Age is not an obstacle!

You are over forty, and you decide to engage in bodybuilding, especially if you have some sports experience in your youth. Then, you should know, after forty you have to train in a special way. So the way you have practiced workout at twenty or even five/ten years ago, it is impossible. Is the problem in age and must we slow down? No, it isn’t.

Remember the reason for which you trained in your youth! In most cases – to be liked by girls. Well, now you have other priorities – you need energy, efficiency and absolute health. Those who are not practicing sport, up to forty accumulate different kinds of chronic diseases, mostly caused by physical inactivity. By the time you reach 40, you lose almost half of sex hormones. The level of bio-energy is reduced accordingly. What kind of working ability can be discussed! The best “medicine” will be – bodybuilding. But it must be applied skillfully. Trying to achieve higher strength would not be any more on first place. It is necessary a completely different approach.

Before you start training it is necessary to visit a doctor. It may happen that exercising exacerbate chronic symptoms.

What can you expect in the gym, if direct medical contraindications for the training you don’t have? Oddly enough, even at forty, you can set the highest goals. Nothing wrong with your muscles over the years has happened. If they reduced the strength and volume, it is only because of your low activity. The power and volume – can be acquired at any age. Theoretically, with age – muscle cells lose their contractile proteins structure; the one, that make cell voluminous and strong. However, these losses begin only after 60. Another thing that makes in years people to be afraid is reduction of joints mobility. Flexibility at 40, actually decreases, but the connective tissue of the joints at any age with varying degrees of difficulty can be stretched. The main thing is that the program should be composed correctly; stretching exercises should be done regular and conscientious.

Women are not lucky in this sense. After 40 and even 30 years their bones begins slowly to lose calcium. I think you clearly understand about the dangers women are exposing themselves, training a lot but not consuming dairy products because they are “too fat”.
Another aspect of in year persons is that they need more rest after workout.

Below you can see guidance on which you must build your training program.

Increase the number of repetitions per set. Till now no one has established what is better: more reps with low weight or few reps with maximal weights. Nevertheless, the experience of both methods is clear: training with heavy weight is more traumatic. In conclusion the advice – the number of reps must be raised to 10 – 15. Respectively the load on the joints will be less.

Stretching. To overcome some rigidity in the joints and to develop their flexibility before and after workout, you need to do a 10-minute stretching exercises.

Reducing the volume of weekly training. To avoid unnecessary overload, reduce the number of training days per week and \ or the number of sets. Get enough rest! If possible, sleep in the afternoon.

Good technique. To avoid injury, perform all the exercises skillfully. Deviations from the right form of execution at any age entail injury.

Good health – is the trained heart. Aerobics after forty comes to the fore. It must be done for 25-40 minutes three times per week. If you already have behind serious sports experience, you can bring your heart rate to 70-80% of maximum.

Training with weights at any age will bring benefit to your health. Below are advantages for bodybuilding in comparison with other sports.

• Increased muscle mass. After 35 untrained people loses about 150-200 grams of muscle each year. Simultaneously increases fat tissue.

• Reduction in blood pressure. With age, blood pressure increases. Scientific studies have shown that training with weights reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressures to 3 – 4%. It might seem small, but even this is enough to reduce by 40% the risk of heart attacks and by 56% – infarct.

• Improved digestion. The rate of progress of food masses in the gastrointestinal tract slows down with age. This leads to cancer of the bowel, hemorrhoids and other diseases. Scientists have found that after three months of bodybuilding the speed of progress of food increased by 56%!

• Strengthen bones. With age, the skeletal system loses calcium. The bones become more fragile. Studies have shown that after 4 months of weight training content of calcium in the bones of men rise by an average of 2-3,8%.

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