Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Workout Routine

Bodybuilding is much like any other sport. To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet and mental approach.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was certainly the greatest bodybuilder of his time, and will be remembered as one of the greatest bodybuilders of the 20th Century. His movie career has immortalized his body in a way that no other world class bodybuilder has accomplished. He won the Mr. Olympia 6 years running from 1970, beating Franco Columbu (who Sly Stallone employed for his training) in his final contest of 1975.

Training Level: Advanced
Main Goal: Build Muscle Mass
Workout Type: Bodypart Rotation
Designed By: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Recommend Supplements For This Workout:

1. Whey Protein (pre/post workout)
2. Creatine (daily/post workout)
3. Multi-Vitamin (every morning)

Description of the workout:
The following weight training routine is one that Arnold Schwarzenegger used later in his career. It is typical of the training style that Arnold Schwarzenegger preferred, i.e. many sets, lots of work, lots of time in the gym. This workout is meant to be done on a rotation. You cycle through each workout and take days off when needed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Muscle Building Routine
Exercise Sets Reps
Flat Bench Press 5 6-10
Flat Bench Flyes 5 6-10
Incline Bench Press 6 6-10
Cable Crossovers 6 10-12
Dips 5 Failure
Dumbbell Pullovers 5 10-12
Exercise Sets Reps
Wide-grip Chin-ups 6 Failure
T-bar Rows 5 6-10
Seated Cable Rows 6 6-10
One-arm Dumbbell Rows 5 6-10
Straight-leg Deadlifts 6 15
Exercise Sets Reps
Squats 6 8-12
Leg Presses 5 8-12
Leg Extensions 6 10-12
Leg Curls 6 10-12
Barbell Lunges 5 15
Exercise Sets Reps
Standing Calf Raises 10 10
Seated Calf Raises 8 15
One-legged Calf Riases (holding dumbbells) 6 12
Exercise Sets Reps
Wrist Curls (forearm on knees) 4 10
Reverse Barbell Curls 4 8
Wrist Roller Machine n/a To Failure
Exercise Sets Reps
Barbell Curls 6 6-10
Seated Dumbbell Curls 6 6-10
Dumbbell Concentration Curls 6 6-10
Exercise Sets Reps
Close-grip Bench Press 6 6-10
Pushdowns 6 6-10
Barbell French Presses 6 6-10
One-arm Dumbbell Tricep Extensions 6 6-10
Exercise Sets Reps
Seated Barbell Presses 6 6-10
Lateral Raises (standing) 6 6-10
Rear-delt Flyes 5 6-10
Cable Lateral Raises 5 10-12

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