Chris Jones (bodybuilder): Natural or Steroids?

When talking about Chris Jones try not to confuse him with the American professional football player as we are going to talk about the bodybuilder Chris Jones from Physiques of Greatness. He is the founder of Physiques of Greatness which is a popular YouTube channel and a Facebook page. That’s because, thanks to the way Chris Jones physique is looking like and thanks to the fact he gives advices on how people can make their bodies look better, he managed to build an army of fans as he is having more than 730,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 380,000 likes on his Facebook page! So Chris is swole, has an amazing body, gives advices and has a lot of fans! I think this is amazing!

Chris has also provided his own personal trainer services on his website and in addition to that, he didn’t stopped and started running his own clothing line which is called Pump Chasers. But Physiques of Greatness is also having their own supplement line too which is stocked by supplement giants such as the Tiger Fitness, Predator Nutrition as well as Muscle & Strength. This is all amazing, but we would try to find out if steroids ever played a role in his life. Beforehand, we decided to check his stats: Chris Jones’ Stats include a height of 5 ft 7 and a weight anywhere between 177 to 200 lbs.

Being a famous person thanks to your muscles it is impossible to avoid speculations online, but Chris seem to be, ESPECIALLY investigated. The only steroid policemen started the big speculation mostly because Chris is really jacked and yet, he never competed in any bodybuilding shows – why is that? Not ever competing in bodybuilding shows means that he hasn’t ever been drug tested. Haters obviously say that it is because he’s afraid he won’t pass them. But only because a big guy doesn’t pass drug tests obviously doesn’t mean 100% he’s a juicer. We would try to find evidences proving it. So, is Chris only a genetically gifted guy who doesn’t need to compete in shows, or he is hiding the steroid use in order to make his own brand bigger – famous and get more money?


He Denies Steroid Use

Before continuing my investigation I decided to check what he says himself about this taboo topic and I did found out that Chris has openly come out on the YouTube channel and discussed about it while saying that he is all 100% natural! But it is obvious that anyone can lie on a camera and say that he is a natural guy while this is not true (as seen in several other cases with other bodybuilders), but this is just not the norm.

It is important to mention that I have also found that there are guys who are taking steroids and they tend to avoid such questions because of the unwanted stress, instead they try to talk indirectly about this topic (usually, in some kind of riddle form), like for example Kali Muscle and Matt Ogus have been doing in the past. That’s because talking about it directly saying that you are all natural while you’re not, you may give signs showing that you’re lying.

But, just imagine if you would be a huge famous guy and if you were all natural and started to get a lot of troll online by different people every day, calling you a liar and saying that you are taking steroids… you may ignore them but you wouldn’t last too much to my opinion, especially if you knew that this can hurt your reputation and your status… how would you react in such a case?

If it was me, I personally would want to let everybody know the truth instead of letting trolls discrediting my hard work. I would do it by saying I’m a natural with every photo I upload and I would definitely talk about it directly. That’s what Chris has done by uploading a video on his YouTube channel. You can check it below:

By carefully analyzing the video, it does seem as if Chris has come across as very genuine guy in the video where it looks like he’s saying the truth. Nonetheless, that’s definitely not enough evidence which could allow me to say that he is a natural as it is still possible that he may be lying. That’s why, we should continue doing the research and find other evidences.

No Signs of Steroids

I have analyzed a lot of photos and video with Chris Jones and from checking his body I could not see any obvious signs of steroid use and that would be really hard to avoid if he did used steroids. Usually, anyone who run at least a few cycles of steroids would get at least a few symptoms which can be seen on their bodies with naked eyes. Some of the most common side effects that are very hard to avoid if you do juice include: incredibly dry; getting gyno; extremely vascular; baldness; water retention; getting overly developed traps/ shoulders; bloating/ blocky midsection; insanely shredded and others. As much as I noticed by checking lots of his photos – he doesn’t have any of them.

As much as it is seen, Chris Jones is not having that dry/ shredded photoshopped look unlike many other steroid users that do have it. Even though he is actually looking pretty smooth, despite the fact that his muscle bellys does look to be full; he is not having that 3D look, like Chul Soon or Bradley Martyn have. These guys are one of the best examples out there with the 3D look – a steroid symptom.

But in the same time, only due to the fact that there’s somebody who is not having any obvious visual signs of steroid use, it doesn’t automatically mean that they are actually natural. There are some certain steroids gym rats that are taking it and they are still looking all natural, and they might be taking such things as dianabol and testosterone. It very much depends on how your body responds to you and how wisely you are using it.

This perfectly explains why Arnold Schwarzenegger was looking so good even though he was taking steroids. The steroids he was taking was not giving him a distended gut or make him look as if he is super dry, as seen in other bodybuilders out there. As a result of this, Arnie including other guys from that era, were not having that “artificial” look.

The Epic Transformation

The moment when it all started for Chris Jones to become trolled and called out to take steroids is when he has uploaded a photo with epic transformation from fat to ripped. A lot of guys in the bodybuilding community started to call him out after it saying that he couldn’t do it without the help of steroids. Here’s the photo that he posted online that I am talking about:

This transformation is very similar to the weight loss transformation that Jamie Alderton managed to achieve which has also resulted in him getting ripped and it is obvious that he didn’t avoided people calling him out. As a result, Jamie got the natty status.

Well, the reason why people might be thinking that Chris has used steroids during that transformation is because they are thinking he has built up a lot of muscle amounts. That’s completely wrong and totally false. He didn’t. After I’ve been reading those accusations it was clear to me that a lot of people simply do not understand that Chris was already carrying a big amount of muscle in the before picture. It is only the fact that he was also carrying a big amount of fat too which “covered” the muscles. So, everything that he has done is to lose that fat (again, which was covering his muscle definition) while he was retaining the muscle that he managed to add during his bulk. That’s definitely nothing “out-of-space” as it is easily accomplished by any natural bodybuilder in case you know what you are doing.

What I’m trying to say is that if Chris had added 10 lbs of muscle and had lost 30 lbs of fat at the same time then this would have been a clear sign of steroid use; nonetheless; he hadn’t added any muscle amount whatsoever – everything that he has done is to lose fat. So let’s check it further.

Chris’ Gains Timeline

If you’re following these articles you might have noticed that I’m always checking people’s gains timeline and that’s because having a look at the certain person’s gains over a period of several years it is by far one of the most effective way to find out if he is taking steroids or not.

As I explained this while writing about other people in other articles – if there is somebody who is building a lot of muscles because of the newbie gains (when the person just starts to lift weights), the he plateaus for many years without too much gains then he is all natural, but if that person all of a sudden is blowing up once again with a lot of muscle mass then you can know for sure that the guy is juicing up. A sign of a natty bodybuilder is when the person’s gains are very slow and steady long after they have firstly started to lift off weights. With all of this being said, let’s check what are the gains of Chris Jones and here are some photos which can help us:

So, as much as we can see, back in 2009 Chris Jones has already been lifting weights and as much as it can be seen, he is already in a great shape. This suggests that he has been plateaued from newbie gains by 2009. Nonetheless, we can still see him that he’s 40 lbs heavier the next year. But, that’s still not a steroid sign. Why? He said himself that he spent a whole year extremely bulking and that’s how he has put on 40 lbs, it is very easily noticed that those are not 40 lbs of lean muscle mass, in which case we could know that he’s juicing. That’s because gaining like 40 lbs of pure muscle mass in only a year (for someone who is natural and has already plateaued from newbie gains) is something impossible. But gaining a lot of mass in fat is definitely possible. And as much as we can see, his body fat percentage has increased a lot at that point and it shows that most of the gains in weight that he had was fat gain.

Nonetheless, we can still see that in 2011 (another year further), when he has lost the fat, he has added 17 lbs compared to 2009. It looks like it is lean muscle (however I still think that in 2009 his body fat percentage was lower – compare his abs) which means that he gained a bit less than 17 lbs of lean muscle mass as the result of that incredible bulk. I do think that such types of gains are surely achievable for a natural guy if you are performing aggressive bulks like that one. I know it because I did it myself, bulked to gain around 40 lbs and at the end of my cut I have been around 15 lbs heavier compared to how I used to be in the past. There are many other guys which can prove it.

But the best example is CT Fletcher which is a strong evidence that “eating big to get big” is not a myth.

Black Genetics

In addition to everything, it is very well known the fact that on average, black men are having better genetics when it is coming to build up muscles. The reason for that is because they are having some higher levels of testosterone if comparing to white and Asian men. The same applies to the black women, this is the reason how they are naturally having more curves in comparison to white women.

By saying this, I am trying to give evidences proving that it is not something abnormal for a black man to be genetically gifted as Chris Jones is. There are many other guys out there which serve as perfect examples suggesting that black bodybuilders can get huge naturally thanks to their genetics; such guys include: CT Fletcher, Donte Franklin, Simeon Panda and many others.

Verdict: Chris Jones is a Natty

My conclusion (verdict) suggesting that Chris Jones is a natty is based on the fact that I found no evidences which could suggest that he is actually taking steroids. In fact, the evidences suggest that he’s actually natural. That’s because Chris is having absolutely no visual steroid symptoms whatsoever on his body, something that a juicer can have, but it is a very rare phenomenon to avoid getting symptoms of steroids while using them. Another thing is that he is not extremely big (abnormally), for a genetically gifted back male. Plus, his gains timeline also indicate he is all natural. He has made only very slow and gradual gains over the years and the those gains that he has made since he plateaued from newbie gains is a good testament to his intense bulking and a lot of hard work he went through in the gym.

Just remember that genetics are playing an extremely important factors because there may be a lot of other guys out there who may be training and eating the same as Chris but still not reach the same size as he did. Not trying to say that this is all thanks ONLY to his genetics because having good genetics and working your ass off a lot of years to fulfill it are 2 different things.

Tell us your opinion about Chris Jones in the comments section below. If you think I’ve missed some evidences proving that he is taking steroids, please write them there. A lot of thanks to the following sources:

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