Cabergoline For Men

Cabergoline is a medication that is mostly used for lowering down high levels of prolactin hormone circulating in the blood. This is an orally active drug that is coming as a pill. It is given as a prescription for patients suffering from high levels of prolactin. It can be used by both men and women for the purpose of hyperprolactinemia.

Depending on what exactly you’re aiming for, Cabergoline might be used for different purposes. It is mostly sold as brand Dostinex, Caber, or Cabaser, including many others.

cabaser-1mg Cabergoline for men specifically, is mostly used for the purpose of dealing with prolactin based gynecomastia as well as low sex drive due to high prolactin levels.

Regardless of gender, Cabergoline is used for various medical purposes. Such as treating prolactin-producing tumors or for Parkinson’s disease. Can be used for restless legs syndrome, can be used as adjunctive therapy of acromegaly as well as other uses.

Cabergoline for women specifically, is given when high levels of prolactin are causing symptoms such as unwanted breast milk, missed periods, or may actually cause difficulties becoming pregnant too. It can be used for the treatment of uterine fibroids as well as milk termination for whatever reason.

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Cabergoline in Bodybuilding

Usually, high levels of prolactin in men can occur when steroids such as Trenbolone or Nandrolone are used. That’s because they can convert into prolactin. That’s why Cabergoline for men can be extremely effective when such steroids are used.

  • Therefore, it is highly recommended to have this medication handy if you’re planning to run a cycle with such steroids.

Generally, for bodybuilding purposes, Cabergoline for men is known as the compound that can elevate your sex drive. Prolactin based gynecomastia is rarely occurring. Nonetheless, is very common for lots of users to get their sex drive killed. The compound Cabergoline is known to greatly help with such needs.


Cabergoline For Men Dosage and Administration

Cabergoline (Dostinex or whatever other brands) is a compound with a half life of 3 days. That’s why it is a very long lasting compound that doesn’t need to be used too often. In addition to that, the product is very powerful, that’s why it is very important to use it in the lowest possible effective dosage.

Don’t ever increase the dosage unless you actually need to increase it. For example, in scenarios when the previous dosage fails to offer needed results.

A lot of beginners start with a quarter mg per dosage – 0.25 mg. They use it only twice per week (every 3-4 days). This means that 0.5 mg a week is going to be a moderate dosage. Such a dosage is going to be effective in dealing with prolactin based side effects.

Nonetheless, if that’s not enough, 0.5 mg used twice per week (every 3-4 days) is usually enough. 1 mg weekly is pretty much the maximum dosage that a steroid user may need.

Side Effects of Cabergoline For Men

Cabergoline side effects are very closely related to the dosage administered. Luckily, bodybuilders usually take very low dosages only to control the prolactin levels that are likely to be increased as a result of using steroids. So, the side effects of Cabergoline for men running steroids are unlikely to occur.

There are some bodybuilders that have complained of stomach issues whilst using Caber. This is a common side effect among users of this drug. However, then again, when the product is used in lower dosage and with food – that’s rarely a problem.


In fact, they suggested that by running Cabergoline before bed and with meals – they are able to avoid such side effects. In fact, all side effects completely.

The list of Cabergoline side effects is quite long (as with any other compound out there). However, the side effects are less likely to occur for steroid users due to a variety of reasons and even if they are occurring, they are very mild and easily controllable.


In the end, is mostly used for increasing sex drive and dealing with prolactin based gynecomastia. In bodybuilding, the compound is popular because prolactin can be increased by the use of anabolic steroids so Cabergoline is used as an ancillary to deal with these issues.

Cabergoline side effects for men running steroids are unlikely to occur and dosages are usually 0.25-0.5 mg every 3-4 days (twice weekly) during the steroid cycle.

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