydrates it starts producing insulin that, in its turn, assists Creatine monohydrate accumulation in our muscles.

It’s efficient to take Creatine monohydrate together with a kind of sweet drink containing a spoon of sugar and eat some fruit after it. You shouldn’t dissolve Creatine monohydrate in boiling liquid because high temperatures destroy Creatine monohydrate molecules.

Summarizing: Creatine monohydrate gives us power to train, strengthening our muscles and assists recovery processes. Some scientists even consider that a connection between Creatine monohydrate and anabolic processes exists. So, you can be positive about this supplement.

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