Anadrol Cycle

Anadrol is an amazing bulking steroid. In fact, it is considered the best bulking steroid that you can find. Additionally, it comes in the form of oral tablets too. Whereas you can find Injectable Anadrol, the oral version of Anadrol pills remains by far the most popular method of using this AAS.

  • This is an extremely powerful oral steroid and that’s why it is so amazing for bulking. But the problem is that, generally, powerful steroids are more likely to offer side effects.

That’s why is very important to learn as much as possible about this compound and about how to properly run an Anadrol cycle. This is the only way to get the maximum results and the least possible side effects. You have to find the sweet balance between results and negative effects specifically for you. That’s why the Anadrol cycle can be very different from one person to another.


Anadrol Administration


This steroid is mostly popular as tablets, as earlier mentioned. The most common strength form per tablet is 50 mg, that’s why it is often called Anadrol 50.

In fact, Oxymetholone is the active substance of this steroid but is best known by its brand Anadrol. Despite the fact that other trade names are available for Oxymetholone.

In the end, Oxymetholone is by far one of the most powerful orally active steroids you can find on the market for bulking phases. So, by using Anadrol tablets on a daily basis, you are likely to see yourself grow immensely, really fast because it kicks in the system quickly.

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Anadrol 50 half-life is 8-10 hours. Most people use tablets, without food to avoid the decrease in bioavailability, twice a day. But once a day administration might work well too.

Bodybuilders and athletes run Anadrol in doses of 25 – 100 mg a day and in cycles of 4-6 weeks. Some attempt 8 weeks cycle length, but it could be too much for a lot of people.

Anadrol Cycle Stacks

Oxymetholone – Anadrol is best stacked with injectable bulking compounds. This way you get the maximum effectiveness in terms of growing muscle mass and gaining strength without putting extra stress on the liver.

Anadrol is highly hepatotoxic, that’s the main reason why using it with other oral steroids is very risky. With this being said, Anadrol is mostly stacked with Nandrolone, Trenbolone, or/and Testosterone. As with any other cycle, Testosterone is important as a base compound. So you shouldn’t run Anadrol only cycle. Testosterone is very important. Nandrolone and Trenbolone are optional.

Usually, it is used with slow acting injectable anabolic steroids such as Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone Enanthate, or Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate and long Testosterone esters like Enanthate or Cypionate.

  • This way, Oxymetholone works as a kick starter of a bulking cycle to gain strength and muscles until the other injectable bulking agents kick in the system.


Anadrol Cycle Examples

First timers:

The cycles with Anadrol should be attempted only by people who previously used steroids and know how to properly take care of possible side effects. Also, they know what to expect from the use of steroids. But still, those who never used the powerful Anadrol should be very careful starting with a low dosage.

Anadrol 25 mg/day for the first 4 weeks with Testosterone only: 300-500 mg/week for 10-12 weeks.

  • If you notice everything is fine for the first 2-3 weeks, you may attempt to increase to 50 mg/day the last 1-2 weeks of running Anadrol.Anadrol-Cycle-huge-muscles-mass-oxymetholone


Advanced Users:

Advanced users are considered those who previously used Anadrol, but they are still not professionals.

Anadrol 50 mg/day for the first 4-6 weeks with Testosterone 500 mg/week for 12-14 weeks.

  • Optionally, you can add a low dosage of Deca Durabolin to this cycle. About 300-400 mg weekly for 12-14 weeks. The last 1-2 weeks of running Anadrol may attempt increasing to 75 mg/day if you are sure you can tolerate it.


Professional Users:

Professional users are big bodybuilders with already a lot of size who have used Anadrol multiple times. They have lots of experience with other powerful steroids too.

Anadrol 100 mg/day for the first 6-8 weeks with Testosterone about 1000 mg/week and Deca Durabolin or Trenbolone 500-700 mg/week for a total of about 14-16 weeks.

  • This is only an example of a cycle, professionals adjust the cycle length and dosages of each compound according to their own experience. Some absolute professionals run all 4 compounds at once, but such a cycle for beginners isn’t going to be helpful but rather detrimental!

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