8 tips for fat burning cooking

1. Trim the fat.
This one might seem obvious but always choose lean cuts of meat and trim off any fat before cooking – including removing chicken skin from chicken. While I’m on the subject of chicken remember the dark meat contains higher levels of fat than the white meat.

2. Ban cooking oil.
When preparing your food try to avoid cooking it in unneccessary saturated fats and oils. Better ways to cook include grilling, steaming, poaching, and baking – avoid frying.

3. Find friendly fats.
Adding good fats to your meals can aid weight loss. The best sources come from flax seed oil, olive oil, avocado, nuts, and seeds. Remember heating will damage their health properties so add to food only after it’s cooked.

4. Select wholegrains.
Instead of refined ingredients choose wholegrain options. Use wholewheat flour, oats, and brown rice. For pasta track down a wholemeal version (these are usually found in the organic food section at the supermarket).

5. Fill up on fibre.
Include plenty of ‘fibrous’ vegetables, they will help fill you up and also support healthiest digestion. To protect sensitive nutrients avoid cooking vegetables at high temperatures or for long times. Try and eat them raw as much as possible.

6. Spice it up.
Spicy ingredients like hot peppers, mustards, and spices can raise your metabolism through increasing body temperature. Including these in your meals is not only great for adding some variety but may give your metabolism a natural fat burning kick.

7. Choose low fat dairy.

If you are including dairy ingredients in your cooking use low fat options everytime. Shop for low fat milk, yoghurt, cheese, cottage cheese etc. And remember when hitting up for a coffee fix request trim milk only.

8. Dress for success.
When selecting sauces and dressings go for low fat and low sugar ideas like tomato salsa, lemon juice, low fat yoghurt, mustard, vinegar, and wasabi. For an interesting option try topping foods with hummus with a little water stirred in to thin it down to a dressing consistency (this makes a great dressing alternative).

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