Brandon Carter: Steroids or Natural?

Brandon Carter is a fitness model, a personal trainer, an entrepreneur as well as a best selling author too. This guy has helped a lot of people all around the world to go through an amazing physical transformation by motivating them, training, giving advices and so on and so forth. This guy is very famous and very rich as he has modeled with very big companies out there such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and Men’s Health. In short, this guy is making money, has an amazing body, helps people and generally has an amazing life, as he is self made millionaire. Obviously, many would envy his life taking in consideration everything I’ve mentioned earlier. He’s only 34 years old and has already achieved a lot of things in his life, to my opinion.

For those who don’t know who Brandon is yet then I must tell you that he looks as if his father should be Dwayne Johnson and his mother should be Jason Statham? Well, I guess the movie Hobbs and Shaw that should hit the theaters soon must introduce Brandon as their child. He’s very big, he’s very good looking and he’s a millionaire. Even so, there are a lot of people out there that have asked the question: is Brandon Carter having such a body only thanks to some extremely good genetics along with years of hard work? Or he has also added steroids to this “magic potion”? obviously, a lot of people are wondering this and many are sure he’s all natural while others remain on their opinion that he’s juicing. I am going to try to find it out. but first of all, let’s take a look at his stats. Brandon Carter has a height of 6 ft 2 and a weight of 190 lbs with a total body fat percentage of 8%. To be honest, I do think that for a height of 6 ft 2, 190 lbs is actually pretty light, to my opinion.

I think this is something pretty important that we should take in consideration before continuing and that’s because usually, those people who are using steroids are pretty heavy (at least, usually they are heavier than 190 lbs at 6 ft 2) and that’s obviously because they are having much more amount of muscle weight and in addition to that, they are holding water which adds water weight too. So, having more muscles and more water, it is obvious, you are having much more weight. especially because it is a common thing for a juicer to have around 10 to 20 extra lbs of fluid retaining during a cycle. However, only because he’s weight and height combined doesn’t imply he is taking steroids, doesn’t actually mean he’s not. That’s why we need to check it all further. Before continuing, it is very important to check what does Brandon say about steroids himself?


Brandon Carter says he is not taking steroids

If there is a bodybuilder that is having a lot of accusations of taking steroids (pretty much as Brandon goes through) by the online bodybuilding trolls and the bodybuilder doesn’t come out speaking about this topic and denying to take steroids (if that’s true), then a lot of people start asking questions and the intensity of accusations only raise up making people even “surer” the bodybuilder is on steroids. That’s because – if you are an absolutely all natural bodybuilder and you get so many accusations, then why wouldn’t you simply come out and say it directly – “I am not taking steroids!”?

Although I did found bodybuilders who didn’t addressed this taboo topic, Brandon denied taking any steroids by uploading a video on YouTube. You can check his video at the link below.

Saying he is not taking steroids does have some value, but we do know that bodybuilders have been caught lying about taking steroids in the past and that’s why we can’t simply take his word on this one.

Personality Profile

Brandon Carter has opened up on his YouTube channel about his troubled past. By checking those videos you can see him admitting that he always wanted to have a rich life, he said this continues from a young age but he admitted that in the beginning, he went about this goal in a completely wrong way by trying to deal drugs just to live a lucrative lifestyle. He admits he was wrong and never encourages it. Nonetheless, this still gives us an insight about what kind of person Brandon used to be in the past.

What I am trying to say is that we do know very well from other profiles (other people’s profiles) that we have analyzed so far on this website, including those that are having a history of being associated with drugs at any point in their lives, have also taken steroids. A good example of that is the famous Sylvester Stallone who has been caught with HGH while trying to enter Australia, another one is Mike Rashid whose gym has got busted (even though, later it got discovered that it was not his fault) and there’s also Josef Rakich who got arrested for dealing mephedrone.

What I am trying to say is that in the end, all of these guys has ended up having a verdict of taking steroids, and that’s not only based on the fact that they got busted with drugs as there are other factors (gains timeline, steroid symptoms etc.).

What I am trying to say is that in case you’re on the bodybuilding scene and you’re somehow connected with the drugs, then although not 100%, you are still most likely juicing as well. But as I just said, this is not 100% and since that’s not a proof enough that Brandon has ever taken steroids, we need to check it all further.

Gains Timeline

As I often say, one of the very best methods to find out if there’s someone who is taking steroids it is to look at their gains timeline because this method often reveals with a very high probability that a person is taking steroids. That’s for example, if the person continues growing after the newbie gains then it is a clear sign the person is juicing. Well, that’s what we are going to do with Brandon and by checking it all I managed to find a picture of Brandon Carter during the time he was still a teenager and this is going to enable us to monitor his gains over a lot of years and check for any abnormalities or steroids gains or something like sudden growth spurts. I have managed to find a photo of Brandon when he was still 16 years old.

When he was 16 years old, I found out that Brandon has not been lifting weights and has yet to finished his puberty period, nonetheless, as we can see in that photo, he has already been pretty jacked up. Since he has been only 16 years old which is pretty young and since he hasn’t ever worked out, I think that it is not very normal to be so muscular at 16 years old and that’s why I think it is a good example that Brandon has got some exceptional genetics and this is something extremely important when talking about bodybuilding.

Then later, I have found a photo of Brandon and his transformation. Going forward to 2012, Brandon has been doing some home workouts from as much as I have found, nonetheless, he has not been going to gym. I have found some resources where I found this information. Will share the link at the end of article. According to the information I found, he said that during that time, he only wanted to be “a lean P90x fitness guy” and he said that he has not been interested in getting big or something.

However, although he said that he never wanted to get big, after 2012 (2 years later in 2014), Brandon’s body has transformed quite good and we can see he has blown up. Here is Brandon’s 2 years old transformation.

As much as we can see, in the photo of “before” Brandon is around 175 lbs and in the photo of “after” he is around 190 lbs. As much as we can see, he has got a muscle gain of only 15 lbs in the 2 years. We do know that Brandon has only been doing some workouts at home (nothing serious, as much as it seems) in the 2012 photo, and believing his words, he did not wanted to get swole. Nonetheless, after this, he did has joined a gym and has started to train like a bodybuilder where he has hit some pretty big compound movements. It is obvious that since he never worked out, those are considered his newbie gains and that’s how he could add an extra of 15 lbs of lean mass to his frame in the 2 years period. The 15 lbs gain it is a common amount of weight (for an absolutely natural guy) to gain during the period of their “newbie gains”. In fact, there are some that can get a bit more than this.

What I am trying to say is that if this guy had been lifting weights for many years, and then, out of a sudden he blows up by 15 lbs then this would have been really suspicious making me think that he’s taking steroids. This thing points out the steroids take because the natural guys, by that point, are reaching their full muscular potential. The newbie gains is the point when you reach that full muscular potential and that’s why, you can’t grow with 15 lbs more after the newbie gains. This is the reason why after you are experiencing the newbie gains, you are going to make some very small and slow gains.

With all of this being said, Brandon never worked out until 2012. In 2012 he started to work out and he gained 15 lbs (which is normal) by 2014. Then he has not got any bigger since 2014, with this being said, his gains timeline does not seem to look like nothing unusual or unnatural. There is nothing that could indicate the person is taking steroids or has ever taken at any point in their lives. In addition to that, when you are taking steroids then you won’t gain 15 lbs. the newbie gains make you gain 15 lbs but adding steroids you would add anywhere between 30 to 50 lbs more. So, this way, you can have a gain of 60 lbs of lean muscle and that’s not uncommon for a juicer. That’s why, gains timeline of Brandon Carter doesn’t indicate he’s taking steroids.

Body Composition

There are some people that are taking steroids who tend to have at least some steroid symptoms, those are quite a lot of steroid symptoms and usually, those symptoms can be seen with naked eye. Some of the common side effects that are seen in steroid users include: gyno, steroid gut, exceptional (too big) traps or/ and deltoids; prominent vascularity; flushed skin; acne and few others.

Nonetheless, I tried to find any of the symptoms that I earlier mentioned by looking at Brandon Carter’s body and I can’t say that there is something that could indicate he is taking “steroids” and that’s because I couldn’t find any of the symptoms above mentioned.

The only thing that I have noticed by analyzing his body is Brandon’s face and the midsection which to my opinion does seem to be a little bit more smooth compared what he used to look like in his modelling days. As much as it seems, he is currently retaining a little bit of water in those areas (at least, more than what he looks like back in his modelling days). I have done a lot of research about him and I found out some information about his nutrition and eating habits. There I found out that it could be attributed to intermittent fasting that he is performing all the year round.

There is an explanation of that – when you are not eating for some extended periods of time, the cortisol levels are rising up, getting higher than usually. When the cortisol levels are increasing, especially more than normal, then water retention is following up. Nonetheless, I need to mention here the fact that Brandon is only holding a little bit of water, he is not holding a lot of water retention like the steroid users would experience when they are on a cycle. That’s why it is not a warning sign that he might be on steroid because it is obvious that nattys might experience some fluid retention / bloat as well.

How is Brandon Staying Lean 365/ 365?

There is one big question that is going around Brandon: how does Brandon stay lean all the year round? This is one of the biggest argument that people are giving about Brandon being on the steroids. Brandon is lean all the year round – how is that? Well, that’s because it is all possible. The thing that if there’s a guy who is lean 365 days around the year then they are on steroids it is a complete myth. A natty CAN be lean 365 days of the year!

When I hear of someone accusing a guy that he’s on steroids because he’s lean all year round then I accuse you of not knowing anything about nutrition. At very least, not enough. Nattys can be lean and they key to stay constantly ripped all year round is very simply – eat maintenance calories! Yes, it does sound super easy. Basically, to be like him, it means that you should not overeating. It is very simple, as much as it sounds, but a lot of people are doing a lot of mistakes.

In the end, it is not very difficult trying to stay ripped and even if it comes down to stay ripped 365 days, but you need to know very well what you are doing. What’s difficult it is to get ripped in the first place, then staying ripped is much easier. At least to my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, you can’t stay super ripped with a body fat of 4% of even lower all year round, surely maintain it is super hard and near to impossible without gaining a bit of fat, nonetheless, Brandon is not ripped to bone with 2 – 4 %, he’s body fat is around 8%  and that’s just perfect, being super easily achieved as I have heard of a lot of people maintaining this body fat.

In the end, you need to have a lot of dedication, willpower and knowledge. What I’m trying to say is that if you don’t know what exactly you are doing or if you haven’t got enough willpower to keep the maintenance going by eating right then you would find it very difficult to stay lean, nonetheless, it is something very possible for most of the natural bodybuilders out there.

What’s the conclusion?

Based on the evidence that I found, it seems like Brandon Carter is all natural, that’s because I didn’t manage to find any evidence pointing out that he is on steroids. Usually, people taking steroids have at least some steroid symptoms while Brandon doesn’t seem to have any. Usually, their gains timeline is a big giveaway but there’s nothing unusual for Brandon.

His gains timeline doesn’t have any abnormalities in the terms of muscle grown, he is not having any steroid symptoms and something else that should be taken in consideration is the fact that we found some evidence suggesting he has extremely good genetics. We found photos of him at 16 years old when he wasn’t working out and we see him being already jacked up. No signs of steroids, no abnormalities in gains timeline combined with amazing genetics and a lot of hard work definitely can make you reach his stats naturally.

Brandon Carter doesn’t even look to take steroids, he definitely looks all natural so that’s why if there’s someone wondering if they can look as Brandon Carter all naturally then I might tell you – why not? you definitely can. The only thing is that there are some chances you are not going to have as good genetics as Brandon has when it comes down to build muscles. Having some weaker genetics doesn’t mean that you won’t ever going to be able to look good, it only means that you are going to need to spend a couple of more years bulking up and trying to put on some size. That’s why, for an average guy that is going to gym then I can say with pretty big certitude that you can still get jacked up pretty much like Brandon Carter is, it is only the fact that it might be taking longer to reach those results than what it took him.

And for those who think that they want to look as good as him (or even better) by taking steroids then I should warn you that you might take steroids and you might not look anywhere near as good as Brandon does. Yes, I do know that steroids have helped a lot of guys out there get much bigger than they were, but steroids definitely are not the key. The genetics, nutrition, dedication, willpower and working your ass off in training is what really matters – these are the key factors when it comes to building the muscles.

What do you think about Brandon Carter – a pretty young guy who seems to naturally have an amazing body and a rich live? Do you still think Brandon Carter is on Steroids? Write in comments and bring up evidences that I might have missed. These are the sources which helped me in writing of this article:

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